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Meet Leonyardo DiCaprinyan and Will Smithper.

The series is full of moments that make you wonder if you've been possessed by a Yo-Kai that causes uncontrollable laughter. Then you'll realize it was just this page.


  • The Bonus scenes you get to see when you finish a request, can have funny endings, depending on your luck. Surprisingly, Jackpot! endings sometimes end with characters worse off than the Boo! endings.
    • The "Jibanyan crossing the street" scene can end with him being hit by a truck just as he's about to land for its Jackpot! ending.
    • The "Cupistol" scene can end with him attracting a Tattletell in the Boo! ending, or a horde of Dazzabels chasing him in the Jackpot! ending.
    • The "Headsman and Armsman" scene has Armsman kicking Headsman like a soccer ball in the Jackpot! ending.
    • Manjimutt's mini-golf scene has Hungramps eating the golf ball while Tattletell, Happierre, and Ol' Saint Trick face fault and Manjimutt cries in the Boo! ending. In the Jackpot! ending, Manjimutt gets a hole in one and the ball explodes.
    • Fishing Komasan's "Bingo!" ending will have him catch a fish, his "Jackpot!"? He catches Shrook but the shark Yokai eats him.
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    • The most Jarringly Hilarious one is "Jibanyan saves Walkappa". In the "Bingo" ending, Jibanyan succeeds, in the "Boo" ending, Jibanyan's arm falls slack and they both fall. However, in the "Jackpot" ending, Jibanyan just lets Walkappa fall.
  • When Nate/Katie notices Whisper following him/her home, he/she states that he's making him/her feel like Little Bo Peep. Whisper suddenly turns into a sheep, saying "I'll always be there for ewe."
  • The description for the Holy Exporb: A tiny lizard touched this orb. That tiny lizard is a dinosaur now.
  • Bear's Dad will ask you if Bear is hitting the books or just punching them.
  • At the festival, while Nate/Katie talk to their friends about watching the fireworks at school, Whisper can be seen flying all over the place getting snacks from different food stands.
  • The entire concept for "Yo-Kai Blasters". Ever wanted to see ghosts catching ghosts?
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  • In the second game, you can create a Streetpass profile for yourself by filling out fields such as your occupation and your location by picking them out from a list. Under the "occupation" field, you can choose things such as "Freeloader," "Bad Student,", "Dancing Seaweed," and even "Cosmic Entity."
  • The main reason for the Bonies and the Fleshies for going into war? Their leaders couldn't decide on what type of donuts to give Lord Enma!
  • In Yo-kai Watch 2 Jibanyan gains 3 new Soultimates, one being Nyext which, when performed, makes Jibanyan do a silly pose, then he explodes for absolutely no reason taking both enemies and allies with him!
  • If you play as Katie in 2, there's a bit of extra dialog during the side quest involving Sproink. Sproink will be found in the woman's bath and Katie points out that Sproink shouldn't be in there since he's a boy. He panics and claims that he was feeling dizzy and made a mistake. Katie doesn't believe him.
  • The opening of Nate's story in Yokai Watch 3 has Nate going around solving problems caused by several new Merican Yo-kai. As is traditional, he spots them causing problems and fights them to make them stop. Finally, he comes home to see his dad starting a barbecue, only for him to be inspirited by BBQvil, a Yokai that causes you to be obsessed with grilled meat. Nate's response? "Nope! No problems here! Carry on, BBQvil!"
  • One of the first missions you undertake for Hailey's detective office in 3 is a murder case. The victim? A cicada who was smooshed by a careless kid and came back as a Yo-kai. Thus, he's also the client. The whole setup is so absurd it's hard not to laugh. To make it even more ridiculous, it turns out he wasn't smooshed—he died of natural causes but didn't realize cicadas only live for a few weeks.
  • In Yokai Watch 3, when you get the medal for Deadcool (obviously a parody of Deadpool), what level does he have? Why, ''69'' of course.

Medal Artwork

  • Lie-in has a welt on the head, with him beside some chopped down straw-mats. One can guess how he got the welt.
