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    Reo and Mabu: The both of us are Sarazanmai 

  • Mabu's Establishing Character Moment involves him eating pancakes off the pavement.
    • And after that, rave madly about how good it is.
  • Most abandoned babies are placed in baskets in front of orphanages. Sara, on the other hand, was abandoned on a large plate on the pavement.
    • When the policemen find her, Mabu initially thinks Sara was a challenge for him to reproduce, like the pancakes he ate earlier.
    Reo: "Reproducing?" You want to make a baby? How? With who?
    Reo: No, you and I can't make one!
  • When Sara starts crying from hunger, it sends the policemen into a panic to prepare her milk.
Reo: Mabu, hurry up!
Mabu: It's still 50 degrees celsius!
Reo: You done yet?!
Mabu: Wait a little longer!
Reo: (whining now) Hey, Mabu!
Old man visiting the police box: I would also like you to hurry up...
  • Because they didn't want Sara to sleep alone, Mabu volunteers to join her. His plan was to lay a sleeping bag on the desk to put him on level with Sara's cot.
  • Reo makes a big show, claiming he will win a air conditioner from a lottery with Sara's power, and he totally lost.
    • When Mabu tries, he wins first place. Unfortunately, first place was a trip to Vegas that their jobs will not allow.
  • Reo and Mabu were so surprised by the price of doll cake molds, they both comically fall on their backs with their legs in the air.
  • The start of chapter 5 has Reo finding a trail of plates on the ground. Due to his experience with Sara, his immediate thought was the plates carried small animals on them.
  • Mabu imagines Sara growing up under their care, from saying her first words to her rebellious phase to thanking him and Reo when she gets married. This results in him screaming hysterically.
  • Mabu's reaction to being referred to as "Papa Cop" by a runaway kid.
  • "I don't have the ''saraightest'' intention!"
    Reo: Hey! Don't just ignore me!
  • For chapter 9, the plot was about a random little boy visiting the police box every day to register a plate as a missing item.
    • The policemen speculate what this boy was doing, suggesting it might the work of a yokai or a ghost, which leads to Reo panicking over the idea that Sara will disappear when a certain amount of plates have amassed. Then, we learn the boy was just pranking them.
  • In chapter 10, the faces of the policemen when they realized how bankrupt they were when asked for money by a man in pajamas.
  • After all the drama in chapter 11 about grown-up Sara leaving the policemen forever, it was All Just a Dream.


  • Mabu's complete inability to take non-blurry selfie.
    • Additionally, when Reo helps to take photos of near things he likes, Mabu poses stiffly.
Reo: Mabu found a display food shop while we were out on patrol and got like embarrassingly excited about it. He told me to take a photo to commemorate, so I did, but the moment I picked up the camera he gave me this deadpan look. What gives, man?
  • The first tweet each day is always Mabu saying "Morning."
Reo: You're starting to sound like a bot.
  • Mabu once arrested Reo.
Mabu: Went looking for Reo when he disappeared during patrol and found him trying to waste money at a tableware shop, so I took him into custody. We already have that teacup at home. Stop trying to collect things that catch your eye. What are you, a crow?
Reo: Crows don't collect teacups!
Mabu: I flew all the way to India to develop [my curry recipe's] flavor. Yes, it was back when I was still called the White Jackknife of Kappabashi. I didn't know where I was going and all I had was a passport and a spoon. As I was discussing the potential of cows and curry on the roadside, an unbelievable aroma wafted by. When I turned to see where it was coming from, I was greeted by the smile of the Prince of Curry.
Reo: The lost child we were looking after drew this while waiting to be picked up. Look how dark the kid made me, lmao.
Mabu: I'm more concerned with how I'm so small I'm almost non-existent...
Mabu: He got shredded right after that.
Reo: Looking for a lost cat. We didn't have a photo, so the masterful artist Mabu drew its likeness based on the owner's description. I have a feeling this isn't going to help us find it.
  • Reo's New Year's Card had an interesting footnote:
PS Mabu's insistence on refusing to wear a shirt under his apron is a constant source of annoyance.
  • "I'm going right back to patrol after I have a coffee," Reo says, while posting a photo of his coffee and two other orders.
Mabu: Wait, that's not just coffee.
  • This particular interaction:
Mabu: On patrol. The moon is beautiful.
Reo: Who cares about that. Hurry home. I'm hungry.
  • Reo, at it again with his cat-chasing.
Reo: Cats love me.
Mabu: That cat's running away.
Mabu: The wind sure is strokafkljdanote 
  • Mabu insists he doesn't have allergies. Then, Reo points out [Mabu's] nose is bright red.
  • Mabu makes an alarming tweet for Reo, requesting his power immediately, because he needs another person to buy two humongous Chinese cabbages.



