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  • Ao/Pukyuu provides many Funny Background Events, trying to feed people nuts, stealing food, and bouncing all over the place.

Fugitive Arc

  • Chapter 1 (Episode 1): Suwon mentions that he's been considering some marriage proposals. Yona, jealous and aiming to make him jealous claims that she's also received marriage proposals. Suwon asks from whom, and Yona, unable to think of anyone else close to her age, says it's Hak. Hak's resulting face after overhearing her claims is hilarious.
    Yona: Stop staring at me with those overly suspicious eyes, Servant.
    • This scene becomes considerably less funny and almost crosses-over to tearjerker territory when it's revealed that Hak actually does harbour unrequited feelings for her.
  • Once Yona wakes up in the care of the Wind Tribe, Hak's little brother asks her if she's Hak's friend. After deliberating for a while, Yona answers "...probably?". Having been listening at the door, Tae-woo and Han-dae throw it open and exclaiming their dismay that Hak's feelings are super unrequited. Hilarity Ensues as Hak cuts them off and knocks them over with his glaive, threatening to tear their eyes out for talking.
    • When Yona corrects the status of their relationship to master-servant, Hak rushes over to cover her mouth and quietly relays to her a cover story and fake name. When they part, Hak turns to find that Tae-woo is covering Tae-yeon's eyes. Annoyed at the implication, Hak kicks Tae-woo over and yells at him that there was nothing his little brother shouldn't see.
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    • Tae-yeon then asks Yona what his brother is like at the castle. Yona thinks back to the things he's said to her, and lists off that he's insolent, insensitive, arrogant, before finally deciding on unpleasant.

Dragons Arc

  • Episode 10: Kija tries to buy off Hak into leaving. When he tells Yun and Yona about this, Yun notices Hak is still holding on to the money pouch and, when asked about it, responds "Maybe I'm just getting fat."
  • Chapter 25: When Kija collapses due to exhaustion, Hak promptly covers his face and tells him to "rest in peace". Kija was not amused.

Awa Arc

  • Jae-Ha's intention to have Hak join the pirate group by clasping Hak's hands and telling him "I want you" was hilariously misinterpreted.
  • Jae-Ha denies he's been getting bags under his eyes (due to lack of sleep from worrying about Yona). Hak, Kija and Sinha jump on him to see if he is lying and Jae-Ha proclaims tearfully he's been defiled.
  • After Yona absentmindedly started taking off her clothes in front of everyone, Hak starts charging viewing fees.

Dark Dragon and the Happy Hungry Bunch Arc

  • The entire debut of the Black Dragon and the Happy Hungry Brunch.

Nadai Arc

  • Chapter 85: The Water Tribe's leader, Joon-Gi's EPIC reaction after finding out that his daughter, Lili had stolen the tribe's priceless Gold Seal. This was after he spent all his previous presence berating, calmly, about his subordinates and child's inability to control their emotions.

Zeno Arc

  • Chapter 104: After Zeno finds out Kaya is sick, he picks her up princess-style to carry her to the bed. Except since he hasn't eaten anything in who knows how long, Zeno is really weak and can barely carry her.
    Kaya: Pffft.
    Zeno: Don't laugh now...I'll lose all my strength...
  • Chapter 106: Shortly after the group finds out Zeno is immortal, the Hungry Bunch is making camp and Yun is assigning tasks. Zeno flops over and says he's going to sleep until dinner, but Yun orders him to help make dinner and stop acting like a little kid. Zeno hunches over a walking stick and starts acting like an old man, complaining about his back pains and headache.
  • In a bonus chapter, Jae-ha makes several digs at Zeno's age:
    Jae-ha: Is that so? My memory seems to be failing me.
    Zeno: You jerk.
    Jae-ha: The wisdom of an old man huh?
    Zeno: Shut up about my age already.

Lost Seiryuu Arc

  • The spirits of the previous Hakuryuus as seen by Zeno. They're a bunch of featureless blobs utterly besotted with Kija, who's utterly oblivious.

Kai Incursion Arc

  • Chapter 116: Mundok attacks a man who's been throwing out explosives, only to find it's Hak mid-throw, leading to a moment of stupefied silence before the airborne bomb goes off. The same thing happens when Han-Dae went to avenge the elder's injuries, only this time, Han-dae deflects the bomb skyward. It went to complete Mood Whiplash after that.
  • Jae-Ha arrives while Hak is in the middle of a big swarm of mooks, and tells him Yona is safe. Hak hugs him and immediately goes back to battle, while Jae-Ha is left confused and babbling.
  • After a tense moment where Joo-Doh has just been talked out of attacking Hak, he and Soo-Won turn to leave. Out of nowhere, Zeno arrives, barrels into Soo-Won, chats with him for a few seconds and runs off abruptly, leaving Soo-Won standing there looking utterly bewildered.

