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  • While Nadeshiko's getting over her cold, she sends Rin navigational advice via texts. Eventually, Rin notices a few texts that don't sound like Nadeshiko, and asks what's going on. "Nadeshiko" then reveals that she's actually Chiaki, and claims that she's kidnapped Nadeshiko, demanding that Rin agree to navigate according to her guidance. She then sends a picture of herself holding Nadeshiko hostage with a paper fan, while Nadeshiko has a sign saying "Help me, Rin-chan!"
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  • After the OEC is introduced to Toba-sensei, they take a picture of her and draw a hood and some bottles with a pen, helping them realize that she's none other than the drunk woman Nadeshiko met while camping.
  • At the Christmas camp, when Nadeshiko and Rin return from the bath, the other girls all have their hairs tied into buns. Nadeshiko wants to join them, so Saitou obliges... and ties Nadeshiko's hair into the shape of a cactus. Nadeshiko is blissfully oblivious to the prank that was pulled on her, while the others (including Rin) are struggling not to laugh.
  • Dozing off at one point, Rin has a dream where she can hear what the trees and animals are saying during one camping trip, when includes a group of pine cones screaming in agony when she uses them for a campfire.
  • During Chiaki, Aoi and Ena's trip to Lake Yamanaka, Chiaki notices that Ena is sitting on the ground and offers her one of the two chairs she was using as a hammock, prompting Aoi to remark that Chiaki's a nice person after all. She then decides to share photos of their trip with Nadeshiko and Rin, who have work that day, prompting Aoi to remark that Chiaki's "evil" after all.
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  • Akari spends much of the Izu trip thinking that a "tombolo" is something you eat. She's not happy when she learns the truth after crossing the tombolo.

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