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Spoilers Off applies to all Funny pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • The episode where they investigate Ayano's school for paranormal activity. Ayano was pranked with so badly she actually broke down crying...then Kazuma caught the culprit in 2 seconds flat.
  • "I wish they'd stop being so stand-offish with each other. Maybe if we get lucky they'll make a mistake tonight." Said by her father as the two mains are out on a date. Ren's reaction is priceless.
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  • When Ayano was looking for Kazuma in his hotel when Ren texted her that he's with his older brother, a mysterious culprit sliced the hotel in half which dropped on her thinking that Kazuma was underestimating her. It's a miracle she survived without a scratch.
  • The Hot Springs Episode, in which Juugo has an Imagine Spot where he pictures Kazuma and Ayano becoming close, a curtain pulls and we see a bed in the background. Later, Juugo learns that Kazuma's father has gone to that exact same resort, sparking the exact same Imagine Spot, up until the zoom out to the bed, which is instead a wrestling ring.
    • Also from the Hot Springs Episode, Kazuma and Genma getting into a rapid-fire fistfight every time they meet. Complete with implications that maybe, FINALLY, they might develop some respect for each other. As would be the typical shonen trend. It doesn't happen.
  • Pretty much every time Kazuma avoids Ayano's Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male attack and returns it by mercilessly teasing her. It's just hilarious that we FINALLY see girls have a little bit of payback for all the anime where guys get hit for no reason on a daily basis.
  • When Kazuma accepted Tania's request to grab a treasure stolen by the Tsuwabuki family and reveals he's been waiting for a long time to destroy them.
    Tania: Um...all I'm asking is for you to retrieve the treasure...
    Kazuma: *Evil Laugh*
    Tania: *Whimpers*

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