  • Brokenbrella's artwork has him stomping the ground near an umbrella stand.
  • Cadin's Medal features him being targeted by several nets, with him clutching onto the tree he's on for dear life, brandishing his sword in self defense.
  • Boyclops' Medal has a Funny Background Event in the form of a startled black cat.
  • Thornyan's Medal has him stuck in the ground by the thorn on his head and panics.
  • Sproink's has him bellyflopping in a hot spring.
  • Many of the B Medals from the Yo-kai Watch Blasters toyline feature some awesome and dynamic artwork. Except Manjimutt and Whisper's, who are screaming in comical fear with tears in their eyes.
  • This image for the 3DS game Yo-Kai Blasters showing Whisper driving a Ghostbusters style car with Komasan inside the car while Jibanyan is standing on top complete with a Yo-Kai Watch version of Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in the background. Also comes across as Moment of Awesome.


  • During the intro, there's a blink-and-you'll-miss moment near the end of the opening where it shows Nate and the other Yo-Kai dancing along with the music. Komasan and Komajiro are seen dancing out of sync and end up falling down.
  • Whisper relying on a Wiki to help get information on Yo-kai and Nate constantly calling him out for it.
  • Anytime USApyon goes into "Vader mode" when he gets mad.
  • When Jibanyan tries stretching before facing the truck, Whisper remarks, "It is important to stretch before getting hit by a car."
  • #2. Under Tattletell's possession, Jibanyan reveals that he's a huge fan of Next Harmeowny, a girl group who wears cat ears. His bedroom is full of posters and magazines of them, and every night he would wish them good night and is even seen making a kissing expression as the camera zooms in on his puckered lips.
    Jibanyan: Not even my mother knows about that!
  • #3. When Jibanyan turns into Baddinyan after getting possessed by Roughraff, he starts engaging in petty antics like eating chocolate in bed and refusing to wash his hands afterwards. The way that Whisper reacts to Baddinyan's antics as if they were a horrible travesty makes it even more hilarious, and the dub just goes to make it even more so.
    Baddinyan: That's right two choco bars.
    Whisper: What? Just before dinner?!
    Baddinyan: Nyow I'm eating in bed!
    Whisper: What about the crumbs?!
    Baddinyan: And nyow I'm playing on the bed!
    Whisper: Your mother just made that bed!
  • #4. Apparently Wazzat eating your memories will make you do a silly dance at the same time. And context makes it doubly funny - Nate got himself in hot soup with Katie earlier for pointing out her weight gain, but thanks to her memory of that being eaten, it's no longer an issue. At least Whisper remembers to call him out on that. Considering that Wazzat hitting him repeatedly acts as a Reset Button on his usual Mr. Exposition shtick.
    Katie: Yes, I know! I look terrible!
    • Wazzat sees the error of his ways, and thanks sitting on his head and erasing his memories of Wazzat.
    • The first new Yo-Kai for the episode is "Monster Mom", which is really just Nate's mom going off in a fit of rage because Nate was goofing off with the Yo-kai Medallium instead of cleaning his room like he was supposed to.
      • Then Nate and Whisper scream in fright so hard, they turned into abstract art.
  • #5. When Nate finds out that Illoo is creating illusions of girls dating his friends, he gets mad and confronts him, not because they're being tricked, but because he's jealous he didn't get a girl illusion, too.
    Nate: I never said it was rational, I just want the attention!
    • Whisper's last resort during the emergency room scene:
      Whisper: Mouth to mouth! Here we go! Don't fight it!
    • Jibanyan's silly song in "Let's Exorcise":
      Jibanyan: I am a cat and I like it like that. I wash my butt at the laundromat.
      Jibanyan: I am a cat and I like it like that. I tell half-truths like a diplomat.
    • When Nate's parents get a paranormal investigator to remove spirits from their home, he starts chanting nonsense rhymes like "Ring Around The Rosy" and "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Bee". And it actually works!
    • The entire time Jibanyan and Whisper are about to get taken to heaven by mini Yo-Kai versions of themselves.
