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The standard reaction to hearing Mako Mankanshoku's speeches for the first time.
As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.
Due to the surreal, merciless, and silly nature of the show and the people who put in production on said show, Kill la Kill has only a single word to describe most of its moments: HA!
Episode 1
  • The first shot we see of Mako Mankanshoku is of her sleeping on her desk with a giant Snot Bubble.
    • Seen again when she falls asleep after sneakily eating her lunch behind a textbook, right after her introduction to Ryuko in class. Even more so because she does all this in less than 15 seconds.
      Ryuko: She's asleep already?
  • As mentioned on the Awesome page, Ira Gamagoori chasing after a student in the opening by jumping out of a window and laughing maniacally all the way down.
  • When Ryuko beats up his buddies, what do Mataro and his gang do? They all line up and grovel in front of her. Mataro even proudly proclaims that they are really good at sucking up to stronger people. The beatdown Mataro receives from his sister Mako afterwards is also quite hilarious as Mako proceeds to put him through a variety of wrestling holds. On that note, after a run-in with such a pair of nutty siblings, Ryuko is left wondering what kind of a place she's arrived in.
    Mataro: I ain't got time for institutionalized learning, you dumbass! I'ma be a baller! A BALLER!!!
    Mako: Dumb little jerk. (smiles at Ryuko) Sorry about that! Are you—? (Tram bell!) AAAAAHHH! I'm gonna be late! Wait up!
    (Ryuko watches Mako take off after her ride.)
    Mako: Lemme on, lemme on, lemme on, please! Lemme on, pleeeeease! (gets on as the tram rolls off-screen) Oh! I got on. Yay!
    Ryuko (confused): (turns to the camera) ...what the hell?
  • Honnouji Academy's school bell is an air raid siren. This is what we hear seconds before Mako attempts to catch her new "bestie" with a flying hug.
    Mako: Oh, Ryukooooooooo~!
    (Mako misses, rolls across the ground, and crashes into a trash can.)
    • Later on, when they're walking out of school, Mako still has a banana peel from said trash can on her head.
    • Later, Mako uses the same banana peel as a microphone when she assumes that Ryuko plays guitar, based on the guitar case (actually the case for her scissor-blade sword) that she carries around.
  • There's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment during the part where Ryuko calls out Satsuki where one of the male students in the back can clearly be seen copping a feel of an oblivious female student.
  • Mako's complete obliviousness to what exactly is going on.
    • During Ryuko's first fight, when she runs away after getting beaten by Takaharu, Mako asks Ryuko if she's already going home as if nothing had happened.
    • When she herself is tied up upside down and about to be executed, Mako proclaims that she's in a pinch because everyone will see her panties if she keeps hanging like she is. More importantly, she forgot to wear her sexy panties that day.
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    • When the deep-fryer she will be dunked in is brought out, Mako's main worry is that all the oil would cause her uniform to become transparent. Lampshaded by Sanageyama who comments that she either has a lot of resolve, or is an idiot.
    • Ryuko carrying and setting down Mako like she's a plank of wood before boxing Takaharu, complete with appropriate sound effects.
    • Mako commenting that she didn't know that Ryuko knew how to box too when the latter was simply standing there and shrugging off hits from Takaharu. Made even funnier by the fact that everyone prior to that was commenting about how Ryuko had a super powered Sailor Fuku.
  • The ring girl in Ryuko and Takaharu's fight somehow always gets hit by Takaharu's opening attack. You can see she's missing a few teeth when she starts Round 2.
  • Takaharu declaring he will strip to make the fight even, and Ryuko freaking out before he reveals he meant removing the coverings on his gloves.
  • Mataro commenting about how awesome Ryuko is with her new super powered Sailor Fuku, only to then add that the "view" (up her skirt) is amazing as well.
  • Ryuko's Luminescent Blush throughout the entire fight with Takaharu since she knows just how Stripperiffic her suit is.
  • Satsuki's loyal servants attempt to protect her from Takaharu's body flying at her, but a spray of blood still manages to land on her face. They all react in horror from the slightest bit of a stain ending up on their leader.

Episode 2

  • The whole introductory scene for Mako's family counts, from her dad being mistaken for a pervert, to her mom saying that Ryuko could beat up on her dad and brother if it made her feel better.
    Sukuyo: [cheerfully] If beating the bejesus out of my hubby or Mataro makes you feel better, then you just go right on ahead!
    • The dinner scene and Ryuko's comically horrified expression throughout its entirety.
    • Guts the dog is a crowning moment of funny every time he appears.
  • Mako talking to Ryuko while she suffers a barrage of tennis balls. That she seems to shrug it off like it was nothing despite the increasing amount of bruises and swelling is what makes it.
  • When Aikuro says he's going to take Ryuko's blood, the normally hardened badass Ryuko suddenly and briefly turns into a scared preschooler about to get her first shot. The way she puffs up her cheeks right after getting pricked is simply adorable; Imaishi even considers it his favorite expression for Ryuko.
    • Aikuro starts stripping for no reason in the middle of his information dump. Made better by how the more clothes he takes off, the more the room becomes filled with blinding light.
    • Made even funnier by the fact that Ryuko is wearing nothing but a blanket that is slowly slipping off her. The best part, Ryuko can't move due to the acupuncture points that Mikisugi hit. The look on Ryuko's face as soon as it starts to slip is priceless.
  • Senketsu's transformation as seen from the outside makes it pretty clear why Transformation Is a Free Action for her.
    Omiko: That looks both painful and embarassing, you masochistic exhibitionist!
    Ryuko: Bite me! I'm not an exhibitionist!
    • In the English dub:
      Omiko: Ooh, that looks painful and embarrassing, you masochistic stripper!
      Ryuko: Oh, bite me! I'm not a stripper!
  • Mako's explanation of why Ryuko "won", complete with random poses.
    Mako: Ryuko won! She won! She won, and I can prove it! If Ryuko hadn't stepped in and saved me yesterday, I'd totally be dead right now! So even though technically she lost the match, because of friendship, she totally won! Everyone on the planet knows that when you win at friendship, you win at life! But if you guys are gonna cheat, you leave her no choice! Ryuko will win! Even in tennis! Even in tennis! Even in tennis! SHE'LL WIN!
    • Ryuko is just as confused by this as everyone else.
    Sanageyama: ...What?
  • The way Mako tries to peek through her fingers at Ryuko when the latter gets knocked upside down into a wall, causing her panties to be shown.
  • Ryuko hitting the tennis ball so hard with her racket that the racket breaks without even moving the ball.
  • The naked Omiko being carted off after her defeat.
    • Not to mention the legions of guys ogling both her and Ryuko whenever the fight gets especially fanservice-y.
    • And then we have the scene after Omiko's Goku Uniform's been shredded. She's landed on a spike near the stands. All the boys are staring at her.