Xing Arc

  • Chapter 131:
    Zeno: Boy, I'm alright. I won't die even when I'm killed.
  • Chapter 132: The four dragons are approached by a stranger in the streets of Xing and fear they've been discovered. Turns out the man wanted to know what moisturizer Kija uses (none by the way).
    • Later, he asks what Jaeha uses to wash his hair. Kija answers "Water."
    "All of you abominable beautiful people say that."
    • When Jae-ha brings up how battle ruins one's skin, the man asks what their specialties are. When Jae-ha deflects the question, the man points out Shin-ah's sword. Jae-ha hurriedly claims that he's no good with it, saddening poor Shin-ah.
    • Jae-ha, the person most suspicious of the stranger, stops ushering everyone away when the man comments on how handsome he is.
  • Chapter 134: Dark example, when Zeno tells Mizari he will let him see his immortality so many times as he wants, Mizari rushes to get the things Zeno asked while smiling like a child at Christmas.
    • Hak pretending to be Ao for Yona's benefit. It has to be seen to be believed. P'kyuuu, indeed.
  • Chapter 137: Hak's response to Yona's Forceful Kiss. He stares and babbles, questioning to himself whether or not he's died and gone to heaven.
    • Ogi's response to Hak's response. He sarcastically comments that the situation is "bittersweet", and that things suddenly got more fun for him... all while wearing Yona's hairpin.
  • Chapter 139: Upon realizing that Hak has been separated with Yona, Hen-Dae wonders if they were in a fight. Vold pipes up to say that they're quite the opposite of fighting, but Hak tells him not to say anything about it. Vold insists that there's nothing to be embarrassed about since they're lovers, but Hak cuts him off to say that they aren't lovers. Hilarity ensues as Vold, now seriously shocked and confused, demands to know what "that" was. Hak, just as confused himself, replies that'd he'd also like to know.
    • Having overheard the word "lovers", Tae-woo and Han-Dae wonder out loud if Hak had finally made a move on Yona and point out that Elder Mundok will kill him for it. This prompts Vold to think to himself that it was in fact Yona who had made a move on Hak, instead of the other way around.
  • Chapter 142: Kouren trolls Gobi and exposes him as a Dirty Coward.
    Gobi looks, alarmed.
    Kouren: ...Hasn't arrived yet, it seems.
  • Chapter 146: Yona notices that Hak is dozing off due to his wounds as they are heading to the Xing/Kouka border with the rest of the group. She offers to carry him on her back, which he declines on the grounds that he's too heavy. Yona insists still, claiming that though she doesn't look like it, she's gotten a lot stronger. He decides to humor her and jumps on her back... causing Yona to immediately crumble under his weight like a wet paper towel.
  • Chapter 149: Kouren and Tao are just meeting with Su-Won thanks to Yona's efforts. Gobi then attempts to sabotage the meeting first by claiming that they need the blessings of the gods, then by pointing out what happened to the Four Dragons during their time in Xing. His reactions to Su-Won shutting him down out of hand become increasingly comical.
  • Chapter 150: Lili forces Kouren to accept her first aid by having Ayura and Tetora grab each of her arms and drag her into a first aid tent, all the while Kouren shouts to be let go.
    • After getting first aid, Kouren ends up having to borrow clothes from Tetora—which turns out to be a rather racy, low-cut Kimono that ends up shocking and confusing poor Yotaka when he sees her just after waking up.
  • Chapter 151: Upon overhearing and misunderstanding that Hak has a fiance, Yona spends a good chunk of the chapter avoiding him. This culminates in Hak chasing her down at top speed, comically shocked she managed to outrun him.