  • In #6 Nate and the other boys stay at Nate's house to watch a channel for adults only. There's a funny reaction delivered by Whisper and Jibanyan once the boys finally find the channel.
    Jibanyan: Hubba-Hubba, Vaa Vaa Voo!
    Whisper: They are going to get into so much trouble.
    • Also...
      Jibanyan: These girls are very nyaughty!!
    • The reaction Jibanyan makes when the channel keeps switching.
  • In #7, there's a montage of Komasan trying to adjust the city while saying "Oh my swirls !" at every single thing he sees.
    • In the ending, Komasan leaves the city to return home, but later Nate and Whisper notices that Komasan left his bag behind. Nate ends up summoning him back to the city to recover it. Komasan doesn't take this well at all.
    • Also Komasan's clumsy and Adorkable dance when he gets summoned by Nate to retrieve his bag.
    • The recap for that episode shows Whisper telling the viewers how to talk like Komasan with Nate making a confused reaction. Whisper even tells Nate to participate before Komasan says "Oh my swirls" and he says it with a bored expression. Also the translation to what Komasan says in his "country speak".
  • In #8 where Jibanyan is possessed by Hidabat, after Nate summons Fidgephant to possess Jibanyan and Hidabat causing them to run to the bathroom, Jibanyan is back to normal, but Whisper then reveals that he was able to go through walls the whole time when he goes through the door that Jibanyan locked himself in to get Nate's things. Nate gets mad and whacks him into the screen with the fan, asking him why didn't he do that in the first place.
    Whisper: You never asked!
  • #9 The montage with the dowsing rod app.
    • The boys try walking up a playground slide.
    • Whisper's belief that Cadin is just a giant cicada and not a Yo-kai despite Cadin wearing clothes, carrying a sword, and talking.
    • Cadin's reaction when Nate told him he's already above ground.
      Nate: Cadin, you're already above ground.
      Cadin: (panicking) Oh no, you're right!
      A timer shows up, with the three looking at it
      Whisper: Oh, I didn't realize it'd be a real clock.
    • Whisper says that once Cadin is awake, he'll die in 6 days. Once the 6 days are up, Cadin falls unconscious and has a snot bubble coming out of his nose. It turns out Whisper read the info on his Yo-Kai pad wrong and Cadin has merely gone back to sleep. Nate wraps up the episode by smacking Whisper with his paper fan.
      Nate: I wish there was a time limit on your existence!
    • Nate asks who would possibly want to make a robotic version of Whisper:
      Whisper: I don't know, Tandy?
    • Robonyan proves he's Jibanyan's future self by showing that he can make countless choco bars and saying Jibanyan would be the only one to add such a function.
    • Nate and Whisper decide that Jibanyan is better than Robonyan because chocolate is less expensive than electricity.
      Jibanyan: I'm better because I'm cheaper?
    • After Robonyan spends the night at Nate's house plugged into his electrical outlet, Nate's mom gets mad not because Robonyan damaged the floorboards when he arrived, but because his energy usage is much higher than what is considered acceptable in the present.
    • This was played for laughs in the recap, as Robonyan was seen consuming all the power of the country (both versions are funny, as China was the only one not affected, and America is one of the largest continents).
  • In #10, "Yokai Buhu," Robonyan uses his Magic from Technology to reconstitute a chicken nugget into raw chicken. Nate remarks that it's an amazing but disgusting trick, but Buhu, who is a bird, throws in an offhand remark:
    • When Nate returns the nugget to Bear, he happily exclaims:
      Bear: Whoa! I don't get it, but I don't care!
    • The first thing the legendary Yo-Kai Shogunyan does upon being summoned? Take a selfie.
    • When Jibanyan finds out that all of his choco-bars were eaten by Shogunyan, he finishes the episode with this ironic line:
      Jibanyan: Someone ate all my choco-bars! This is so not legendary!
  • In #11, the Yokai Spenp makes Nate and friends impulse buy useless garbage. When Nate confronts him, Spenp retorts "What are you, a communist?"
    • The way Nate defeated Noway was a literal case of reverse psychology.
  • #12, The boys hear someone farting in class and look at each other. Eddie and Bear deny it, then Nate looks around and sees Katie hiding behind her textbook with her face red.