Episode 3

  • At the start of the episode, Ryuko tries following Aikuro after class, but loses sight of him. Immediately afterwards, Mako hurtles towards her as if in a dive, Ryuko grabbing her in mid-air, spinning her around several times, and then propping her up to find a message from Aikuro taped to her back.
  • The scene in the Mankanshoku household where Mako's dad and her brother (as well as their dog) are rushing to go to bed. At first, you think it's just the usual Makanshoku hijinks; then it turns out they did so simply so they could peep on Ryuko changing. It doesn't work and she gives them an epic beatdown and then ties them up in their futons.
  • As she's getting her ass handed to her by Satsuki, Senketsu tries to tell Ryuko that she hasn't truly "worn" him, leading to this great line.
    Ryuko: I'm wearin' you right now, ain't I? You're guzzlin' my blood and I'm dying of embarrassment lookin' like a hoe! What more do you want from me?!
  • Mako intervenes in the fight just as Satsuki goes for the kill... to tell Ryuko to get naked, since she has a much nicer body than her opponent.
    Mako: C'MON, RYUKO! GET NAKED! I know for a fact that you — YES, YOU! — are not inferior to Lady Satsuki! Your boobs are way bigger than hers! WAY BIGGER! I know, 'cuz I saw 'em! "That Ryuko", my family said, "She's got a great rack!" We were all talking about what a slammin' body you have! So perk up, and stop being embarrassed! Rip your clothes off and GET NAKEEEEEEEEEEEEED!
    • Her explanation also comes with the same random imagery mentioned in the previous episode. The best parts being Mako splitting into five to mime her family, one even standing in for the dog, or groping Ryuko from behind when she says she has much larger breasts than Satsuki.
    • Aikurou's reaction is the icing on the cake of funny, he's as bewildered as the audience is.
    • What really sells this moment is that it actually works.

Episode 4

  • Upon waking up, Mako lightly sees Ryuko's talk with Senketsu (who she doesn't know it is sentient) as a sign of loneliness, and pushes her towards the school while claiming that they two have a lot of friends there. Yep, the same school which is ruled by a fascist regime which has targeted Ryuko and herself. It takes Ryuko to remind her of the danger, and still it is to no avail.
    • Even more hilarious, the fact that Mako is perfectly okay with having Ryuko going to school in her pajamas as Senketsu is not available.
  • Senketsu's tortured reaction to being washed and ironed by Mako's mother, only to melt into a state of pure ecstasy as he slowly gets used to the iron.
  • Ira points out that Ryuko is still wearing her pajamas, and is busy reprimanding her for this "immortal insult"... only for Mako to appear on stage next to him (with him looking around as if asking himself, "Who is this? How the hell did she get up here?!") and point out that Ryuko just woke up, so of course she's still in her pajamas. Then she tells him that she wears pajamas with Mt. Fuji, two hawks, and three eggplants on themNote  She asks what Ira wears to bed and he states that he sleeps in the nude. The whole exchange is very bizarre and totally hilarious.
    • When Gamagoori points out he sleeps naked, a girl in the background blushes and brings a hand to her mouth just like every other Gamagoori fangirl did at that moment. If you can hear it, she even has a few words to say about it! note 
    Female Student: (gasp!) As in... naked nude? Wow... that's like... soooo... hot...!
    • Better yet, when Mako Logic Bombs him about why he shouldn't sleep naked, he seems to agree with her.
  • When Mako screams at the sight of the death-traps, her uvula is a smaller version of her head.
  • The men of the Mankanshoku family trying to get Senketsu to Ryuko, only to be distracted by a Panty Shot every time. Senketsu's reaction to the second time is especially funny.
    Senketsu: Does anyone watch where they're going around here?!
  • Amidst dozens of lethal obstacles, Mako falls for a ridiculously obvious Box-and-Stick Trap, baited with cheese, causing Ryuko to get a Pie in the Face when she tries to stop her.
    • Even worse, Mako's entire reaction is commenting to her that the pie looks delicious.
      Ryuko: Ahh?! What's a pie d—?!
      (The pie slides down and off her face.)
      Mako: Can I lick your face, Ryuko?
  • The scene where a random breastfeeding woman pulls out a tommy gun and opens fire on the group, all with a cheerful smile. Not to mention that during the journey through the condos, one of the threats they encounter is a pair of sweet-looking old ladies firing an RPG at them.
  • After Maiko's true colors are revealed, it's almost impossible not to laugh at how over-the-top evil she becomes.
  • Mako trying to convince Maiko to return Senketsu, because getting half naked is Ryuko's "only joy in life."
  • When Maiko puts on Senketsu, she looks hilariously atrocious in it due to Senketsu refusing to take proper form.
  • Senketsu promptly vomiting all of Maiko's blood after being taken off.
  • While on the platform that's rolling down to the bottom of the city, Maiko makes a grand statement about how she'll be able to die knowing that Ryuko's record is permanently marred. She throws herself off the platform and screams her loyalty for Honnouji Academy as intense music swells... only for her to active a parachute and giggle "Kidding!"
  • The ending: Ryuko and Mako make it to class on time by smashing through the wall in a cable car. Ryuko quietly steps out, calmly pulls out a desk from the rubble, and takes her seat. Funnier still, when a totally unfazed Mikisugi still asks for her attendance, she just sighs, raises her arm, and flatly says, "Present." Mako, on the other hand, falls asleep immediately.
    • Bonus points when you think about all the shit they've been through and it's only the start of the day.

Episode 5

  • Feeling refreshed thanks to Tsumugu's needles, Mako literally buys all of the food from the local store and puts it all on her father's tab, much to his horror. However, he comforts himself by saying that if he ever needs to pay it off, he could always just sell off Mataro's organs.
  • Mako and her entire family spying on Ryuko talking to Senketsu and commenting on how strange it is.
  • There's one "blink and you'll miss it" moment when Tsumugu fights the three clubs where you can see one of the gardening club members with a trowel up his ass.
  • Mako admonishing Tsumugu for trying to take Ryuko's only set of clothes, and the speech she goes into about people who only own one set of clothes.
  • Ryuko's argument with Senketsu over her weight and eating habits.

