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  • Anytime Qwenthur and Havia take down an Object. Imagine: two guys armed with machine guns, explosives and whatever the environment provides them against giant mechas. And they win.
    • Specifically, the first time they destroy an Object, Qwenthur stands calmly at gunpoint, explaining the safeguarding system. Then, as the Faith Organization officer looks on in disbelief, Qwenthur drops the line that defines the entire series.
  • Trapped in a mine against the traitorus Nutley in heavy Powered Armor, Qwenthur finds a simple, but expensive way to defeat him: he improvises a diamond claymore.
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  • Havia effortlessly one-shotting the 24th Battalion's infantry. He even manages to win a short Sniper Duel while saving Qwenthur from getting shot, too.
  • Mariydi Whitewitch survives multiple assassination attempts while competing in the Technopics, where she faces opponents that are doping themselves and cheating and still wins the gold medals in the shootathlon. She then proceeds to use a stolen plane to stop Athletica's conspiracy to destroy the Olympia Dome as a twisted attempt to destroy the Technopics which would have caused a conflict between all four major powers, thus saving the lives of millions of innocents on the artificial island. This involves a duel with another ace pilot flying a modified plane armed with a microwave weapon.
  • In volume 10, Nyarlathotep finally gets revenge on Acres for the death of his family.
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  • Havia duels Flag Eggnog, a prince of a royal family and the one who had been exacerbating the conflict between the Winchell and Vanderbilt families to distract everyone from his gaffes. Havia doesn't know any of this, however. He decides to kill Flag simply because he sees Flag pointing a weapon at his fiancée, after he entered the scene by swinging from a rope with the help of the Princess and Baby Magnum, sweeping away all of Flag's bodyguards and even sending one right into a helicopter's tail rotor.
  • Volume 12 sees Qwenthur, Havia, and two other soldiers go on a rampage through a high-end casino in order to save Catherine's life. All of this leads up to Qwenthur delivering an absolutely blistering Shut Up, Hannibal! to Oh Ho Ho when she has an Object and Qwenthur's group is floating helplessly in the ocean, forcing her to do exactly what he says.

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