    • After assuring Nate that robots don't fart, Robonyan (when hit with Cheeksqueek gas) admitted he was upgraded with that feature.
      Whisper: Future robot farts are the worst!
      Nate: Why would anyone upgrade a robot to do this!?
    • Really, the entire Cheeksqueak episode is one giant CMOF, but what takes the cake is Nate trying to "act casual" while letting out a massive fart in front of his entire class. The shoujo sparkles and roguish grin as he lets it rip are icing on the cake.
  • In #13, Nate summons Blazion to convince Chatalie to "pump up" the people she inspirits. This leads to her making Eddie run for student council president, but then she takes Blazion's advice a little too far and makes him run for president of the country. When Whisper comments that calling Blazion wasn't the best idea, Blazion randomly bites his head.
  • When Dazzabel is inspiriting Nate's mom, she causes her to dress up in overly fancy clothing. When Nate express shock at this, she thinks it's because she looks too plain and dresses in even gaudier clothing. Eventually she puts on a dress so fancy that she wonders if people will mistake her for Lady Gaga.
    • When Dazzabel inspirits Hungramps, it causes him to don a surfer outfit and accent.
      Hungramps: Yeah! Hang ten bro! I look radical, man! Unlike you!
      Whisper: Oh no, he's a hipster.
    • In the same segment, Jibanyan is inspirited by Dimmy, making him dull and borderline lifeless. Whisper initially thinks it's because Jibanyan got less than his usual 23 hours of sleep and later notes that Jibanyan was less troublesome than usual.
    • When Nate puts Jibanyan's medal in the watch, the music plays as usual, but Jibanyan just stands there instead of dancing.
  • In #15, Nate tries to summon Jibanyan to fight Babblong, but Babblong makes Nate talk non-stop instead of putting Jibanyan's medal in the watch. At home, Jibanyan notices the vortex that Yo-kai go through whenever they're summoned and is happy to help, but gets sick of waiting and runs from Nate's house to school and smacks him with the paper fan.
    • Whisper noticing that Nate has to go to the bathroom during class:
      Whisper: It looks like you're doing the Potty Dance!
  • When the inmate, who is really an undercover cop, confronts Manjimutt in episode 16, he offers him good news and bad news, but both of them turn out to be bad for Manjimutt.
    Cop: Manjimutt, if you don't do exactly as I say, you're a goner! You're done for!
    Manjimutt: How is that good news?!
  • Rockabelly, a Yo-Kai that makes you do a weird dance while showing a painted face on your belly.
  • The debut of Kyubi, where it's explained that he has to charm 100 women (specifically to get 100 shots of their love energy), and is currently at 99. Then an unattractive woman is attracted to him, "her" love energy manifesting and floating towards him - and he snuffs it out with his foot without missing a beat. Too Spicy for Yog-Sothoth maybe?
  • The majority of the segment, where Kyubi tries to win Katie's heart, which only backfires.
  • When Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan are being chased by Gargaros, Jibanyan trips over and Nate and Whisper promptly leave him behind. This comes right after Whisper says that no one gets left behind.
    Nate: We won't forget your sacrifice, Jibanyan!
    Whisper: Best of luck!
    • The next time Jibanyan is summoned, he's as flat as a pancake.
    • Whisper convinces Nate to throw the donut he was carrying to distract Gargaros. Turns out he was only saying that so he could eat the donut himself.
      Nate: I'm mad but I probably would've done the same thing!
      Whisper: You did not waste your sacrifice, my mouth thanks you.
  • When Komasan gets promoted to vice president at the toy company, he still thinks he's working as a janitor.
  • #19: Everyone is dreaming about being tall in height (in the japanese version,it's about head-body proportions) for some strange reason. Jibanyan in particular dreams about being 20 feet (20 heads tall in the japanese version), but Shogunyan takes the cake... by dreaming about being 80 FEET! (80 heads tall in the japanese version)
    • Like his last appearance, Kyubi trying to use the Suspension Bridge Effect on Katie, only to become the victim of it.