Episode 6

  • How does Mataro bribe a couple of drunks into helping him? By offering suggestive pictures of Ryuko while she's asleep.
  • While speaking about how the events of Episode 5 helped make the bond between Ryuko and Senketsu stronger, Aikuro makes his nipples glow to illustrate.
  • "Nudist. BEEEEEEEEEEEACH!" Yes, that is indeed the name of the resistance group Mikisugi is part of, but it's so absurd that Ryuko is completely unable to take it seriously and thinks he's just insulting her intelligence.
  • After getting his uniform shredded, a butt-naked Sanageyama insists he can still fight, while Mako clearly notices his bamboo sword may be compensating for something...

Episode 7

  • After the intro, Ryuko and Mako enjoy lunch... until Ryuko gets her's ruined by the president of the Knife-Throwing Club. He's defeated in a Curb-Stomp Battle and gets finished off with a Fiber Lost... and then suddenly, the President of the Nanjing Lilly Club pops up right in front of Ryuko. She looks incredibly disinterested while the president panics before immediately using Fiber Lost to defeat him. And then the President of the Tightrope Walking Club shows up—Fiber Lost. Ryuko defeats three presidents without breaking a sweat. During lunch.
    • The fact that these ultra-specific clubs exist at all leaves Ryuko totally baffled. Of course, it's justified since the presidents all split from the more conventional acrobatics club.
  • Gamagoori protests to the idea of Ryuko starting her own club, only for Satsuki to approve the club's formation. Ryuko's determination is short lived, however, as Gamagoori proceeds to unleash something not even Senketsu can protect her against: mountains of paperwork.
    Ryuko: Uh, actually, my friend Mako Mankanshoku's gonna be president.
    Mako: WHAAAAAT?!
  • When Mako dozes off during the club president meeting, Gamagoori responds by whipping her in the face.
  • The fact that Mako's family INSTANTLY becomes rich jerks upon reaching two-star is a bit hilarious.
    Ryuko: You're not gonna even try to stop her?! (gets tied up by Mako's chains)
    Barazou: Sorry 'bout this Ryuko, but we'd be crazy to walk away from this lifestyle!
    Sukuyo: Don't worry hun, we'll tip a 40 to your memory!
    Ryuko: Huh?!!
  • Sure the scene itself is emotional, but it's a bit hard to take Mako sobbing over nearly killing her friend seriously with her comedically over-sized tears. They're so huge they almost immediately make a puddle.
  • When Mako throws the fight with Ryuko, this results in her deliberately throwing off her Goku Uniform to let Ryuko slice it up. This, predictably, leaves her in just her underwear. Amusing, but following that, her family join her in her Heel Realization and run down into the crater Mako had made with her Goku Uniform powered-punch to join them, and call themselves out on what they did while apologizing profusely...while also taking off their fancy clothes and leaving themselves in their underwear as well.
    • Their choice of words (in the English Dub) are amusing as well, especially since they are undressing while saying it.
      Barazou: I'm a greedy no-good bastard! I hate myself!
      Sukuyo: I behaved horribly! It'll never happen again!
      Mataro: I'm a greedy son-of-a-bitch! No offense Mom!
  • The name of Satsuki's competition to reorganize the school's hierarchy is "Naturals Election", as in "Natural Selection". Social Darwinism at its finest.

Episode 8

  • When the entire school is thrown into a massive free-for-all, the Elite Four walk calmly through the chaos, Offhand Backhand-ing anyone who gets too close. You'd expect this from Sanageyama and Gamagoori (the school's swordmaster and absolutely massive enforcer, respectively), but even Inumuta (who has the classic "tall and very skinny" Geek Physique) and Jakuzure (who is literally the shortest character in the series) get a few hits in.
  • Mako singing a cheerful song about a trip to Hell while Gamagoori drives them to the gas station.
    Gamagoori: Matoi, make her stop that God-awful singing.
    Ryuko: Hey, when she's on a roll, no one can make her stop.
  • Gamagoori's driving. He tries to dodge an enemy pursuit by spinning his car. You can probably guess what happens next.
    • What's better is that Gamagoori sounds genuinely surprised, while Ryuko is not.
      Gamagoori: We're out of control!
    • After they've crashed, Mako is somehow buried waist-deep in the deployed airbag, right next to Gamagoori's head.
    • Comes off as a bit of a Brick Joke, when earlier the other Elite Four members find out he has a car, and Nonon wonders if he just got his license.
  • Ryuko's confusion and discomfort at Gamagoori's blatantly sexual cries of "Punish me more!" and "I've been a bad boy!"
  • When Gamagoori reveals that he's actually twenty, Mako says that explains his "old man face".
  • Gamagoori is probably talking about his Goku Uniform and its property of increasing its defensive power the more it's struck. Probably. Maybe?
    Gamagoori: The more I'm punished, the more my hardness towers mighty and strong!
    Mako: He's a pervert with an old man face...

Episode 9

  • Ryuko and Gamagoori step out onto the arena, both raring to fight, their ultimate battle at hand... and Gamagoori doesn't make a move. Why? Because their match won't start for another four hours.
  • When Mako's family hears that Ryuko's battle against the Elite Four will be televised, Mako's father tells Mataro to steal a TV for them. Turns out Mataro had already stolen a TV beforehand, but it doesn't work. It takes them ten seconds of them taking it apart, feeling around inside, and even sticking their heads into the frame to find out it's empty.
  • When Ryuko is hanging from her suspenders, thus revealing her breasts, Mako gets a nosebleed!
  • Uzu complaining about the fight order. Turns out, it was determined by how many kills the Student Council members got during the week. "What? I beat too many small fries?!" It's totally in-character, and yet hilarious.
  • Mikisugi hits Mako with a pressure point, freezing her in place to the point she blends in to the background and only when released becomes a Conspicuously Light Patch again.
  • When the fight between Ryuko and Gamagoori begins, they transform and dramatic music starts playing. And she just glares at him like a delinquent, until the music stops, wind starts blowing instead, and Gamagoori asks her why she isn't doing anything, just like Ryuko asked him four hours earlier.
  • Partway through the fight, Ryuko tries to use her finishing move against Gamagoori, complete with on-screen subtitle and dramatic pose. Gamagoori then uses the damage to power up, shattering the subtitle in the process.
  • This episode has some of the better quotes in the series.
    • "Oh, blow it out your ass, you bondage-loving tool!"
  • Just when you thought this episode couldn't possibly get any more brazen with its sexual innuendo, Gamagoori unleashes his "Ultimate Whip of Love" attack. It's an incredibly thick whip that shoots out from between his legs.

