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Funny / Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san

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  • "The Handsome Guy is First in Line!": An English-speaking Silver Fox asks Honda for a certain book that his daughter wants... said book is a Hentai Doujinshi featuring Gintoki and a tentacle monster. Since Honda doesn't know enough English to explain that they don't sell that kind of manga, he instead describes it as a "SPECIAL YAOI BOOK!", prompting the customer to yell "Jesus Christ!"
  • "Lost in Manga": Lantern is looking for a manga to recommend to a customer. The request was for a moving shoujo manga, three volumes at most, and entertaining even for a man in his forties. In the end, the customer ends up buying... BERSERK (which, as Honda points out, is pretty much the opposite of what they asked for).

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