  • "The Legend of Dandoodle" in #20 is pretty much fifteen solid minutes of utter hilarity. Where to start?
  • #21 has Insomni keep Nate's class awake. Nate summons Baku. Baku and Insomni's attacks collide and everyone is sent to a boxing ring where the two Yo-kai fight, with Nate and Whisper as the commentators. Insomni wins, then the camera zooms out to reveal it was Insomni's dream.
    • When Insomni's defeated, Nate and Jibanyan fall asleep, and at night they can't sleep since they already slept during the day.
  • In #22, when Nate immediately leaves the dinner table after hastily eating his meal, Nate's mom remarks:
    No one understands kids these days with their Snapbooks and Facechats.
  • #23, Nate's mom is possessed by Grubsnitch who makes her snitch eat (taking small bites of food from a big meal). Nate summons Hungramps to get rid of Grubsnitch, which works too well since Nate and his mom finish dinner with balloon bellies, right when Nate's dad comes home, making the poor guy resort to instant noodles for his dinner.
    • Grubsnitch's "underhanded" tactics of getting past Nate and Whisper to the food, including making them look the other way, turning off the lights, and psyching them out by pretending to be done.
    • B3-NK1 stabbing Robonyan with his naginata and Robonyan liking it. Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan's face during the entire thing were nothing short of outright priceless.
  • #26 has Peckpocket, which induces kleptomania in Bear, and Nate gets the idea to bring out Tengloom against it, hoping one of his books has the solution - but Peckpocket turns out to be an Impossible Thief, stealing every book Tengloom brings out and then going for his geta clogs and the clothes on his back!
    • And calling on Roughraff doesn't do much better - Roughraff merely intimidates Peckpocket into handing over his stuff, and Peckpocket just steals it back, even stealing Roughraff's own stuff, over and over again, all the way till evening.
    • The ending - Roughraff and Peckpocket finally make peace, and get up and walk off into the sunset, leaving a whole lot of stolen junk all over the place - an electric guitar, a floor lamp, a chair, a rice cooker, a cushion, someone's jacket and pants, a road cone, baseball gear, a volleyball, even a potted plant and toilet paper...
    • During the Recap, Peckpocket steals Whisper's Yo-kai pad and runs off. Whisper runs after him and crashes into a cliff, ala Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner.
    • In the first segment, Nate attempts to get Espy to stop reading people's minds by thinking really hard about going to the bathroom. In the original version Espy simply says that it's rude to think of something like that in front of a lady, but her line in the dub is inarguably funnier:
      Espy: I'm a lady, I do not appreciate bathroom innuendo!
    • Nate later gets Espy to flee by thinking about something really embarrassing. When Whisper and Jibanyan ask what it was, it turns out he was thinking about repeatedly pulling up and dropping his pants.
    • The final part of "Komasan in Love" gives us Komasan and Komajiro's reactions to Komasan as he's portrayed as a monster in a manga by the woman who Komasan has a crush on. Komasan later accepts this and is later seen reading a page while drinking coffee.
  • #27. Jibanyan's reaction to being summoned at the back of the line.
    • There's also this little gem:
      Jibanyan: You have to punch Whisper in the face every time you want to switch Yo-Kai Watches? [beat] ...I approve.
  • #28. The whole zombie thing becomes a lot more hilarious with the release of Yo-Kai Watch 3.
    • Whisper helping the Classic Yo-Kai to get scarier via baseball training.
  • The silly things that Komasan gets called for at the beginning of every episode of "Springdale Five-Yo."
    • When Whisper tells Komasan to stretch out the phone conversation with the criminal taking the president hostage so they can find his location, Komasan takes this literally and starts talking to the criminal very slowly.
  • #30. Five words: Sorry, sorry, I'm so sorry!
    • Even funnier when Nate and Whisper use these words to make the Yo-Kai (whose name happens to be So-Sorree) realize how annoying he is after setting him on fire.
      So-Sorree: Sorry, sorry, I- HEY, THAT'S MY LINE!!!