Episode 10

  • Inumuta typing all over his skin-tight bodysuit in ridiculous poses.
  • "That's what happens when you rely on your eyes." "Yeah, just like a certain somebody!"
  • Inumuta and Gamagoori in the bleachers, with Mako caught in-between two very angry powerhouses.
  • Satsuki being an Evil Overlord since kindergarten. Just for the extra hilarity, she stands atop a jungle gym (with her signature blinding backlight!) to tower over the other children while making her speech.
  • For fans of Monty Python, Nonon's entrance into the arena is this. That music she's conducting during her Transformation Sequence previously accompanied Conrad Poohs and his Dancing Teeth!
  • How do you fight an invisible enemy? Get really reckless, and attack everywhere at once, so evasion is impossible. Inumuta defeated, head in the ground, is just hilarious.
  • It's pretty funny how the one to explain Inumuta's Invisibility is Gamagoori, the biggest, loudest, and hammiest character in the show.
    Gamagoori: "He did not vanish! This is OPTICAL CAMOUFLAGE!"
  • Inumuta's utter Oh, Crap! face when Ryuko figures out how to hit him, even though he is completely invisible: Make Senketsu swell so large that he can slap the entire arena at once! Ryuko even lampshades how this was just Crazy Enough to Work!
  • Ryuko's incredulity at how Nonon's Symphony Regalia Grave / Presto forms count as a "uniform".
    • Especially the part when the giant Presto form fires a giant flute missile.

Episode 11

  • Jakuzure's Oh, Crap! moment when Ryuko takes one of her flute missiles and throws it right at her face. This doesn't take though, as Jakuzure returns soon after for round two.
  • Ryuko's trash-talking while repelling Nonon's Beam-O-War.
    "Wish I could hear what you're playing. Then again, I bet it sounds like ASS!"
  • Inumuta stays pretty calm and collected following his defeat at Ryuko's hands. The moment Mako bumps his laptop by accident, however, he completely flips his shit and threatens to kill her. In the next shot, he can be seen petting the laptop, like he's trying to comfort it.
    • There's also him dramatically unzipping his collar and taking a deep breath before delivering a wave of exposition.
  • Jakuzure joining Gamagoori and Inumuta in the stands. Inumuta sarcastically thanks her for data while Jakuzure threatens to replace his lenses with non-prescription ones. He files it under "Snide Remarks."
  • Nui's arrival in the Ryuko/Uzu Rematch. As the two charge towards each other, she literally drops out of the sky between them, sporting a big dumb grin. Even better if you can watch it frame-by-frame, which shows Ryuko and Uzu's animations going completely bonkers for a second.
    • Speaking of Nui Harime she can interact with the medium itself by leaning on her own intro subtitles and touching Satsuki's hair through Split Screens.
      • The moment Nui touches Satsuki's hair, it briefly cuts back to Jakuzure and Gamagoori, who look like they're about to rip out Nui's throat for having the gall to touch Satsuki.
    • Nui's "fight" with Sanageyama has her comically popping in front of him as he prepares to strike her down with a Finishing Move, only to freeze as she pokes his armor with her pinky. She then pulls out its Banshi, turning the Goku Uniform into confetti, then pokes him with her parasol, sending him flying out of the ring. She does all of this while sporting a cute, goofy smile, before saying "Oopsie, he fell! Oh well..." It's both funny and awesome.
  • Mako cheering for Ryuko on Gamagoori's shoulders, prompting him to loudly claim that she's heavy.
    • And then we see how angry Gamagoori is, his foot hitting the ground with the power and frequency of a jackhammer.

Episode 12

  • The fact that unlike Gamagoori, Inumuta, and Jakuzure, Sanageyama stays completely naked after he loses. Just before Gamagoori finishes his line, you can also see Inumuta keeping his gaze straight ahead, while Jakuzure is pointedly averting her gaze.
    Gamagoori: Sanageyama... you... should put some clothes on.
  • Mako revealing that her dad steals his patients' blood to sell for profit.
    Mako: Wait, Ryuko! You're wasting your blood! It's worth good money, you know!
  • Nui chases Tsumugu into the school, only to barge right into a hall spammed full of booby trap bombs. Her massive pigtails just... wilt a bit.
  • Mako's wake-up slap becomes one. First it's an awesome moment, then it's a Moment of Heartwarming, then a funny moment before devolving into a hilarious Overly Long Gag of Mako literally beating the power out of Ryuko!

Episode 13

  • Mako shows her knowledge of the Kansai Region to Aikuro. She fails. Spectacularly. Aikuro wonders how the hell she ended up getting this far in the educational system.
  • The effects of the special energizing croquettes: everyone runs so much they turn into butter.
  • Gamagoori forcing Mako to do manual labour for illegal soapbox activities, culminating in her being conscripted for the war.
  • Shinjiro Nagita greets Mako at school after coming out of a bathroom the girl's room. Even more hilarious is how casually Mako returns the greeting while two other girls just stare at him in horror. It's so hilarious, you may just overlook the Foreshadowing that he's really Nui Harime in disguise.
    • Nagita hamming it up at Mako's house, with much passionate Percussive Therapy, and the poor teacups suffering as a result.
    • Also, him interrupting Ryuko and Senketsu's heartfelt reflection time twice, by popping up at her window and shouting.
    • In a way, the fact that Nagita was really Nui all along just makes "his" antics even funnier, since it seems Nui is something of a method actor and goes very deep into character, even if that means having to bear several indignities and have several weird interactions with Mako and her family.

