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Trivia / Heaven's Lost Property

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  • Irony as She Is Cast: Iori Nomizu, despite having a good singing voice, voices Nymph, who is unable to sing well.
  • Non-Singing Voice: The dub averts this with episode 10's insert songs.
  • The song played in the end credits of Episode 5 is a reference to Kawaguchi Hiroshi, an actor acclaimed for his leading role in the Chambara film The 47 Ronin who passed away in 1987.
  • The ending song used in episode six was originally created for a Coca-Cola commercial. The singer, Yu Hayami, would later play Nancy/Rescue Universe in Tomica Hero Rescue Force
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  • The solution for the differential equation in episode 3 is sin(x)/x, at least when n=1. Larger values of n break this troper's copy of Mathematica.
  • The solution for the problem they discuss at Sugata's campsite is (Pi * n)/5, where n is any integer.


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