  • #30 also introduces Pandle, a Yo-Kai who can make people careless. When Nate finally befriends Pandle, it seems like he won't cause any more trouble—only for Nate to realize that Pandle unzipped his fly when he wasn't looking. And Katie was the one to point it out.
  • #31: Everything about the Directator.
    • Stating that his movie is going to have more lens flare than J. J. Abrams.
    • The strange scene ideas and restrictions put onto them. Like making everyone a student and telling them not to get mad, and feeding them hot food and telling them not to complain about it being hot.
    • The recap shows his press conference got 12 Likes, and 9999 Dislikes!
  • #32: Komasan's interrogation of the prisoner.
    • Nate trying to use So-Sorree to get out of trouble. It goes as well as you expect.
  • #35: The return of Directator and his remake of Titanic!
  • #37: Nate's crazy visual metaphors for making Katie fall in love with him.
  • #39. Yo-kai Failian revises the silly dance thing and takes it Up to Eleven, making people lie about something and then doing a "Just Joking" Justification in the form of a song and dance number with its own background music. Then it turns into an Overly Long Gag when everyone does it, until the PA announcer is also affected, causing the music to come out of the speakers as well!
    • As soon as the music comes out of the speaker, Nate already knows the joke is coming.
    • When the PA announcer cancels school and says "Psyche!", everyone in the classroom face faults, even Mr. Johnson.
    • At the end of the Failian segment, Spoilerina shows up and reveals that in the next segment, she'll drop a big spoiler about a movie Nate wants to see. In the next segment, Nate recognizes Spoilerina via flashback. Once Spoilerina decides to stop bothering Nate with the spoiler, a guy who just saw the movie naturally reveals that the movie's villain Emperor Krill is the hero from the future. For a last fourth wall-destroying moment, Spoilerina reveals that the next episode involves listing the top 10 Yo-Kai and Jibanyan is not number 1.
  • #40. The Yo-kai Top Ten involves Manjimutt getting arrested and Whisper preparing for his acceptance speech only to not be on the list and lose out to Dianyan.
    • This week's Yo-kai is Count Zapaway, who hides the TV remote at the most inopportune time. How do they defeat him? Nate's dad shows that you can just use the buttons on the TV itself to turn it on and change the channel & volume.
  • #41 Has this in the form of Yoink (Or more specifically his power of borrowing and never giving back).
  • #42. When Nate sprays the antidote over all of the infected Dracunyans, they all turn into Manjimutts. One could find it creepy, but you just can't help but laugh.
    • Bear mistaking a girl reading a book as a costume.
    • When Nate tells his friends about Dracunyan's origin story, they interpret as meaning that chocolate is bad for them.
  • #43. Three words: "Happy happy happy...!"
  • #45 Watermelonyan eating the fruit he's named after.
    • And in future eps, other fruitnyans continue that joke.
  • #46. Poofessor eats his trivia poo to unleash his true form, but right before he actually eats it, the scene immediately cuts to Katie and her friends making flower rings all while Nate and Whisper can be heard screaming in terror.
  • #48. Whisper loses his Yo-Kai Pad, and his reliance on the thing goes straight into catatonic levels as he winds up swiping on a TV, a clock, and Nate's face for a solution. How did he lose the Yo-Kai Pad in the first place? He accidentally flushed it down the toilet. In a moment of pure desperation, Whisper decides to flush himself down the toilet so he can go look for it in the sewers, much to Nate and Jibanyan's horror.
    Nate: Nothing that goes down there ever returns!
    Jibanyan: That's usually a good thing.
  • They finally take on the Fractured Fairy Tale in the first mini-arc of season 2.
  • #54. Yo-Kai Furdinand grows everyone's hair to ridiculous lengths - which may actually appear cool to Western viewers (Bear's brown hair section isn't meant to be stubble, it's really brown hair that grows into a two-toned mullet!) so Furdinand makes sure that Nate's the only one to get a Funny Afro. Can you tell they miss Sgt. Frog already?