Tully Tribe Arc

  • Chapter 155:
    • The Happy Hungry bunch go to a hot-spring in Kuuto so that the dragons can heal up faster by being closer to Hiryuu Castle. Once there, Kija says he can feel his strength returning. Hak responds that the Dark Dragon is also fully healed, prompting Yun to comment that it's all in his head.
      Hak: The Darkness Dragon has made a full recovery as well.
      Yun: Darkness Dragon, you're just imagining it.
      ** At the baths, note that Yona is bathing at the time:
    Zeno: Alright, Zeno is getting out now. I'll be back after seeing the little miss. (leaves)
    Jae-ha: ...It's hard to get mad at Zeno no matter what he says, huh.
    ** Ogi comes into the hotspring, takes one look at the HHB, and leaves. Hak has Shinah drag him back in.
  • Chapter 158: Tae-jun calls Hak out for lying about being engaged to Yona. Hak admits he lied but bluntly says that his feelings for her were never a lie. Tae-jun is in momentary shock, but quickly recovers, stating that what actually matters is how Yona feels. He trails off when he sees that Yona is red from head to toe at Hak's declaration. This prompts Heuk-chi to try to ask Yona how she feels, but Tae-jun cuts him off by saying his heart couldn't take hearing her answer.
  • Chapter 159:
    • Tae-jun sneaks The Happy Hungry Bunch into Saika castle without his brother knowing. Later, when the dragons and Yun use the royal bathhouse, they run into Kyo-ga. As soon as he spots them, they slam the door shut, calmly apologizing and saying they'll leave. This doesn't stop Kyo-ga from storming out of the bath, yelling and calling them fiends as he struggles to open the door. Kija takes over keeping the door shut, and him and Kyo-ga have a shouting match through the door. It culminates in Kija using too much of his power, and not only ripping the door from it's frame, but knocking Kyo-ga out cold.
    • Meanwhile, Yona and Hak are lead to a separate room, where one of the castle maids explains that she prepared the best room and clothes for "Lord Tae-jun's esteemed guests". She states that she was originally given something so frayed to give to Hak that she assumed it was a mistake and got him something nicer herself, implying that Tae-jun purposely picked something ugly for him to borrow.
    • She also offers a tray of peaches and to Yona, some perfume to "aid in bed". Yona ends up using it, assuming she meant that it was a soothing scent meant to help with sleep, but Hak explains that it's actually meant to entice men to bed and is more likely to "prevent sleep". Yona sits frozen in shock for so long Hak decides to balance the peaches on her head, until she snaps out of her trance and rushes out of the bed canopy—cursing Tae-jun for preparing such a thing.
    • Throughout the scene, Yona keeps mentioning that Tae-jun was kind to set this room up for them. Hak is pretty certain he had nothing to do with the two of them sharing a room and bed.
    • The moment is interrupted by the others bursting into the room with an unconscious Kyo-ga. They unwrap the blanket they'd used to hide him, and Hak immediately asks where they should bury him.
  • Chapter 161: Kan Iguni admits that part of the reason she decides to hide Yona and the HHB from Keishuk is because she was angry he laughed at Tae-Jun.
  • Chapter 164: After Gobi's men lead Yona, Jaeha, Zeno and Yun back to Yin Kuelbo's castle in Northen Kai, he visits them in the dungeons, convinced that hurting Yona was the key to unlocking the power of the four dragons. He has Yona brought out of the cell, and charges at her with a sword. Yona, calmly and without hesitation, sends him to the ground with a single kick to the neck, shocking Kuelbo and all of her companions to wide-eyed silence.
  • In chapter 170:
    • Zeno and Jaeha are pretending to fight Kija and Shin-ah to buy time. Shinah, however, pointedly refuses to hit Zeno at all, causing Zeno to get uncharacteristically exasperated.
    Zeno: If you don't want to cut me, then you can just hit me.
    Shin-ah: No!
    Zeno: [Beat Panel]
    Zeno: ...Are you listening to me? At this rate, they'll just get more hostages.
    Shin-ah: I'll fight against enemies, but I don't want to hit or cut Zeno.
    Zeno: ...Listen. It's to buy time! It reeeeeeeeeally doesn't matter even if you hit me or cut me so just hurry and do it!
    Shin-ah: I DON'T WANNA!
    • Kuelbo, intrigued by Yona and Jaeha's talk of "a beast like lightning" who "can't be killed", moves to the front lines in search of Hak. Having already lost a lot of blood at the point of being found, Hak is initially too dazed to respond to Kuelbo trying to confirm his identity. He snaps out of it immediately when Kuelbo asks if Yona is "his woman", screaming at him for making "a stupid joke like that".
    • They start fighting, and Hak demands where Yona and his companions are. Kuelbo notices that Hak refers to Yona as "Princess" note  and asks why Yona refused to be called that when he tried. Hak replies, "how the hell would I know?!" and the chapter ends on Kuelbo looking quite baffled by this teen romance.
  • Chapter 171:
    • The chapter opens with Kuelbo having pieced together the nature of Yona and Hak's relationship, but also thinking to himself that Hak is kind of an idiot for not realizing it.
    • The soldiers watching the fight between Kuelbo and Hak note that the battle really should be impressive to watch, but that their conversation is too stupid.
    • As the fight continues, fire tribe soldiers start demanding Yona and the Dragons' return and Kuelbo realizes that Yona had been wrong about there being no one in Kouka who'd care if she was gone. He notes that it makes more sense this way, since Yona is "a good woman" who should be looked up to. Hak interrupts him to remark that it's gross that they actually agree on something.
    • Gobi attempts to sway Yoo-lan into allowing him to take Yona for himself by preying on her insecurities about Yona replacing her. She doesn't take the bait and ends up throwing tea in his face instead.
  • Chapter 172:
    • The Four Dragons begin to speculate on what Kuelbo wants them to do, and Shin-ah discovers snark.
    Kija: So he intends to have us face Kouka's army right away?
    Zeno: We have to fight the mister [Hak] this time? Someone'll die. Probably us...
    Shin-ah: Zeno will probably live.
    Zeno: You're finally quipping back, huh, Seiryuu?
    Jaeha: Heh... a life concluded with a vicious beating from Hak... not a bad way to go.