Episode 1: I want to be connected, but I want to lie.

Episode 2: I want to be connected, but I want to take.

  • As Keppi explained about the Dish of Hope, Enta snatches it out of his hand as soon as he heard it could grant wishes. And what does he wish for?
    • Upon making the wish, a cucumber roll the size of a Red Wood log falls out of the sky.
    • When Enta realizes he's wasted the wish, he is seen on his knees, trying to gather the remnants of the Dish after it shattered from granting his wish, and failing.
  • The dramatic posing Reo and Mabu were doing in the trailer? It wasn't outdoors. It was during a conference with other policemen. They even had their own Dramatic Spotlight.
    • And it wasn't only dramatic posing, there was singing and dancing included.
  • Nyantarou is such a fat cat, when he jumps onto Tooi's table, it rumbles.
  • Kazuki stopping Tooi from going after Nyantarou.
Tooi: Stop getting in my way!
Kazuki: I'm getting in your way!
Tooi: Stop following me!
Kazuki: I'm following you!
  • When they reach the Asakusa Hanayashiki park and learn its a couples' place, both Kazuki and Tooi instantly give up on the chase.
Tooi: Want to deal with this tomorrow?
Kazuki: That sounds good.
  • Sara delivers the news that a corpse has been found in the river with Dissonant Serenity, playing with an inner tube the corpse could not have had.
  • Keppi's dehydrated state.
    • When Enta happens to pass by, Keppi drags him by the leg to him. When we see Enta again, he has fallen facefirst and his pants dropped far enough to reveal his butt.
  • The picture Otone sends to Enta of herself and her date.
  • To go into the couple park and find the others, Enta and Keppi enter as a couple, with the latter staying at human height using stilts.
    • Keppi on stilts is funny on its own. He was knocked off of them twice.
      • First, Enta pushes him off because he didn't like the idea of working together with Tooi.
      • Second, Nyantarou runs between the stilts while Keppi is fooling around with them, tripping him up.
  • Kazuki ceding his anus to Keppi by nonchalantly turning around when Keppi prepares to extract his shirikodama.
  • The second secret Kazuki reveals: Nyantarou was originally a house cat that he stole because Haruka wanted a pet cat of his own.
  • After retrieving his drugs and his gun, Tooi kicks Enta so hard the latter goes rolling.

Episode 3: I want to connect, but it's not meant to be.

  • The morning after kissing Kazuki, Enta becomes sensitive to any mention of kisses.
    • He drops the fish he was eating when Otone called it a "kisu".
    • When the lucky selfie theme is revealed to be kisses, Enta spews the miso soup he was drinking. The stream of soup is caught in his grandma's tea cup, which she then pours back into his bowl.
  • The Crawl during Sara's opening bit is a nice bit of random Mood Whiplash:
Here is a recipe for chicken goma-ae. First, prepare the cucumbers. Next, kill the chicken. Drain its blood. Pluck it. And now for a little break, dish...
  • Just as expected of any anime by Ikuni, there were repeated delusions, courtesy of Enta about Kazuki.
    • 1) Enta sees Kazuki coming up to him and announcing he'll be playing soccer again. Enta makes some interesting squeals when he hears that, and like servant, rushes to tie the promise ring he bought around Kazuki's ankle. Later, we (and Enta) find out that Enta had tied the miçanga around Otone's ankle.
    • 2) After getting brutally beaten by two guys he picked a fight with, Enta hallucinates that Kazuki came to his rescue and single-handedly trashed the guys. Turns out, it was just Tooi, who tells him, "Dude, you're not dying."
    • 3) Enta hallucinates proposing to Kazuki with the miçanga and the latter leaning in to kiss him. Before their lips touch, we return to reality, which is Enta kissing Keppi. After realizing what was happening, Enta runs off and throws up.
  • Kazuki's reaction to learning that Enta kissed him.
I don't mind. The soccer club made you do it on a dare, right? It's not my business anymore.
  • While Enta was fantasizing at the end of the episode, Tooi can be seen tending to his ruler as if it were a katana.
  • The secret revealed in this episode is Enta's, and is about his feelings for Kazuki. The leakage shows that Enta kissing Kazuki was not the only thing he's done. He has also sniffed Kazuki's jersey and sucked on his recorder. Tooi's reaction represents what every viewer thinks about that second scene.
  • To cement Enta's Butt-Monkey status in this episode, a mouse that comes out of nowhere steals his miçanga.

