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Funny / Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Inheritors of the Will of Fire

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  • Naruto and Sai's attempt at escaping the hospital in order to join the party Naruto arranged at the BBQ restaurant. The best part's watching Naruto drag along an uncertain Sai (who somehow managed to bring along his IV bag).
    Shikamaru: (about inviting all the Konoha 11 to the restaurant) What were you thinking inviting all these people?
    Naruto: It's a party. The more the merrier, right Sai? (unintentionally slaps Sai on the back hard enough that he and his IV bag almost fall over)
    Sai: (catches his IV bag) My IV!
    • Then they both get caught and beat up by Sakura.
  • Near the end of the movie, atop the mountain. Kakashi looks at Naruto and is again reminded of Obito. He smiles at Naruto, unfortunately Naruto takes the smile as something creepy. The Konoha 11 also misinterpret Kakashi's actions and tease them both. Kakashi tries to explain himself but not before Naruto panics and flees. The rest of the movie involves Kakashi chasing after Naruto while desperately trying to explain himself.
    Naruto: Wha? (looks back at Kakashi in alarm, then jumps off the cliff to get away from him) HAAA! OH COME ON! GIVE ME A BREAK HERE!
    Kakashi: Naruto wait! It's just a misunderstanding! Come back!
    Naruto: NO!
    Kakashi: Naruto please!
    Naruto: NOOO!


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