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  • Chapter 53 "The World", from 35 to 44 manage to combine both funny and heartwarming with just pure screw fest in to one of the most memorable moments of the manga.
    Sakurai: that.. which jolt...from the depths... of the earth... JUST LIKE MAGMA.
  • In another episode, Tomoki (who is now Tomoko) is trapped in the girl's bathroom after a failed perversion attempt. Rather than go out and face the wrath of his friends, he flushes himself down the toilet.
  • And again in chapter 50 in which uses his Electric charged manhood to blast away a thunderstorm and makes a mother fall for him.
    • In the following chapter, he astounds the same mother and her child after surviving a direct hit from Ikaros' Haphaestus and being thrown to the moon by proceeding to chill out while making mochi
  • The second season's joke OP for the first episode, which is basically the same as the first season's OP, just with Tomoki instead of Ikaros. Some people may find the need for Brain Bleach, though.
  • Sohara, Nymph, and Astraea foiling Tomoki's attempt to peep on them with a periscope by using mirrors to reflect sunlight into his eyes. When they look down the periscope to taunt him, he gets his revenge by dropping his pants, freaking them out.
  • In chapter 62 After roping the two Harpies into going clothes shopping with him, Tomoki has them try on a few things before he picks up...a Playboy Bunny outfit. The younger Harpy instantly refuses, while the older one...just casually puts it on. Feeling a bit turned off due to her lack of shame, Tomoki grabs another fetish outfit. She puts it on. He picks another outfit. She puts it on. This goes on over and over again, until Tomoki reaches his final outfit, a bikini. The younger sister sighs in relief to see an outfit she can wear, while the older one goes bright red. H-h-h-h-how could he even suggest something so lewd?! Wearing that, her belly button would be in plain view! Tomoki being who he is, he immediately tries to force her into it, chasing her through all the changing rooms, only to find Sohara in the middle of changing. CHOP!
  • All the schemes Tomoki and Harpy Younger go through in order to make Harpy Older stop hiding her belly button.
    • At the start of that chapter, he confiscates Prometheus. You know, that Arm Cannon? How the hell does he pull that one off?
  • The first song Tomoki sings at the culture festival, which ends up resulting in a Sohara chop.
  • Chapter 20. An incident in the zoo (caused by Ikaros) gets the Army, Police, Air Force and even President Obama to take action, believing it's a terrorist attack. Not only it is Disproportionate Retribution, but what sells it is the group of soldiers: one passed out, three crying and ALL OF THEM BLEEDING FOR SOME REASON firing their rifles at an unknown target (though it might be at Tomoki). One of them asks the other when there will be peace in the world, and the other comforts him by saying that as long as they never give up everything will be alright. All of this for a bunch of animals going loose and a naked dude running around. Even the artwork for this one page is totally different to the rest of the chapter. World Of Ham indeed.
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  • In ''Eating Watermelon Tomoki", Nymph to Astraea (in the English dub): "Dummy! Big melons aren't any better than little ones!" A bit defensive aren't we?
  • Chapter 77: After Tomoki brings the world back, Daedalus visits with Sohara. He then gropes Daedalus's breasts... who karate chops him before Sohara gets a chance!
  • Bonus Chapter: Mikako knocks out and ties up the entire cast(except for Sugata)to force them all to be guests at Chaos's birthday party.
  • The last Bonus Chapter: Sohara, Nymph, and Astraea ask Ikaros what happened between her and Tomoki after they all died. Ikaros remembers her Anguished Declaration of Love, turns beet red, stammers incoherently, and passes out.
    • And remember how Ikaros plants Tomoki's face in the wall to "stay by his side?" She does it one more time, and Chaos joins in.
  • In Episode 2 of the anime, it doesn't quite become apparent until a rewatch, but Tomoki makes a comment about Sohara having to go the rest of her life commando. She manages to put Tomoki into his post-chop beat-up state... commando... in handcuffs. Okay... and she did this how?

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