Episode 14

  • Anything to do with the beef armor.
  • Mako realizes Kaneo's armed his men with guns that shoot Takarada Conglomerate bonds, then stands right in front of a student's sub-machine-gun, ordering him to send her to heaven so she can get money to buy some takoyaki at Osaka's "victory roadnote  of food".
    Mako: It's gonna suck so bad if I came all this way and all I got to do was hand these stupid balls off. Huh?! Oh my God! (Halleluja) It's the symbol Osaka! A street vendor selling jumbo takoyaki! It's not a trip to Osaka if I didn't get to eat some! Ahh! I don't have nay money! I was forced to come here and now I'm here and I don't even know why I'm here! I didn't bring any money because I didn't bring my wallet and now I'm here and I'm broke! Geez! I wish there was someone throwing money around! No. Way! I found a guy shooting money out a gun!
    Guy: Hahaha! Step right up for a one-way ticket to Hell!
    Mako: Actually, I'd like a one-way ticket to Heaven, please! Go on, shoot! C'mon, shoot me! Nothing can keep me from getting what I want when there's something I really really want, so shoot me!
    Guy: Get away from me! (Fires his money-gun)
    Mako: (Catches money out of the air with her hands) Thanks!
    Guy: What the Hell...?
  • Mikisugi's retirement... which he demonstrates by ripping off his clothing in front of Mataro, who just stares at him in shock and horror, wondering what's going on.
  • The School Raid Disciplinary Division attack using their "ironclad" rules, booklets that are, indeed, strong as steel. It does not end well for the American Football Team.
    American Football Team: Let's go! (struck with rule booklets) Oh my God!
  • Gamagoori Ira, who in the previous episodes was more sedated, makes up for it with a vengeance in this episode as he hams it up to the heavens and beyond. As does pretty much everyone else.

Episode 15

Episode 16

  • The episode starts with Senketsu narrating the beginning of a Recap Episode... then he zips through fifteen episodes worth of story in under a minute. He then pretty much admits the whole scene was a big, fat middle finger to all Recap Episodes before letting the story continue where it left off. All set to the tune of "Infernal Galop".
    • "I'm Kamui Senketsu, and I love, I love being ironed and I'm a sentient sailor uniform!"
  • Mako and Senketsu shake themselves dry after swimming to Nudist Beach's underwater hideout; the latter does so while Ryuko is standing totally still.
  • Right before Aikuro dives into the water, he shouts out (with a thick accent, no less) "Let's...SKINNY DIVING!" in English.
    • Before this, Mako makes a speech about going with the group because she's Ryuko's friend, claiming she'll stay with her through thick and thin, and Ryuko seems touched by her words. The next thing we see is Aikuro, Mako, and Tsumugu all in a comical dive-ready pose.
    • As Aikuro turns to explain to Ryuko why they're diving into the river, a very recognizable Colonel Sanders statue is visible floating in the water behind him.
  • When she hears that Ryuko's dad founded Nudist Beach, Mako has an Imagine Spot where he's surrounded by naked women, laughing gleefully and getting a nosebleed. And it's not just any Imagine Spot; the camera actually zooms through her eyes and straight into her brain to show this imagery.
    • Made even funnier by Ryuko appearing in the corner of such Imagine Spot commenting on its improbability. That's right, Ryuko can now see into Mako's brain, much to the former's shock and joy. Ryuko then comments how she isn't exactly happy about it.
    • The imagine spot itself is funny because according to Ryuko (and as was seen in a flashback), her father was a very serious man of science. To have him have a perverted grin (and nosebleed) while surrounded with beautiful naked women is just too funny.
  • After learning that Senketsu is made from an alien life form, Mako briefly turns into a xenomorph (with a croquette in her mouth).
  • When Mikisugi introduces the other Nudist Beach members to Ryuko, you can see Mako in the background, ogling all the members individually.
    • Mako also seems to practise the Nudist Beach salute in one scene. Is she preparing for the moment when she'll have the resolve to get naked?
  • A bit meta, but it's humorous that the only lecture Aikuro's given that Mako hasn't fallen asleep in is his explanation of Life Fibers. Then again, it's a more interesting topic than the rise of Hitler, and he's in his mostly-naked sexy form.
  • Nui suddenly pops up again, as the pilot of Satsuki's helicopter. When questioned why she's there, Nui replies that she does whatever she wants, and that nobody can stop her.
  • When tensions build up at the end of the episode, Mako comments on how nasty everything is, attempting to calm down by eating a snack... only to find the snack just as nasty. The final shot is of an intense stare-off with Mako off to the side with her tongue out in disgust.

Episode 17

  • Mako breaks up the conflict between Tsumugu and Ryuko with a long-winded spiel about how Ryuko should put her clothes back on because only her most precious person (i.e. Senketsu) should see a girl's naked body. Even better, Senketsu concurs:
  • The Mankanshokus confronting Gamagoori. Highlights include the stack of increasingly ludicrous subtitles, the Art Shift and ensuing Mood Whiplash, and Gamagoori's sarcastic remark about how "even the dog introduces itself."
  • There is something hilarious in the way the wacky but mostly mature and competent Mikisugi pouts and insists on calling his mini-mecha DTR instead of Dotonbori Robo.
  • "Go and hide! I'll give you snacks!", and Mako immediately complies.
  • The only reason Mataro wasn't snared in the trap was because he'd sold off the fancy clothing and used body-paint instead. His father wishes he'd thought of that idea.

Episode 18

  • There's a Call-Back to the first episode when Mako throws herself at her family, lands head-first on the ground, bounces, then crashes into her dad (leaving him with Amusing Injuries).
    • The Mankanshokus completely ignore the battle for the future of mankind and start a picnic with the souvenirs Mako brought home from Osaka.
    • When Mako was told by Gamagoori to evacuate the civilians, she started by telling them "Please run away!" through a megaphone, when that didn't work she used said Osakan souvenirs as bait to lure the zombified civilians away from the battle.
  • The Kiryuin butler, Kuroido, being hog tied, ball gagged and locked up in a storage room in his underwear.
  • Nui has a couple of gems:
    • "When a lady changes her underwear, she leaves the past behind her!"
    • "Optical camouflage is so computer geek! It's totally creepy, you know!"
  • When Jakuzure attacks Nui with her sound waves, the other three Elite Four members are caught in the blast and thoroughly toasted. Nui then pops out of her Impact Silhouette in the side of the arena without a smudge of dirt on her and still grinning cheekily like something out of Looney Tunes.
  • The fact that Ryuko breaks free of the Life Fiber's mind control thread with her red highlight.

