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  • Broken Base: The frequent sexual themes, as well as the Fanservice of Frolaytia and Milinda. Many, many fans in both Japan and the West consider it fetish fuel. On the other hand, another group who is more interested in the plot considers it completely unnecessary. In addition, there's a bit of Squick among the dissenters as the Princess is only 14.
  • Complete Monster: Even in a world where war is the norm and most villains have some form of honor or loved one, there are others who instead go the extreme mile into evil:
    • The unnamed Alaskan Base Officer is a psychotic, cruel soldier serving the Faith Organization, and the first enemy Qwenthur and Havia face. Seeing Objects as superior to humans and refusing to accept harmony, the Officer starts a battle at the Legitimacy Kingdom Base, ignoring their white flag of peace. He sends out both his troops and his Object Prometheus, aka the Water Strider, into battle, causing a great deal of casualties. Capturing Milinda, Qwenthur, and Havia, the Officer plans to execute the latter two, choosing to brutally interrogate Milinda via hypnosis and electrodes, with no regards to how her personality will be affected, planning to hang her afterwards from the Object's guns as a display until she freezes to death to serve as a warning to his enemies. When his base is invaded by Frolaytia and her soldiers, the Officer refuses to surrender, gleefully attempting to shoot Milinda, Qwenthur, and Havia when they try to escape.
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    • While his Light Novel counterpart was nothing special, the corrupt Legitimacy Kingdom Councillor Flide in the anime has more crimes to his name. When Qwenthur and Havia located the Gen 0.5 Object, Flide was quick to block them from getting reinforcements in hopes of getting them killed, while setting up the four super country alliance to fall into a trap that would result in it being wiped out (including his own soldiers). Later, when the 37th division came to remove him from office, he sent out the Exact Javelin, with an elite he secretly prepared, in an attempt to attack the Baby Magnum and treat its destruction as a training accident. After escaping imprisonment for his crimes, he resorted to blackmail to gain resources for his revenge, which involved using the Mirror of Truth program to brainwash Milinda into sending the Baby Magnum on a rampage in hopes of wiping out the 37th division along with Klondike in hopes of triggering a four-way struggle between the four super nations. The first target destroyed was his hideout, with him in it, alongside the means to disable the program's effects. While he claimed what he did was for the safety of his country, Flide was, in reality, a greedy and unethical man who wanted to stay in power with no regards for innocent lives lost, never viewing elites as human beings.
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    • Prizewell City Slicker, from Volume 3 and the anime, is an Elite of the Legitimacy Kingdom’s 24th Mechanized Maintenance Battalion, and a raving language protectionist. A smug sadist, Prizewell seeks to rid the Legitimacy Kingdom of its foreign languages, as he feels they’re holding his people back, as well as reinstate the Legitimacy Kingdom's abolished slave class. Stealing Object data from the Information Alliance, he plans to slaughter numerous miners who were planning to defect to the Legitimacy Kingdom and manipulate the fallout to his advantage. When that fails, he uses the stolen data to create six dummy Objects that lead an attack on Victoria Island, a Legitimacy Kingdom immigrant city, having already destroyed the 37th's very own Snow Quake and Active Sledge Objects. Once his dummy Objects have been destroyed due to an oversight on his part, he tries to kill Qwenthur, seeing him as the one responsible for their destruction, before going after Milinda's Baby Magnum. While Prizewell claims to be preserving the Legitimacy Kingdom's official language, in reality, he’s nothing more than a xenophobic hypocrite who doesn't even care for his own soldiers.
