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Heartwarming / No. 6

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  • In episode 5, Shion explains that nothing scared him more than the thought of losing Nezumi.
  • Nezumi sending a message to Shion's mother, letting her know that Shion is safe.
    • And another one after that, promising to reunite the two of them.
  • Karan (little girl from West Block) wearing a very familiar-looking lilac sweater in the anime. Apparently Nezumi gave it to her after growing out of it.
    • Nezumi must have kept it for a while after growing out of it before giving it to Karan. She didn't believe he had ever worn it. Awww.
    • It's small, but the way Nezumi affectionately ribs Shion for showing her so much kindness because she has the same name as his mother.
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  • Nezumi and Shion sharing how much they've grown through knowing one another. And making up as the sun rises. After they've exchanged punches to the face. D'awww!
  • Shion's "good-night" kiss to Nezumi in episode 7.
  • Nezumi wrapping up Shion in a blanket with him to protect him in episode 9 and him protecting Shion from an attack.
  • Shion's mother running after Shion when the walls surrounding No. 6 have fallen. She finally gets to see her son again.
  • Nezumi's "good-bye" kiss to Shion at the end of episode 11. Also, a tearjerker.
  • In chapter 1 of the manga Nezumi and Shion fall asleep in this adorable position. They also hold hands while laying on the same bed in episode 1.
  • In chapter 17 Shion threatens to snap after he sees a lot of people get killed but Nezumi grabs him and tells him not to. In response, Shion looks at Nezumi and thinks "This is where my heart is. Proof...that I am human. I was human when he stole my heart, and human when I longed to stay by his side...Nezumi...I...I want to stay human!"

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