Episode 19

  • Barazo screams in terror after examining the zombified person absorbed by COVERS and so does his uvula.
  • The mere existence of the Northern Kanto Gang Leader Alliance.
  • After Nonon's kick ass reveal in her Nudist Beach clothing, Mataro is gawking at her, with Nonon either not noticing or caring.
  • Mikisugi strongly prefers the name "DTR" to "Dotonbori Robo" for his mecha. He even types it out in huge block capitals on Inumuta's computer screen when the latter claims it's not important.
  • Gamagoori felt rather proud about his new Anti-COVERS toy. Then Ryuko woke up and slaughtered all the COVERS in under 5 seconds. The look of disappointment on Gamagoori's face was priceless.
  • Gamagoori blushing and trying to avert his eyes from a nude Mako after rescuing her from COVERS. Nonon, being Nonon, needles him for his apparent attraction to Mako and Gamagoori, being Gamagoori, loudly denies it.
  • After being rescued from COVERS, Mako struggles to put on the Nudist Beach "uniform," which are just a couple of holsters. The complete disgust on Nonon's face as she watches Mako unable to dress herself sells the scene.
  • Guts and the volley of Funny Background Events he provides.
  • Sukuyo repeatedly staring transfixed at Aikuro's junk during what is otherwise an emotionally charged, moving scene.
  • Mikisugi's labcoat casually falling off in slow motion in the middle of a conversation. He also enters the sick bay to inquire after Ryuko's health surrounded by pink light and striking an inappropriately sexy pose. Also, as the camera pans to give more of a view of his crotch, Sukuyo's gaze wanders in the direction of his privates.

Episode 20

  • Aikuro Mikisugi was a constant source of humor in this episode.
    • First there's him landing flat on the ground and just lying there after Ryuko cut his D.T.R. in half.
    • Not finishing his sentence till his crotch started glowing.
    • Saying that in order to explain something he would have to take his underwear off, to which Nonon tells him he'd better not and calls him a pervert (or in the dub, "Just kill me now...").
    • The resigned "God Dammit" Face he makes when Ryuko destroys two NB helicopters.
  • Senketsu talks about going to Honnouji to find Ryuko, only to realize that he's talking to himself since no one else can hear him.
    • When Mako asks Senketsu if he wants to go to Honnouji, he cries into her arms, believing she can understand him. Then Mako admits she can't and Senketsu goes flaccid.
      Senketsu: Ugh, I knew it.
  • Sanageyama quoting that famous line "The enemy is at Honnouji" and Inumata and Jakuzure scolding him for saying something so cliché.
    • In the dub, he says "It's laundry day at Honnouji!" and they scold him for hogging the Pre-Asskicking One-Liner they planned to do together.
  • Ryuko's entrance to the academy is both awesome and hilarious, starting with a cable car flying into the yard. When some of the COVERS go to investigate it, Ryuko bursts out, still riding the gigantic motorcycle she used to get there.
  • Quite dark humour, but after hacking into the security cameras and seeing Satsuki imprisoned, Gamagoori (who was so surprised he put his head through the ceiling out of shock) preserves her modesty by covering the screen with his hand and yelling at everyone not to look. This prompts Sanageyama, who's, ya know, blind, to ask what's going on.
    Aikuro: They've got her chained up. Naked.
    Sanageyama: Naked? In chains?! The hell does that mean?!
  • Takarada's back.

Episode 21

  • Mikisugi claims to be impressed that Mako could remember Satsuki's message and relay it to the Elite Four. In response Mako holds up her hands, which are covered in notes and diagrams Satsuki drew for her. Mikisugi then turns his respect to Satsuki, who thought of every detail.
    Mikisugi: My god, she thought of everything!
  • After a brief run-up, Mako throws herself off the Naked Sun's turret, soars majestically almost the length of the entire ship, only to miss her intended target (Ryuko) and land on her face again.
    • Then when Mako begins her usual spotlight speech, she's still a bit dazed and it takes her a moment to get into the starting pose. The accompanying "Hallelujah" sound effect is equally distorted and miserable.
  • When Senketsu and Mako invade Ryuko's memories, Mako punches a door so hard it causes the handle to fly across the church and hit Ryuko's groom on the head, making him topple over like a mannequin.
    • Memory-Ryuko keeps trying to throw Mako off of her, but Mako is having none of it and keeps doing rebound-glomps.
  • After the Elite Four manage to combine their attacks and corner Ryuko with the Vacuum Fist, Inumuta holds up his hand for a high-five from Iori. Iori returns it very enthusiastically. Dude has been WANTING that high-five.
  • The subtle yet enormous relish with which Inumuta pushes the Big Red Button.
  • The second ED was hardly ever appropriate to the situation, but playing it immediately after a raw, severely bloodied, and still-profusely-bleeding Ryuko announces she had to tear off Junketsu or else never wear Senketsu again just takes it that one step further.

