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  • Chapter 1, Kyoko overhears that customers buying Shou's new CD got a life-sized poster of him, but she was never given one when she bought her own two copies. She proceeds to ride her bike like a furious banshee to the store, hops it on top of the register and pins the store manager against the wall.
    Kyoko: I... didn't get one... no poster... of Shou-chan...!
  • Kyoko during the reaction test in episode 3.
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  • Kyoko in a giant chicken suit = Shenanigans.
  • The whole opening for episode 12. The whole thing. Kyoko turning and speed-walking from Ren and his "super gentlemanly smile" (not to mention his Bishie Sparkle). Ren cornering her before she can duck into the ladies' room and proceeding to school her on manners. The encounter being underscored by a grinning cartoon lion pouncing after a bunny that's on the run.
  • Kyoko grabbing up her little angel selves and slamming them into Sho's face in the first chapter. Hysterical on every reread of the manga.
    • Equally amusing is the moment when Kuu badmouths Ren in her presence. He just freezes in fear and confusion as her little demons pretty much destroy the entire room in a mere second as she quietly glares at him.
  • Kyoko simultaneously flipping Ren off and giving him an up-yours gesture. The look on his face is priceless.
  • Moko taking Kyoko and Hiou to her house, which is a little bit run-down and shabby; quite natural, given the amount of people and young children living there. She tells them that the place used to look much worse before she used her earned money to fix it up. Kyoko says it can't have been that bad... and Moko shows her and Hiro a picture of the house pre-fixing, and they can only stare in silent shock.
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  • Shou just stares when he sees Kyoko made up for the MV, who then proceeds to kick him in the shins and tells him that the pain is barely even a fraction of the pain his betrayal caused her.
  • Whenever Yashiro pulls out his Deadpan Snarker attitude or starts teasing Ren as a Shipper on Deck. It gets better over the course of the manga since Ren evolves from being confused and trying to hide his emotions behind his smile to later simply accepting the new status quo and even feeling worried and creeped out whenever Yashiro doesn't react like that.
  • Kyoko's initial interactions with Kuu are hilarious. Not only does she show her version of Ren's "gentleman smile" multiple times, she also fools him with her acting by pretending to have a talk with the president, forces him to eat a bag of left overs and provokes him at least as much as he provokes her. It only gets funnier that whenever Kuu talks with Lory, he is not only exhausted, but close to tears for having to make that lovely girl cry to see Ren. The best part is probably that in the end, his provocations are sometimes stopped mid-sentence if Kyoko insults him by mistreating food.
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  • Yashiro's total confusion when meeting "Kuon". While Ren is also confused for a while, Yashiro is hilariously dumbfounded the entire time.
  • Shou's revenge and stepping up to Vie Ghoul stealing his songs and imitating him. He makes sure they get his 'new' song, knowing they would immediately play it. The back of the page includes some extra notes, which end up as a mockery of them, including guitar sounds that sound like laughing.
    A fool looks at a pig's behind, hyaa hyaa hyaa
  • Kyoko going full Grudge upon hearing the story of her father's betrayal of her mother. She immediately curses her father and all his descendants, completely oblivious to the fact that by doing so, she's cursing herself too.
  • Sho went out of his way to check on Kyoko when he catched news of her mother denying her very existence. Kyoko wants to thank him for having done that...and kicks him full force in the shin, followed by standing with her whole weight on his right foot for the rest of her "Thank you" talk.
  • Kyouko calls Yashiro because she wants to talk about how Ren has been behaving strangely as Cain Heel. She calls when he's in the shower, so Yashiro throws on a towel and he rushes up to answer the call in time. They have barely any time to talk before the call drops randomly... then Yashiro realizes he forgot to put on a glove before answering the phone and broke it.
  • When the director finds out from the makeup artists that Cain Heel has a hickey on his neck, he wonders for a second if the personalities of the Heel Siblings having an intense brother/sister-complex actually meant Setsuka (Kyouko) gave Cain (Ren) a hickey... then says it can't be, since she's underage and Ren wouldn't allow that to happen. And immediately thinks he must have asked his manager to give him the hickey.
  • Kyoko thinks Ren is taking very long in the bathroom and thinks that, as Cain Heel, he fell asleep in the tub, she opens the curtain to chastise him and basically walks in on Ren naked. After Kyoko defuses the situation and leaves, she's horrified about what she did, and insists that she didn't look and saw nothing. And then gets annoyed with herself for not taking the opportunity for a glimpse, claiming that it would let her make more accurate dolls of Ren.
  • Rory's reaction when he finds out since when Kyoko was in love with Ren. Having stalked her for three days before confronting her, he thought he catched her more or less "fresh". Hearing her state that she was able to successfully hide it for around half a year leaves him both scared of her acting and disappointed for all the missed chances to do something with that.
  • At least half the interactions between Kyoko and Moko. Kyoko is always over-excited to see and interact with Moko who more often than not loathes the attention (especially whenever the whole thing happens with them wearing their eye-cancer pink uniform). It's even lampshaded by bystanders wondering if they are actually a comedy duo.
    • Special mention goes to any time Moko actually threatens Kyoko. Generally in the form of calling their friendship off, taking off a handmade-charm off her bag, or flat-out telling her that she "won't speak to [Kyoko] until this day next year". Each threat is treated by Kyoko as the end of the world.
  • When "Corn" excuses why he looks and sounds just like Tsuruga Ren by claiming his magic "borrowed" the form of the man Kyoko most recently ruminated on and she doesn't deny it, for a fantastic beat Ren wonders if Kyoko actually did ruminate on him.
    • This is followed by an equally hilarious sequence in which Kyoko begs him to borrow a different voice (because she can't emotionally handle seeing and hearing Ren address her casually) and Ren is slightly put-out that she's (to his eyes) holding him at such an arm's length.


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