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    • Dimiksy Nikolaschka of the Legitimacy Kingdom's Volga District, from Volume 6, was born as a result of his father cheating on the queen. Driven by a desire to keep this fact from the world and ensure his enthronement, he decided to kill his other family members and those investigating his origins, while implanting false information in the lineage department. In the past, he staged a bombing to procure the Object, Assault Signal, which resulted in many deaths, including its intended Elite, Execelsyla, and triggering the wrath of its designer, Claire Whist. Later, he ordered fake Information Alliance Troops to assassinate the White Bears, the bodyguards of his sister, Stavia, his final target, with a bombing. One day, he ordered his terrorists to bomb Stavia's hiding place, prompting her maid, Mikfa, to escape with her to Lexpop, where an ambush resulted in Mikfa being taken hostage as a means to make Stavia use the Assault Signal to fight Dimiksy in his Object, Broad Sky Saber, with the latter hoping to kill her after winning the Royal Duel and savoring her fear. When the Forrest Roller Object and the White Bears (having operated under the Unicorn alias) intervene, Dimiksy fired a laser to destroy the Forest Roller and another that almost killed the White Bears in an attempt to protect his object's weak point. He then finally aims a third laser at the float Havia, Mikfa, and Qwenthur were on, hoping to kill them.
    • Acres Kiss-of-Rose, aka Azathoth, from Volume 10, is the CEO of Salem Logistics, one of the 7th Cores ruling the Capitalist Corporation, and the one behind Nyarlathotep 's questionable actions throughout the story. Formerly a Capitalist Corporation spy, he formed the secret group Outer Gods to make life easier for his fellow spies. Becoming a CEO for Salem Logistics, he abandoned his old lifestyle and friends to indulge in his newfound wealth and status. Creating the Silver Key instant delivery system, Acres refuses to use jets to deliver packages, seeing them as a waste of money. Wanting to use the Panama Canal as a transportation route, he orders an attack on the nearby, safe Soberania District, where many innocents are killed—including Nyarlathotep's wife and son—turning the entire district into a literal Hell on Earth, all while claiming to be wiping out terrorist training camps, later doing the same thing to the Indian Ocean. Hearing news of the Gigant Hustler, he has two of his indestructible Objects compete, seeing the event as a trade show meant to showcase the power of his Objects. With one of his Objects destroyed and his reputation ruined, Acres plans on staging a fake large-scale attack to regain some respect.
    • Flag Eggnog, the first prince of the Legitimacy Kingdom's Warta District, from Volume 11, is a loud-mouthed miscreant widely despised by his people due to his rampant gaffes, which usually prompts him to start a war to cover it up. When the Colorful Vanilla drug is reported to have resulted in a war, he claims the drug wars are fake and are just fabricated by conspiracy theorists to blame the government, which only served to call for his resignation. In the past, he exploited a century long conflict between the Winchel and Vanderbilt families for his own gain by engineering 21 recent civil wars to cover the same sort of gaffes he made. In the present, he arranged Azureyfear Winchel to massacre Lady Vanderbilt and over 100,000 people aboard the LK Ship Rose & Lily, which he also happens to be on. He also collaborated with the Information Alliance's Martini Sisters to gain and exploit the information on the two families to manipulate an even bigger conflict to cover another gaffe. Finally, when things start going downhill for him, Flag drew a gun and attempted to put Lady Vanderbilt, his Information Alliance Contact, the military, the press, and everyone who dared mock him to the slaughter. Although he claimed his uncontrollable gaffes and war cover ups were beneficial to his country, he's nothing more than an incompetent, cowardly, and deluded traitor with an elitist viewpoint, who will bribe or kill anyone when things don't go his way.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Micah Solusod and Morgan Garrett voiced Touma and Kaori in the ''Index'' series with the latter trying to win Touma's affection. In Heavy Object, the former voices Havia and the latter voices Froyleytia. This time, the former wants the latter's affections very badly.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Among the people in a world where war is the norm, the following make a devious record with what they have:
    • Volume 6: Sogia, formerly White Bears leader Yulenzak, body guarded Princess Staivia, Dimiksy's sister. Years ago, he learned of Dimiksy's plan to assassinate Staivia under and his assassination of Excelsyla to obtain her Object, however the conspiracy couldn't be thwarted or slowed. Deciding to go into hiding and stop this plan, Sogia and the White Bears were supposedly killed by fake Information Alliance troops from Dimiksy's faction. However Sogia's unit, having anticipated it, faked their deaths and became Unicorn to thwart Dimiksy from the shadows, even willing to shed their morals. They've also used manipulation to get Qwenthur and Havia reassigned so they learn of Dimiksy's plans. They've also interfered with the duo's operation in Athabasca. When Qwenthur and Havia fight Dimiksy and his Object, Broad Sky Saber, Sogia and Unicorn steal the Forest Roller Object in hopes of using it against the Sky Saber. Unfortunately, the Roller gets destroyed by Dimiksy's laser cannon, having anticipated the attack, which revealed the Object's anti-laser beacon. With Sogia's aid, Qwenthur and Havia corrupt it to make the laser kill Dimiksy and save Staivia in the process.