Episode 22

  • The first thing Ryuko does in this episode? Complain about how much pain she's in, then chastise herself for causing it.
  • "I'm not your springboard!"/"Don't hopscotch on me!"
  • Mako demonstrates again that she can't dress herself, wearing her No-Star uniform completely backwards (see: upside-down).
  • Senketsu's hilariously exaggerated bawling. Ryuko then complains his tears makes wearing him uncomfortable. Which only makes the crying worse.
  • Junketsu (or what's left of it) trying to limp away from Ryuko's fight with Nui, only to be pinned in place by Satsuki.
  • The fact that Hououmaru is able to remain completely calm and straight-faced while explaining Ragyo's plan to a seriously pissed off Nui is oddly hilarious. Oh, and Rei keeps speaking in a perfectly calm and normal voice while Nui's blood is spraying into her face like a busted hydrant.
    • Her rescue of Nui herself is also actually pretty funny, as she dramatically hangs upside down from the rope ladder and proceeds to grab Nui's giant twin tails in order to get her out of the mess she's in.
  • Tsumugu tries to sound cool by telling Satsuki that she has already become a Nudist at heart, to which Satsuki stares at him for a second before continuing talking with Iori like he never said anything.
    • In the dub, his intent in the same but he outright asks her if she wants to get naked. Her lack of response is, if anything, even funnier.
  • Strays into black humor, but Nui's reaction to Ryuko cutting off her arms was to say, "Do you have any idea how much my arms are worth?! I'm the Grand Couturier, dammit!" For that matter, the cutting away of the arms is hilarious in the first place. There's a blur of motion, a few moments of silence, and then a very underwhelming "pop" as they come off.
    • The English dub's dialogue addition to her Freak Out (compared to the original just plain screaming) just sells the deal as well.
    • What makes this better is that instead of just falling off and landing with a thud, her arms actually float away from her body with no additional movement. Similar to how Nui herself moves, which makes it all the sweeter.
    • Following this scene, Nui boasts that her arms can grow back to normal... then her arms just die. Ryuko crushing said arms under her heel (with a bitingly sarcastic "Oops! (dub)/Take that. (sub)" then later "Oops again! (dub)/And that. (sub)" and Nui's increasingly mortified Oh, Crap! face just seals the deal.
    • Both of Ryuko's responses to Nui's exclamation of "Do you have any idea how valuable my arms are?! I'm the Grand Couturier!".
      Ryuko (sub): ...that's exactly why I cut them off.
      Ryuko (dub): That's why I chopped em' off, dipshit.
    • Ryuko's whole attitude toward Nui is hilarious, since in the previous episodes she had hated her with a passion and was obsessed with revenge... but now she's just simply done with Nui's shit and, taking a page out of Satsuki's book, treats her as the pathetic annoyance she truly is rather than a legit arch-enemy.
  • When Ryuko prepares to give chase to the retreating Nui, she hops in the air and assumes the position for Senketsu Shippu... only for Senketsu to not comply (on the grounds that she's too drained), resulting in her dropping face-first onto the deck.
  • Satsuki prepares to take a full-power punch from Ryuko... only for Gamagoori to step in and take it for her without her consent. For the first time, we see the normally cool and collected Satsuki display a "what the hell" face.
    • Ryuko tries again, and this time Sanageyama steps in and takes it. Satsuki is still visibly surprised.
    • Gamagoori then chastises Ryuko for not trying to hit Satsuki harder with his face still scrunched in.
    • The complete 180 just shows how far Satsuki and the Elite Four have come. Remember in the first episode when the Elite Four immediately flew in front of Satsuki just to block a bit of blood spatter? Now they're saying that Satsuki is more than strong enough to withstand a full-power punch from Ryuko!
      Ryuko: Oh my God, what's with you people?!
      Gamagoori: Is that the best you can do, Matoi?!
      Ryuko: What?!
      Gamagoori: Did you put everything you had into that punch? Because it didn't feel like it!
      Ryuko: Yeah, of course I did!
      Gamagoori: *scoffs* Huh, if you did, then why are we still alive?
      Sanageyama: He's right! If you really hit us full-force, it should killed us.
      Ryuko: I pulled my punches because you dorks got in the way!
      Gamagoori: That's no excuse! It shouldn't matter who gets in you way! Such lack of commitment proves you are not worthy to punch Lady Satsuki!
  • Uzu makes another lame pun, and Nonon once again responds with complete disgust. Uzu then threatens to turn her into soup.
    • Houka then adds his own konjac pun in a completely deadpan manner. Or in the dub, telling them to Get a Room!, and that he just had to say it at some point.
  • Doubles as a crowning moment of heartwarming — the whole croquette party, and after that, a very embarrassed Ryuko struggling to call Satsuki "nee-san" (big sister).
  • During the dinner scene, one can see that Gamagoori's croquettes, and only his, all have smiley faces on them. Smiley Mako faces.
    • And you can add the fact that he is looking at Mako, or at least in her direction, to the list. It's sort of cute, really.
    • Another fun thing from the dinner scene (and harder to notice because Gamagoori is hogging all of our attention); it appears that Jakuzure was stealing croquettes from Inumuta's plate.
    • Most of the croquettes look pretty questionable, but poor Tsumugu managed to end up with one containing an entire crab.
  • Aikuro's dumbfounded reaction to Satsuki calling him "Mr. Mikisugi".
  • Inumuta taking his blasé attitude to a new level by neglecting to mention there were missiles headed straight for them until said missiles were moments away from impact.
  • When under attack from the COVERS, the Elite Four immediately arm themselves with the Emergency Rescue Suction Devices. The tiny Jakuzure can barely pick up one, while the massive Gamagoori picks up nine simultaneously, and even calls it the "Nonuple-Mount Emergency Suction Device"!

Episode 23

  • When Iori is explaining the disparity in Mako's strength with and without her Goku Uniform, the computer display first shows several values, all reading "0000". When it recalculates her strength with the Goku Uniform, all of the values jump up to "9999"... except her head, which remains at "0000".
  • Mako eating her mom's croquettes for energy whilst repelling the COVERS attacking the Naked Sun.
  • Inumuta keeping in character by hanging up on his fellow Elite Four members with a casual "Anyway we're busy, see you later", much to their protests.
  • When overwhelmed by COVERS, Mako still begins her spotlight speech, albeit in a pained fashion just like Episode 22. This time, it consists of motivating herself to defend the ship despite her injuries, even holding a miniature Naked Sun and talking in her sleep to a ghostly apparition of Ryuko.
    Mako: "The Ryuko in my heart said so! Even now, she's beckoning me from across the river!"
  • Even after Sanageyama regains his sight, he still can't drink hot tea, which Jakuzure needles him for.
  • Aikuro bending over with his glowing crotch pointed directly at Soroi's face. The latter seems utterly bewildered.
  • Nui abruptly gatecrashes the second ED.
    • Most of Nui's comically evil expressions, including growing a hundred feet tall and looming over the school grounds, pointing at her foes with her pigtail, and then parodying a shot from The End of Evangelion.
    • Not only that, but once Shinra-Koketsu appears, Nui tells Rei to put the finishing touches, to which she calmly agrees. Cue her getting absorbed into Shinra-Koketsu right afterwards.
  • Ragyo caps the episode off by taking Fashion Victim Villainy to heights once thought unreachable.
  • Fight Club President Mako one-upping Gamagoori's ridiculous nine-wielding from the 22nd episode by 999-wielding those devices. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • Guts' only memorable appearance was to give the viewers an extended shot of his behind, then let one rip.
  • The preview for episode 24 basically hangs a lampshade over how most of the final episodes for Gainax anime tend to go. They have Senketsu narrating that the conclusion of the sisters depends on the production team's effort, as well as cheering for Trigger to not lose... most likely to their budget.
    • Then the post-series production interview comes out, and it comes to light that the "battle" the studio was fighting wasn't a depleted money situation or a crackpot writer trying to make an incomprehensible or unsatisfying ending: the last episode just plain wasn't even made yet. When the drawers finally stopped procrastinating and pulled double duty to actually complete their own contract, they only wrapped up barely 14 hours before their due time.
  • The fact that the turbines that power the Naked Sun are actually human sized hamster wheels.
    • Mako makes the wheel spin so fast that the Naked Sun rockets out of the water towards the Primordial Life Fiber, where it literally runs into Ryuko. Ryuko asks Mako what's going on and Mako is so overjoyed with seeing Ryuko again (she thought Ryuko had died) that she forgets to keep running... and so we see a split-screen of Ryuko watching on flabbergasted as Mako gets caught in the spin.
    • Ryuko's first instinct on being hit from behind by the Naked Sun is to assume (correctly) that Mako had something to do with it.
  • At the end, Mako recharged herself on her family's croquettes to the point of getting a Balloon Belly, which then visibly deflates back to normal in under ten seconds. Off to the side, Mataro is staring at this process with a mix of intrigue and 'How the hell is Sis doing that!?'.

