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  • In Episode 9, Qwenthur and Havia are in the middle of a gunfight with a group of terrorists in Antarctica. The firefight comes to a halt when both sides notice a group of baby penguins walking and sliding away. Both the terrorists as well as Qwenthur and Havia cheer as the penguins make it out alive, and then the shootout resumes.
  • In the same episode, the two find out about a terrorist plot to destroy a vacation resort on the Moon in order to assassinate a high-value target. As their country wants the guy dead too, they're ordered to just let them do it. Then Qwenthur remembers Havia's fiancee mentioning something about staying at a vacation resort far removed from the conflict. Havia promptly calls her to verify that, only for her to confirm that she's indeed at that same resort right now, with less than a minute left on the countdown.
    Havia's fiancee: (Luminescent Blush) W-what is this?! That was far too straightforward a demand! I-I would not say I dislike such proposals, though...
    Qwenthur: (with a Flat "What" expression) You don't dislike it...?
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  • When the main trio are on a mission in a tropical forest, they wind up cornered by a swarm of carnivorous ants. Qwenthur has the idea to kill them by using smoke bombs, so he grabs the nearest ones. Which are all in Havia's back pockets.
    Havia: KYAAA! What are you doing you molester??!!
  • In volume 4, after a mission to take down a terrorist group in Oceania Qwenthur and Havia are contacted by Frolaytia, who asks them to return to base quickly, as their unit was supposed to be on leave before they got the sudden mission, so every second they are working is one second less of leave for the entire unit. The two quickly put two and two together: "unit is on leave" + "we are on the southern hemisphere, in December" equals...
    Qwenthur: That means…That means this is what they call a swimsuit episode, Havia!!
    Havia: We get to see the wonderful collaboration of the princess’s plain but lovely swimsuit and our large-breasted commander’s almost unairable swimsuit, Qwenthur!!
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  • During the 37th's leave in Oceania, Milinda goes for a walk with her bodyguard unit following her discreetly and ends up playing an Information Alliance mecha fighting game featuring Objects in a local arcade. Naturally she picks the Baby Magnum. Initially Milinda was planning to only spend 10 to 20 minutes playing to kill time before her unit's Christmas party, but the other player turns out to be Oh Ho Ho, whose unit is also in the area, and who is obviously using the Rush. Neither can see the other player, so a serious match and severe taunting sensues as the two teams of hidden bodyguards quietly wish for one of them to win so their job is over.
  • In the first chapter of volume 7, Froleytia receives a private phone call, which is revealed to be kidnappers stating that they have her daughter. Their response as they realize that not only have they got the wrong number, but they called the military by mistake, is priceless.
    Kidnapper: Huh? A virgin, but... huh? W-wait a minute! Don’t you have a nine-year-old daughter? Or…but…you can’t mean…!!
    Froleytia: You. Have. The. Wrong. Number. You idiot!! You have guts making a threatening phone call on a military line. Don’t you know that the Legitimacy Kingdom accepts any fight someone picks with it!?
    Kidnapper: Ah wah wah wah wah wah!!
    • Equally as amusing is the gossip in the background as the staff listens in; chattering about Froleytia having a child, how old she must have been when she had it, and her being a virgin.
  • In Volume 8 Qwenthur makes a crude parabollic antenna to spy on an enemy base by intercepting their LAN signals. Havia immediately questions why Qwenthur knows all these tricks:
    Qwenthur: This was popular back in my safe country school. Yandere girls would use it to peek at the emails of people they had decided were their boyfriend. Unlike hacking, this doesn’t require any specialized knowledge, so it’s often used to target Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
    Havia: Honestly, you STEM students.
    Qwenthur: It wasn’t that bad a place. A girl in the sciences sounds rarer than a normal girl, but all the girls in the school were like that. Upperclassmen, underclassmen, all of them.
    Qwenthur: If you want. Their defenses are weak, but they jump to conclusions way too fast. If you just think you’re having some fun, it can come back to bite you. You’ll start to think a girl wielding a knife is downright cute when you have to deal with ones using homemade railguns or thermobaric bombs. Don’t forget the E in STEM.
    • The best part is that one of the short stories involves Qwenthur visiting his old school and getting involved in a fight between the students and teachers where we clearly see he wasn't exaggerating about the students' capabilities.
  • While in Lost Angels, Havia musing about calling out to one of the women in the street corners. Qwenthur points out the possible repercussions of nobility like Havia spreading his blood around, like getting killed decades later by an illegitimate son.
    Havia: My brain knows that, but…y’know, people sometimes have to follow their hearts. Like when I see that beauty in a dress over there with the horny-looking expression.
    Qwenthur: That’s a trap. You can tell from the location of the pelvis.
    Havia: *Spit-take followed by intense regret*
  • In Volume 12 Oh Ho Ho's unit has run roughshod over the 37th with their brutal quarantine. When Froleytia finally gets the upper hand on them, she, Qwenthur, and Milinda all start literally treating them like dogs.
    • Earlier, Qwenthur and Havia are returning from a covert mission when Oh Ho Ho threatens to kill them. Qwenthur shuts her down beautifully by pointing out doing so will mean violating the very quarantine she set in place and then failed to maintain.
      Qwenthur: If you want to keep your quarantine going, then just do what I say. So shut up and save us. Bow your head like a servant, shake your cute butt like a maid, and obey like a coachman whipping the carriage horses. Got that, you Worthless Little Idol?
  • Volume 13 has the rather rough relationship between Nancy Jolly-Roger and Mariydi Whitewitch. Seeing a twelve year-old casually boss around and browbeat a grown woman is amusing, but then Nancy gets her comeuppance and soon the two are squabbling like old friends.
    • By the end of the volume, Mariydi is actually acting her age due to Nancy's increasingly forceful actions. As she throws a tantrum after the final battle, her wingmen are absolutely delighted.
  • After Qwenthur is forced into crosdressing as a maid yet again during an infiltration mission in Volume 16, the rumors of a mysterious "Legendary Maid" become a global top trending topic for the rest of the novel. Qwenthur is incredibly annoyed by all this, particularly the reactions of some acquaintances. Monica, who is aware of his crosdressing persona, had made Qwenthur promise not to crossdress again since the first time had stolen attention from her idol debut, so she's understandably mad. Heivia and Oh Ho Ho are unaware of the Legendary Maid's true identity, and while Heivia is smitten with her and wanst to meet her, Oh Ho Ho is jealous of an amateur getting so popular on the internet.
    Legendary Maid Quensette had apparently reached the level of inhuman beauty. At this rate, the Capitalist Corporations’ Tech Civ would create a speculative design and the Information Alliance would create a 3D model to give her a life of her own as a Virtual Whatever-tuber.

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