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  • Shion's little screaming fit in the first episode, Nezumi teasing him about it, and Shion's subsequent blushing in embarrassment.
  • The look of absolute glee on Shion's face as he readies a syringe and prepares to perform surgery on Nezumi's injured arm.
  • Shion excitedly asking Nezumi, who has him pinned to the ground and is threatening him, how he managed to do so.
  • That incredibly awkward moment where Safu asks Shion to give her his sperm.
    Safu: [Matter-of-factly] I want to have sex with you. (Beat) Immediately.
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  • In chapter 17 Inukashi's complaints about having to take care of a baby.
  • In episode 4 Nezumi brings over one of his rats while visiting Shion at work. He then learns that Shion named him.
    Nezumi: Dude! Don't name my rats!
  • Rikiga freaking out over Cravat. He's surrounded by dogs ready to tear out his throat at Inukashi's word and has just pissed said Inukashi off and what is he scared of? A teeny tiny mouse.
    • "Aaaaaaah, my booze!"
  • The Oh, Crap! moment in episode 5 when Nezumi realized Shion was in the audience and then that smirk before he gets really into his role.
  • The audio commentary of the original cast and crew is pure gold. If they aren't talking completely off topic, annoying the producers or laughing themselves silly over moments that shouldn't be funny, Hosoya-san is swooning over how hot and/or sexy Nezumi - his own character - is in completely inappropriate scenes, Kaji-san randomly breaks into song and Kei-chan makes weird sound effects while everyone wonders what the hell happened to the Hosoya-san who was exactly like Nezumi they knew in the recording booth in between. And that's only the first five episodes.
    Shindou Kei: I was sitting there and thought about how much Hosoya-san resembles Nezumi and in exactly that moment I heard a squeak to my right.

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