Episode 4: I want to connect, but you're so far away.

  • The first thing Kazuki says upon meeting Tooi in this episode: "Kidnap Azuma Sara for me, dish!"
    • And he hugs him while saying that.
    • And despite his grouchiness, Tooi agrees.
  • Tooi blushing at how Kazuki eats soba.
  • Kazuki's overall calmness and excitement as he explains to Tooi his plan to kidnap Sara.
  • During the fight scene, there's a brief cutaway to the boys in their small whirling disk. That's not abnormal, usually this is used for a mid-battle comment. This time? They're all slurping down soba.
  • In the gang Chikai was previously in, there was one particular member whose only role in the show is to make high-pitched seagull crows and silly Kung-Fu poses in the background.
  • While Enta freaks out after learning Tooi's secret of killing a man, Kazuki just quietly watches in the background, eating cucumbers with Keppi.
    • Also, Kazuki and Keppi's reaction when Tooi cuts their cucumbers into thin slices in the blink of an eye.
  • Enta crawling on all fours upside-down.

Episode 5: I want to be connected, but I can't be forgiven.

  • Tooi bludgeoning Sara's manager with a cucumber before tying him up and locking him in a cubicle without his pants, which flies out of the window.
  • How was Sara convinced to follow Tooi? She saw him holding a cucumber.
    • And then, Tooi's various failed attempts to lock her up. His latest try involved him putting her in a magician's cabinet and stabbing multiple swords into it. And she escapes that too.
  • Enta grappling with Sara's manager, when the latter escaped and tried to expose Kazuki.
Enta: You exhibitionist pervert!

Episode 6: I want to connect, so I'm not giving up.

  • Kazuki being overly-enthusiastic about being a kappa is both hilarious and sad.
Tooi: He's finally lost it...
  • The sumo match between Kazuki and Enta.
  • Enta having yet another fantasy, this time of Kazuki playing soccer again and asking Enta to pass the ball. Cue his return to reality, and when Enta passes the ball to Kazuki, it just misses and hits the wall behind him before rolling back.
  • Reo throwing Nyantarou over the wall.
  • Keppi's various shapes throughout the episode.
    • A judge for sumo matches.
    • A hoop.
    • A pole-dancer.
    • A telephone.
    • A parachute, twice.
    • For some reason, he walks with elongated legs for a while.
    • A ball.
    • Lastly, he is covered in bandages after having to rescue Haruka.

Episode 7: I want to connect, but I want to betray.

  • Even though it's supposed to be a sad scene, face Mabu makes when eating broccoli is pretty hilarious.
  • Enta's expression after tripping and falling.
  • Tooi hosing Kazuki and Enta with what must be cold water since Kazuki is seen doing a weird jig as he's being sprayed.
  • Keppi and Sara's date. They go around marking statues with stickers that either read "This is a frog" or "This is a Kappa".
  • The silly song Keppi sings when he returns to his post after his date with Sara.
    • And for some reason, his legs were unnaturally long and he was crawling like a spider.
  • Enta gets turned into a Kappa first because he said something that sounded like "frog".
  • The Ball Zombie. That is all.
Enta: I get it. He just wants to become a soccer ball so he can be kicked by his loved one.
  • The identity of the one who vandalized the soccer place: Enta, wearing a hokkamuri.
    • And he behaves in such an over-the-top criminal-like way.
    • He retains that personality as he stole the Dishes.