  • In #56, "Yo-kai Pupsicle," the titular Yokai makes everyone really cold... and also tell bad jokes. The dad jokes the crew drops are amusing in a terrible way, but they quickly end up trying to tell good jokes to warm up the atmosphere. The thing that eventually defeats Pupsicle? Katie farting. "Everyone knows that human gas expulsions are inherently funny!" The best part in the dub is the absolutely perfect Shout-Out the localizers were able to work in.
    Katie: I was frozen. I let it go.
  • #58 has this in the form of Cap'n Crash making Nate react to stuff.
    • There was also Daze reaction to being called a sausage.
  • #60, While investigating the "Toiletta" urban legend, Nate walks by a bathroom and hears someone. He and Jibanyan think it might be Toiletta. Whisper believes it's just someone groaning as they're taking a dump. Nate and Jibanyan walk into the bathroom and Whisper yells that they can't barge in on someone using the bathroom.
    • Toiletta then takes Nate's suggestion of not simply scaring kids in the bathroom but instead popping out randomly including Katie's shoe locker, the lunch pot, and the classroom's supply closet.
  • #63. It's the time of year where Snartle appears to scare children, as shown when he shows up outside of Nate's school. Unfortunately, like Furdinand above, Invisible to Normals is averted as everyone sees him shouting and waving his swords around. Then the police arrive to arrest him for wielding dangerous weapons in public.
    • To solve his problem, Nate summons Toiletta, who gives him a complete makeover, resulting in him becoming popular around the world. But then Nate asks if he no longer holds the role of scaring children. Snartle bursts into tears, saying that he needs to scare children into not being bad. Just then, the National Tax Agency arrives and places Snartle under arrest for tax evasion.note When reading about it in the newspaper, Nate delivers this immortal line:
      Nate: Hey, Whisper, what's tax evasion?
      (Whisper stares into the camera)
  • #73, Nate attempts to go fishing but always winds up catching Mermaidyn every time. It gets to the point that he literally tries to fish out of a puddle in an attempt not to catch her, and he still manages to do so.
    • In the recap time of this episode, he catches a friend of Mermaidyn that turns him, Whisper, and Mermaidyn herself to stone.
    • In Irewig's episode, Irewig causes everybody to get mad at the star on Nate's shirt.
  • #79, Roughraff possesses the boys and makes them fantasize about Katie's swimsuit. When Katie finally steps out of the changing room, she's wearing a wet suit, disappointing the boys.
  • #82, Katie gets possessed by Minochi making her jealous and whiny. Nate in desperate denial refuses to believe a Yo-kai is responsible despite Whisper and Jibanyan (who even notes the reversed roles) forcing him to scan Katie with the watch. It isn't until Katie tries moving into Nate's house does he admit something's wrong.
    • Later, when Whisper is also possessed by Minochi, he becomes jealous of the friendship between Jibanyan and Nate
      Whisper: You like Jibanyan more than me, don't you?
      Nate: Um.... Yeah.
      Whisper: (Chases Jibanyan while wildly swinging a bat)
  • In #83, Nate accompanies his mom to the grocery store and sees Eddie and Bear. He has an imagine spot where they make fun of him and the rest of his classmates show up (except for Katie) to laugh at him and the camera zooms out to show Nate as a baby sitting in a baby carrier attached to his mom's back. At the end, he lies to Eddie, Bear, Katie, and another girl and says he's shopping alone only for his mom to show up and ask him if he wants to try some new underwear since his current pairs are full of holes. Nate gradually turns red and collapses on the floor.
  • #91. Whisper's antics in recruiting group members for the music show:
    • Yo-Kai like Snartle, Infour, Peckpocket, and Chatalie ignore him.
    • Lie-in Heart saying "It's not yet time for that" like usual.
    • Noway saying "No way."
    • Cheeksqueek running up to Whisper and gassing him.
    • Whisper scaring Drizzelda away after getting uncomfortably close to her.
    • After, Ray O'Light knocking Whisper out of the way to chase Drizzelda.
    • When Whisper tries to get Washogun to join, Washogun aims his spray bottle and shoots Whisper down.
    • Whisper trying to fit in with the rice-bowl Yo-Kai by becoming one himself, only to get burned by the rice.
    • Whisper getting cut out of every group picture.
