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  • Manabe's reaction to finding out that Haruka can read his thoughts.
  • One way Manabe uses to get Haruka's attention is to deliberately think of her in erotic situations.
  • The way Yuriko "recruits" Haruka into the ESP Research Society in episode 2.
  • Manabe asks if anyone in the ESP club room has seen Haruka, he's told to ask the girl in the box.
  • This exchange in the third episode as the ESP club is splitting up to go home.
    Mifune: Okay, Manabe, make sure you see Kotoura home.
    Manabe: *salutes* Roger!
    Daichi: ...and no making a move on her once you get her home.
    * beat*
    Kotoura: Hey! Aren't you going to respond?!
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  • In the third episode, when Manabe finds out that Haruka plans to cook for him, we get a far shot of him rocketing up literally several stories in the air with a loud whoop and odd sound effects. A few minutes later when they part ways, Manabe is still thinking about Haruka. The shot lingers on Haruka until suddenly the sound of Manabe whooping and rocketing into the air again is heard off screen and Haruka flinches.
  • Also in the third episode, Dai'chi's teasing of Haruka by thinking "he always wanted to dissect a psychic", followed by mental imagery of Haruka tied to a bed while Dai'chi hovers over her menacingly with various sharp objects. This nets him being tied up by Manabe and Yuriko when they come in.
    • Later in the same scene, he still continues to be a little obnoxious to Haruka, so Yuriko ups the ante a bit and starts spinning him so fast he becomes a blur.
    Dai'Chi: (while spinning) Make... it... stop!
  • When Manabe gets in an argument with Kotoura's grandfather over their perverted fantasies of Kotoura, it shows that they are Not So Different.
  • The entire sequence where Manabe and the ESP Club "capture" Kotoura in Episode 4.
  • In episode 5, whenever Haruka gets happy, she rolls around on the floor like a madman and crashes into a pile of cardboard boxes which fall down on her.
    • Also, the whole MORI! thing. The promotional ad Moritani's family did to promote the dojo has them making a weird pose with Hiyori in the center. Imagining Hiyori saying MORI! in that ad makes Haruka spit-laugh for the rest of the series. Manabe does it on purpose in episode 5 just to mess with Haruka when consoling a crying Hiyori.
    • Played Up to Eleven the first time this happens, within the first few minutes of the episode. It flashes "Kotoura-san: The End" over the screen when the boxes fall on her, implying she was crushed.
    • Hiyori's recruitment is as hilarious as Haruka's, especially the moment after Yuriko presses her to know what her special ability is.
      Haruka: Hey Hey! What's your astonishing ability? I wanna see!
      Manabe: Ability! Ability! (Haruka joins in and says it with him) Ability! Ability! Ability!...
      Hiyori: (with Cross-Popping Veins and in thought) They both know perfectly well... Jerks!!!
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    • The entire "training montage", which is basically a compilation of Kotoura repeatedly failing at increasingly outlandish training methods.
  • Episode 6: When the club is discussing bathing suits and other plans for the upcoming summer vacation, Kotoura reads Manabe's mind.
    Swimsuits. Boobs. Butt.
    Swimsuits. Boobs. Butt.
  • Also from episode 6, Manabe comes to Kotoura's rescue in a boat. He rows the boat at Up to Eleven speeds and stops on a dime right next to her.
    • The reason she goes out far enough from shore to require rescue is another moment of gold, seen here.
  • In episode 7, Manabe and Moritani wound getting drunk over the latter cooking. Scenes include Manabe calling Kotuora a pervert for seeing him in his skippys (despite the fact he's the one who got undressed), Hiyori commenting that if Kotuora likes seeing nudity that much then she'll strip as well, followed by flashing Kotuora and hitting on her as Manabe is lovingly hugging a vase. All the while, poor Kotuora is trying to keep a lid on the whole situation.
    • Dai-chi's comments take the cake though:
    "You know, since she can make food like that from normal, every day ingredients, I'd say she's the bigger supernatural phenomenon here."
  • In Episode 8, Manabe gives her a birthday gift of a silver locket. He tells her that he's even found the perfect picture for it. When she opens it, there's a picture of hunky model (or Manabe?), naked from the waist up with a rose in his teeth. Kotuora is rather nonplussed by this, taking the picture out and folding it in half with her fingers.
    Manabe: (in refer to to picture)"He'll always be watching out for you, Kotuora."
  • Haruka's truly amazing singing in Episodes 3 and 12 - amazingly bad, that is. This is even funnier when you realize that this was not a mistake on Hisako Kanemoto's part!
  • How could anyone forget the scene where Kotoura first reads Manabe's mind? You know, the one with that purple...thing.
  • The beginning of the third episode, when Manabe and Haruka enter the classroom and see that their classmates have drawn an Umbrella of Togetherness on the blackboard with their names on it (after he had confessed his love for her the previous day in front of nearly the whole class). Manabe immediately objects... because they forgot to add pink hearts to the drawing. The boys in the class start bowing to him in apology.


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