  • Hak's and Jaeha's Oh, Crap! moment during the group's drinking contest, when they remember that Zeno has a Healing Factor. Zeno smirks and confirms their suspicions that no matter how much he drinks, he only gets a little light-headed— and then proceeds to lose anyway because there's nothing to stop him from just falling asleep whenever he wants.
  • Chapter 134.5: In the New Years side, Hak mentions that the wine he and Yona are sharing is usually reserved for special occasions such as weddings. Yona replies that, okay then, she'll be his bride just for that night. Hak's response? Spit Take.
  • The side chapter "Stay Healthy", Kija, Shin-ah and Yona fall victim to a drug (made by Kija's grandmother, much like the love potion from chapter 41) which makes the user extremely aggressive and ready to hit just about everything in sight. In response, the three take to viciously attacking trees, smashing rocks, and in Yona's case, punching Jae-ha.
    • Jaeha, unsurprisingly, doesn't seem to mind being hit by Yona.
    • Most of the short revolves around Jaeha, Yun and Zeno trying to figure out how the placate or "weaken" the affected three.
      • Shin-ah is promised food, and instantly he sits himself down and staves off the drug-induced aggression.
      • Kija only has to be told there's bugs at his feet, and he starts clinging to Jaeha's back, too distracted by the possibility of bugs to continue attacking everything in sight.
      • Yona is slightly distracted at the mention of Hak returning to camp soon, so Zeno takes it a step further and decides to remind her of the many suggestive things she's told him in the past. Her response is to cover her face and groan in embarrassment, declaring she can't forgive herself for what she'd said. She then races off and begins digging herself a grave, still mumbling about how she won't forgive herself. This is where Hak later finds her, and tells her he won't train her anymore if she hurts herself digging, effectively placating her without even trying.
    • In the end, Kija ends up writing a letter back to his grandmother, thanking her for the effective medicine.

Unsorted/Between Arcs

  • During the entire first meeting with Zeno, Hak never once lets go of his food, even when he punches Zeno to test his "toughness."
    • From the same scene, Hak tries to jokingly claim he was secretly the Yellow Dragon all along, prompting Kija to shout that if Hak were a dragon he'd be the Dark Dragon. Hak thinks that actually sounds pretty cool.
  • A group of village women run inside the boys' tent one morning because there are soldiers scaring them. So of course Yona enters to see Hak dogpiled by young women, telling him she doesn't mind that she took her instructions to relax to heart. Everyone leaves except Zeno, who's told to look after the women. They then ask him about Yona.
    Village woman: What is the relationship between you guys and that girl?
    Zeno: Master and dog.
  • When the Yoon sets up a stand to sell herbs, he has the others go out to find customers. When Hak has to find customers, he goes to persuade a middle-aged man and unwittingly attracts a bunch of women into following him back to the stand.
  • Chapter 152:
    • Hak is so fed up with Yona misunderstanding how he feels about her and about his so-called "fiance", that he blurts out at top volume the feelings he's had and kept a secret for over a decade.
      Hak: Ayame has a lover!
      Yona: Eh? Does that mean you were reje—
    • During this entire conversation, Yun and the dragons are off to the side, serving as a Greek Chorus, being shocked and handing out handkerchiefs when things get too emotional.


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