    • The face on Whisper's uvula.
  • #94. Shogunyan wants a challenge slicing things and runs all over town. He comes across the bakery Manjimutt attempted to work at and one of the chefs shares Manjimutt's face. In-universe shout-out?
  • #99. In the Recap segment, Statikid is a static shock Yo-kai. Nate and Jibanyan get shocked when they touch the door handle. Whisper on the other hand, gets a rare moment of avoiding his Butt-Monkey status as he uses his ghost abilities to phase through the door.
  • #119. Several characters are invited to a Grand Prix race. B3-NK1 is in the audience cheering for Robonyan F but accidentally throws his blade and gets it stuck inside Robonyan and eliminating him from the race.
    • Snottle is teamed with Venoct and Kyubi and every time he's about to pick his nose, his ability makes them do the same thing to their annoyance. Snottle later makes Swelterrier and Blizzaria do the same thing and being a lady, Blizzaria tries to resist and ends up freezing part of the race track eliminating Swelterrier and herself. Nate uses Snottle's ability against him by firing a Cuttincheez powered rocket. Snottle shoves his fingers up his nose to block the smell but makes Kyubi and Venoct do the same thing preventing them from steering their car.
  • #124. The episode introduces Darisu, a Yo-kai that makes people indifferent to anything besides lazing around, Nate goes from being completely under it's spell to furious after it makes him brush off an invitation from Katie.
    • He tries to summon Jibanyan to take him on but since he was in that frame of mind anyway the two get along great and go to hang out (with Jibanyan not even bothering to stand and just rolling down the street)
    • Ironically Jibanyan's the one that puts a stop to Darisu when his attempts to make him indifferent to his Next Harmeowny CD arriving in the mail and dancing along with their show earn him a Death Glare that scares him enough to intimidate him into joining.

The Movies

  • Movie 1
    • The narrator asking the cameraman to slow down during the zoom-in to Nate's house.
    • Nate "summoning" Jibanyan (who is just Whisper in a bad costume) in an attempt to trick Meganyan. It actually works, but only because the real Jibanyan was nearby.
    • Poor Nate having to join his grandfather in performing Maximous Mask's signature pose (with both Hovernyan and Whisper finding it funny).
    • Dame Dedtime's to do list is 1) Alienate Yo-kai and humans 2) Get groceries 3) Conquer Earth.
    • While Nathaniel uses a bat to defeat Wicked Yo-kai, Nate and Whisper use squeaky hammers and have to hit the Wicked repeatedly in order to defeat them.
    • Master Nyada tries to pull a Someday This Will Come in Handy, giving Nate something in a longish box that might well be a weapon. When they finally face the Big Bad, Nate hears Master Nyada advising him to "use the Force". It's not till they open the box when they realize that gross mispronunciation is to blame - it's a hose. And what he said was "use the hose". And Nate just takes the stupid thing and fits it to a nearby faucet, still expecting his miracle to arrive... And it does, as directing water on the Big Bad's machine shorts it out!
    • Dame Dedtime's method of summoning a wicked executive. She farts them out.
    • Whisper lampshading Dame Dedtime turning into a CGI monster because "it's the third act".
  • Movie 3!
    • Jibanyan encountering Amy in the live-action world. Normally his reunions with Amy are really sweet and touching but this time he is shocked and horrified that the Amy of this world is losing interest in fashion & becoming a designer and is, worst of all, a dog lover even having a dog with a similar name to the one she gave Jibanyan. Following his increasingly mortified reactions the scene cuts to him flopping onto the carpet in Nate's room and declaring that this new world completely sucks.
Movie 4
  • Akinori calling Whisper a sheep and Whisper performing his bit from the first game! However Whisper stops saying he's done that way to many times.
  • Natsume getting Humgramps and Jibanyan's names wrong, calling them smoothie and Hojichan.

Meta & Out of Canon

  • A stream of the second game done by GameXplain has the host comment that 'maybe in the third game, Jibanyan will beat the truck'. It's hilarious because by that point, the third game was out in Japan and people knew that Jibanyan in fact does WORSE!note 

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