Episode 24

  • The One-Stars being human platforms for the Elite Four, as well as their "strategy" of bodily ramming into the Transmitter, which sends them flying off everywhere.
  • Mako translates Iori's Techno Babble into digestible layman terms.
    Iori: It's the High Velocity Life Fiber Jammer. It spins tiny Life Fibers at high speed to—
    Mako: It's a big, rubber barrier!
  • Sanageyama rushing ahead to destroy the tower, failing, and getting flak for it.
  • When Shinra-Koketsu cancels everyone's transformations because of Rei's presence, Nui proudly points at her masterpiece from various directions with a rather weary and mad, yet cute, smile.
    "(whispering) There she is! Don't wake her up!"
  • Despite happening during Gamagoori's supposed death, watching Mako's eyes tear up and then spurt water like a fire hose is strangely amusing.
    • The creators may not have had this meaning in mind, but she's literally crying OVER his body.
  • Tsumugu and Aikuro combine their DTRs to combat Ragyo, only to suffer a One-Hit KO. What makes it funny is that Aikuro lets out an insanely loud and girly scream while Tsumugu lets out a deep and gruff yell.
  • Gamagoori's Badass Boast to Nui, where he grows bigger and bigger with every other word, culminating in him tossing Nui over his head like a sack of potatoes.
  • The... sound Ragyo makes when Senketsu goes Giga Drill Breaker on her. It isn't so much in surprise as more of a protest. Like, "Did that seriously just happen?"
    • Following this, Rei is pushed out of the Kamui by the attack, and just... falls and hits a pillar.
  • Combined with a Moment of Awesome, Gamagoori returns to join the assault of the Transmitting Tower... by falling from the sky like he did in the first episode. He claims Nui only gave him a flesh wound and that he's fine. Nonon then points out that he was definitely unconscious just now.
  • The destruction of the Transmitting Tower; instead of a loud explosion, we hear a soft pop like a champagne cork.
  • After Ragyo flies into space, Ryuko hops up and down a couple times yelling, "Get back here!"
  • The satellite that is about to cover the world in Life Fibers looks like a giant pair of lips. The top of its antenna is even shaped like lipstick.
  • The look of bewilderment that appears on Ragyo's face just before Ryuko attacks her in space.
  • During Ryuko's speech about people and clothing during her confrontation with Ragyo in space, Ragyo interrupts her by asking what the hell she's on about... with accompanying red text reading "WHAT'S THIS NONSENSICAL GARBAGE?!" This continues throughout their whole conversation.
  • Combined with a CMOA and CMOH, Satsuki running like a madwoman towards a falling Ryuko while screaming her name. Followed by everyone catching her. Made better by the fact that, throughout this sequence, everyone's butt naked.
    • Made even funnier when you realize that it's completely normal by the standards of this series.
  • Mako interrupting Ryuko's decision to go into space after Ragyo to ask her on a date after the battle, in one final Hallelujah Spotlight.
    • There's even a Brick Joke wherein we finally get to see her Hawk-Eggplant-Fuji pyjamas!
      Satsuki: We're counting on you [Ryuko]. For mankind's surviva-
      Mako: For girls' fashion!
    • The credits reveal that she not only gets the date, she convinced Satsuki to come too. With the Elite Four following them at a distance.
      • And Gamagoori holding a bouquet of flowers, with the other three implied to be helping him ask Mako out.
      • It happens during the date but when Ryuko, Mako, and Satsuki take a picture together, for a split-second, Satsuki is blushing!
      • Mako is shown with a huge backpack full of snacks, just like during the raid on Osaka.
  • At the end, there's a wide shot of pretty much the entire cast and school attendees, completely naked. No one gives a damn about the last part — except for Omiko.
    • It then cuts to Aikuro and Tsumugu talking, who have a pretty amusing conversation.
      Aikuro: As for us Nudist Beachers, this wraps up our mission.
      Tsumugu: Thank God, I miss my pants.
  • During the scene of Life Fibers activating around the world, someone in New York can be heard yelling, "Aww, you've gotta be shitting me!"

Episode 25

  • Everyone's faces when it looks like Satsuki has become evil, especially Gamagoori.
  • After the reveal of the Shadow Elite Four, everyone yells at Inumuta for an explanation.
  • Mako makes the Final Defense Apparatus (which is the entire school in the form of a giant robot) do her signature pose while she's being forced to power it. Plus, her usual epiphany is upside down, due to her being tied up as such.
  • Tsumugu arrives in time to bring weapons for the Elite Four... which consist of custom made DTRs for each of them. All four of them are incredibly put-off, but decide to use them anyway. Then they ditch them midway through the fight when Inumuta discovers they can be remote controlled. Aikuro, who made the DTRs, gets rather upset at this.
    Aikuro: But they look cooler with a pilot!!
    Tsumugu: We're in these just because you think it looks cool?! You asshole!!
    • Aikuro talking about the DTRs in general is hilarious.
      Aikuro: We brought some special toys for you Elites too! Saddle your custom-Elite DTRs! We made these for the final battle against Ragyo, but they were never used BECAUSE YOU GUYS HATED THEM SO MUCH!
  • The Elite Four all defeat their past selves in suitably awesome ways, bypassing their defenses and delivering the killing blow. How does Inumuta defeat his duplicate? By pushing the off switch on the back of its neck. And then clocking it with a Tailor's Dagger made of keyboards..
    Inumuta: And, smash! (sub) Pwned. (dub)
  • Nonon asking why her double has such an obnoxious and annoying voice.
  • Mako gets lured into a trap by a trail of cheese again.
  • In a Blink-and-You-Miss-It moment right as Ryuko turns the second half of her Sword Scissors into a blade larger than the mecha school, the main cast is shown right underneath. The look of pure shock and WTF on their faces is priceless.



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