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  • When Yuki is showing Shuuichi and Takatsuki her old photos of her coming of age day, the tender moment gets interrupted by a little bit of light humor:
    (Both Shuuichi and Takatsuki stare at Yuki)
    Yuki: What?
    (Shuuichi and Takatsuki look back at Shiina)
    Shiina: What?
    Takatsuki (to Yuki about Shiina): Is he a woman?
    (Shiina face faults while Yuki busts up laughing)
    Yuki: HAHAHAHA! Now wouldn't that be fantastic?! I'm dyin'!
    Shiina (to Yuki): People like you aren't exactly a dime-a-dozen you know.
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  • A teacher questions Takatsuki about his wearing of a tie instead of a ribbon, making him fear that he's about to be chewed out. In reality, the teacher is just impressed that he was able to tie it himself.
    I didn't know how to do that until I got a job in a company.


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