Episode 8: I want to connect, but we will never meet again.

  • Enta and Chikai's interactions.
    • Sneaking around Asakusa to evade the police.
    • Chikai fondly speaking about Tooi, who Enta definitely knew and was not happy to hear about him.
    • Hanging out at Hanayashiki Amusement Park and eating ice cream together.
    • Enta falling ungracefully over a fence, while Chikai landed perfectly earlier.
  • Enta made some pretty hilarious expressions too. Examples include:
    • The big-mouthed face he makes when he realized the blue miçanga Kazuki wore was initially Tooi's.
    • His terrified expression when Chikai literally kicks him without hesitation at the gang boss who had a sword out to kill him.
  • Reo also had some good moments.
    • His wide-eyed look when he tastes Mabu's ningyoyaki.
    Reo: ...It's half-baked.
    • The lack of care he has for his own duties as a policeman. In fact, he is so bad at his job, he chooses to kill a gang boss rather than disarm and arrest him normally.
    • The unhinged expression he makes when he steals the Dishes.

     Sarazanmai SNS 

  • Keppi orders the boys to scout out Sushizanmai, which was having a Sarazanmai event. Only Enta goes.
    • During his visit, Enta complains on the SNS that he got a Tooi lunchmat.
    Enta: Failed at lunchmats...
    Tooi: I'm gonna kill you.
    • Then, it turns out Enta got only Tooi lunchmats, three in fact, which he wants to trade all for two Kazukis and one of himself.
    Tooi: Oi.
    • Later, Kazuki responds that he will go to Sushizanmai, and if he gets Enta's lunchmat, he'll give it to Enta.
  • Keppi asks how much do Enta and Tooi know about Kazuki.
    Tooi: I don't know and I don't care.
    • Enta lists out everything he knows about Kazuki, including his birthday. The former later asks if the latter remembers his birthday. Kazuki leaves him on read. In the end, out of pity, Tooi decided to ask.
  • Keppi's second order: Visit the mini Animate Cafe that is currently selling and advertising Sarazanmai. This time, it is Kazuki and Tooi that go. Enta is left behind.
    • Enta's reaction to Kazuki's photos.
    Kazuki: (Photo of cafe wall decorated with Sarazanmai screencaps)
    Enta: Wow! It really is amazing!
    Kazuki: (Photo of Keppi cookie)
    Enta: It's Keppi!
    Kazuki: (Selfie of himself, with Tooi in the background)
    Enta: Eh
  • The boys have to go see the Kunihiko Ikuhara Exhibition.
    Enta: ...Who's Ikuhara Kunihiko?
    Kazuki: Ah. In our world you wouldn't know.
    Tooi: Hey, stop it. Don’t go further into that.
    Kazuki: Ikuhara Kunihiko is the director who created us. From our setting to our actions, they’re from the director’s thoughts...
    Tooi: Hey! Its stabbing time! The afternoon meeting is over.
    • According to Kazuki, Tooi considered getting into the human-sized version of Keppi's rickshaw.
  • Kazuki and Enta go sing karaoke. Some highlights include:
    • Kazuki changing into his Sara costume to perform Houkago Kappa.
    Tooi: You don’t need to do that.
    • "Kawausoiya" was played six times in a row.
    Tooi: You guys did too much “Soiya”
    Kazuki: Its because for “Houkago Kappa” I have to get prepared as Sara
    • Kazuki and Enta trying to get Tooi to text "Soiya!" too.
    Tooi: I'm not saying it.
  • There was a Sarazanmai quiz going on, where Sarazanmai posters with questions were put up at various train stations. Keppi tells the boys to participate, and they didn't even complete the first one.
Kazuki: Ugh, whatever! I dunno!
Enta: It's up to you, Kuji!
Tooi: (Responds with a "smash your dish" sticker)

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