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  • Chapter 50 has Tomoki, after getting his penis zapped by Mikako's defibulators for fondling school girls' breasts using Ikaros indirectly, used it during a storm as a lightning rod to save a mother and her child! And he acts like it's nothing! Then when the mother (now acting like she's fallen in love with him), asks him for his name, he gestures a farewell with his hand and walks off like a boss.
    • He later uses that ability to fire a freakin' huge laser beam in a duel against Ikaros. Yes, it was a gag episode, but it was still insanely awesome.
  • In Chapter 56, defeating just 1 Melan model left Ikaros beyond repair, which activates her Pandora system. Reactivation and calibration of the new Aegis and Dual Variable Wing systems destroy most of the enemy reinforcements, and when Ikaros returns to normal operational mode, Artemis destroys the remaining forces with barely any effort.
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  • How can you forget Delta breaking her own slave collar? Especially considering that the other Angeloids all couldn't do it.
  • Chapter 62: The Harpy Twins are back, Nymph is not in a good mood, Ikaros resigns herself to a fight and starts powering up... and Tomoki walks out, armed with a fishing rod and summer clothes... and this happens.
    Tomoki: STOP STOP STOP.
    Nymph: Tomoki! These bastards are-
    Tomoki: STOP IT.
    Tomoki: Alright, you two. Let's go buy some clothes.
    Harpy (Older): .........
    Harpy (Younger): Wha-?
    Tomoki: Clothes. Clo. Thing. No matter how you look at it, that getup looks suspicious.
    Harpies: Are you kidding? We came to fight with the Uranus Que-
    Tomoki: Yeah, I got it. Look, you can fight Ikaros after you get some clothes. ALRIGHT?
    Harpies (thinking): What... is with this guy?
  • Yoshitsune manages a crowning moment of awesome in chapter 73, by taking on 4 Melan Ikaros's just to save Sugata, he doesn't make it in the end but it's still impressive for a normal human.
    • Before that happened, at the end chapter 67, Yoshitsune's reaction to seeing how Sugata was treated by his own family is to bust into the Sugata household with a fire truck, making sure Sugata's kid brother is out of harm's way by letting him drive said fire truck, and proceeds to call out Sugata's old man. When Mr. Sugata orders his guards to throw him out, Yoshitsune resists with all his might, even going so far as punch some of those guards out, even as they rough him up.
  • Chapter 74 ups the ante by FINALLY giving Astraea her Pandora upgrade.
  • Chapter 75: Astraea, after getting her butt handed to her against Chaos, manages to evolve again! This time she looks a lot older and has a completely new hairstyle to boot!
    • Ikaros' analysis of the fight terms is awesome in its own right.
      Astraea II has engaged in battle!! [...] The enemy!! The Second-Generation Angeloid, Type Epsilon... Chaos... IV!
  • Chapter 77: Tomoki hits Minos right in the face, and pushes him so far past the Despair Event Horizon that he actually commits suicide right in front of Tomoki, who just walks away.
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  • In the anime, Episode 1 of forte opens up with Tomoki waking up with Ikaros, Nymph... and a Raging Stiffie. Sohara's coming up the stairs, and he doesn't want to get chopped - so he tells Ikaros to blast his "money spot" with her Artemis. In Troper: He took a Groin Attack from a Macross Missile Massacre of Frickin' Laser Beams just so his Tsundere Love Interest doesn't see Joe standing up. Bad. Ass.


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