    • Volume 10: Nyarlathotep, was formerly from the Capitalist Enterprise spy cabal Outer Gods. As a spy, he had numerous times both gotten plastic surgery and faked his death. Once their leader, Azathoth/Acres Kiss-of-Rose, retired and began leading one of the 7th Cores ruling the Capitalist Enterprise, Nyarlathotep retired and became a family man in Soberania. But when his family gets killed in Soberania's destruction at Azathoth's hands, the vengeful Nyarlathotep resorted to psychological warfare in order to start the Gigant Hustler, an event showcasing Object fights. Nyarlathotep then infiltrated the Hustler and sabotaged a participant to draw Azathoth into the event. Once the event is canceled, with one of his Objects destroyed, Azathoth plans an attack to divert attention away from him... only for Nyarly to kidnap and kill him at the remains of Soberania. In order to avert a war between every faction, Nyarlathotep faced a farcical military trial by the Legitimacy Kingdom. He then killed the assassin sent to silence him and faked his death once again, before departing elsewhere.
    • Volume 11: Alisa and her sisters, Rica and Orisa, from the Information Alliance's Martini Series, help Flag Eggnog start wars between the Vanderbilts and the Winchels, and even assisting him with the drug war and the Plasma 177 construction meant to keep him in power. In actuality, they're manipulating Eggnog in order to obtain data on nobles for the Perfect Browsing project, a system that would display how to resolve a worldwide crisis by just typing a text string into a search engine. They start many sample incidents and disasters as possible, preferring to get info from a noble near the top of an enemy world power, using Eggnog who was so dimwitted to believe they're allies. Nearing conclusion of the Celestial Flowers attack, the sisters contact Flag and reveal their true goals and manipulation, noting that they'd now obtained data on the full-speed collapse of a royal's life, planning to upload it entirely for everyone to see, before hanging up on the confused, infuriated prince and leaving him to his ruin.
  • Narm: In episode 16 Qwenthur is stuck in Oh Ho Ho's Object as she moves around the battlefield at top speed; the resulting G-forces put a massive strain on his body and he spends a good part of the battle grunting in pain. She's also an idol singer, so as she goes toe to toe with the Baby Magnum, she starts singing one of her pop songs, and coordinates her movements so Qwenthur winds up screaming in rhythm with the song. It's hard to tell whether the moment is meant to be dramatic or a case of dark humor.
  • Special Effects Failure: A minor, though rather noticeable one from episode 16. The 2d animated Milinda is poorly inserted and jittery looking into a couple of fully 3D tracking shots of her Object's cockpit.
  • The Woobie: Staivia Nikolaschka, from Volume 6, is the youngest princess of the Legitimacy Kingdom's Volga District. While she's set to rule the district, she has to deal with her brother Dimiksy, who is trying to kill her so that he can rule instead. In the past, Staivia was friends with her bodyguards, the White Bears, in particular Yulenzak, who used to rub her head and try to cheer her up whenever she cried. However, when Dimiksy launched an attack that ended up killing the White Bears, Staivia lost hope, and began distancing herself from others in order to avoid more people dying as she approached what she saw as an inevitable fate. In the present, her maid, Mikfa, tried to take her to safety at the Amazon District. Unfortunately, they get ambushed and captured by Dimiksy’s men. After Staivia is placed inside an Object that can't defend itself in order to have an unfair advantage while piloting his Broad Sky Saber Object, Dimiksy starts a duel between him and his sister. This combined with the knowledge of Mikfa being held hostage causes Stavia to breakdown, telling herself that she doesn't want to die.


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