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Awesome / Heat Guy J

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  • Noriega proclaims himself to be the King of Judoh to the Vita Company members. Giovanni then kicks the door open and shoots him. All of the Vita Company members then stand up and proceed to repeatedly shoot Noriega, as he realises that they were still loyal to Clair.
  • The Battle of Kabuki Road, wherein a ramen chef deflects a hail of bullets with a frying pan, and Clair charges a tank with a hand grenade.
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  • "And what did I say?" " piss me off." Cue Bay Side Slider and "Forcing restart."
  • That scene in which Clair breaks out of his Angst Coma in time to save Giovanni.
  • Kyoko's attempting to rescue Daisuke when he's kidnapped by Clair—and pulling it off, for the most part, despite having no spying or combat experience worth speaking of.
  • At one point in the series, Daisuke is faced with a deadly android designed to look just like J, and when J arrives he can't tell the difference between them, so he stands on top of a building overlooking the two, pointing his gun but unable to fire. Cue Antonia grabbing Daisuke's gun out of his hand and shooting the copy J, berating Daisuke as she does so for not being able to recognize her superior engineering technique.


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