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Episode One:

  • After we learn that [ ] or Blank is nothing more than two NEETs, we learn that Sora and Shiro each control two characters. When Shiro wants to sleep, she makes Sora control all four characters. Two of them using his feet, he obviously doesn't want to, saying if she does sleep, everyone, by which he means "me" will die, he then just does it anyway. He still wins.
  • After Shiro and Sora say they think reality is a bad game, they land in Disboard, and say that Reality has finally crashed.
    Sora: Sis...I've always thought life was just an impossible game for masochists,'s finally bugged out!

Episode Two:

  • Stephanie fighting against herself. Because of Sora's command of "fall in love with me", her brain started to get all messed up. She starts to bash her head on walls and floor to snap herself out of it. Once she even broke the floor alongside with her head.
    • She even does a "WRRRYYYYYY!!!" sound and pose the moment she bash her head upon seeing Sora in his new outfit.
  • Sora when he understood that he wasted his favor, and then apologizing to Shiro.
    Shiro: You said you didn't need a girlfriend. You said all you needed was me.
    "Sora does a small jump, then rolls into a groveling position in front of Shiro"
    Sora: IT WAS JUST A TOUGH FRONT! I'M SO SORRY! I mean, I can't go after my own sister! Plus, you're like, Eleven! I'm a healthy young man, you know! I've got sexual needs, and sexual needs, and sexual needs, AND EVEN SEXUAL NEEDS!!
    Shiro: You said it four times...

Episode Three:

  • Sora interrupts the coronation ceremony with an Ace Attorney reference, complete with an Objection!, music from the game, and even a guy that looks conspicuously like the Judge.
    • And they do it again in the next episode when the siblings argue over who gets to be the official king/queen.
    • There are also characters looking like Godot, Edgeworth and Manfred Von Karma in one of the initial shots of the audience.
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  • Sora and Shiro reject Kurami's surrender proposal even though the terms are sound and advantageous, throwing in a Jojos Bizarre Adventure Art Shift while they're at it.
    Sora (later accompanied by Shiro): BUT I REFUSE! You know one of the things Blank loves best? Telling people "No!" and shutting them down when they think they've already won the game! Then tell them they can go screw themselves!
    Sora: [giddily] Number four on our list of things we always wanted to say someday! Sweet! We did it!
    Shiro: Yeah! We're so awesome!
  • Sora declares that there is only one truly righteous and unchanging virtue in the world, "CUTENESS! Cute makes right!" Then he holds up his little sister as an example.
  • Sora changing a turn-based game into an RTS through a Rousing Speech involving, among the "Cute makes right!" declaration and other things, promising free sex. Then he uses his knowledge of Romance Games to gain an advantage in chess.

Episode Four:

Episode Five:

Episode 6:

  • Upon learning that Sora has a tablet full of books from Earth, Jibril proceeds to drool all over it.
    • Just before that, Jibril tries to intimidate Sora by comparing the value of her library to her own life and asking him what he would bet her in exchange. The ominous music in the anime version builds up to Sora betting his own life... only for him to bet the 40,000 books stored digitally in his tablet instead, causing Jibril to Spit Take her tea all over Shiro's face before going full fangirl over the idea of that many books from another world.
  • Jibril decides to check whether Sora is actually from another world by checking his erogenous zone. Sora agrees on the condition that he can touch hers. Jibril only touches Sora's nipples, Sora only gets to touch her wings.
  • Jibril summoning a whirlwind to lift up Stephanie's shirt, giving the siblings many opportunities for Panty Shots. Much to Stephanie's objection.
  • Sora invoking Barbie Doll Anatomy in order to see the girls naked. Again, much to Stephanie's objection.

Episode 7:

  • The bath scene at the beginning. With Jibril attempting to *ahem* "examine" Sora and Shiro's bodies and Stephanie's exasperation at having grown accustomed to the craziness.
  • Stephanie making a HUGE plate of doughnuts and denying that she made them out of love.
  • Stephanie's flashback to her grandfather:
    Young!Stephanie: Grandfather, what is this key for?
    The Former King: It's the key to where I keep something very important.
    Young!Stephanie: I know about that! I heard men collect books they can't show to other people.
    The Former King: No, that's another key...Wait, no!
    • Later, Sora thinks exactly the same when he gets it.

Episode 8

  • Sora arranging a meeting with the Eastern Federation's ambassador by waving to him from the palace. It's miles and miles away and he treats it like a mundane activity.
  • The siblings Cuteness Proximity around Izuna "a pretty girl with animal ears" and her enjoying it.
    • This causes Ino to angrily warn the siblings not to do that but they STILL do it on Izuna's behalf since she mentions that the way they pet her is much better than his.
  • The way Sora determines that the Warbeasts cannot read minds: dueling for panties.

Episode 9

  • Shiro groping Steph as thanks for believing her about Sora (also, to confirm that Sora was the one she fell in love with).
  • At the end of the episode, Sora, Shiro, Kurami and Feel all break down into Tears of Joy while Steph and Jibril just look on confused.

Episode 10

  • Steph makes the reasonable observation that Feel could get in trouble for trying to end slavery in Elven Gard. Sora is surprised... that Steph actually understood what was being discussed.
  • When Steph gets the topic back on track, Feel has a hilariously blunt description of her opinion of her people.
    Feel: [cheerfully] I've already though this through and I'm okay with anything so long as Kurami doesn't get hurt. I honestly don't care in the slightest what happens to my family or that kingdom, because they're a bunch of stuck-up pricks who can all die and rot in hell. [giggles and does a "Silly Me" Gesture]
    Steph: [Blue with Shock] Wow, Feel, that's a bit harsh, don'cha think?
  • Sora divulging Kurami's secrets, such as being insecure about her bust size. Feel unintentionally verifies it as well, causing further embarrassment. Then, without looking, he deduces that she used Feel's magic to create an illusion, which leads to her pouting and her breasts deflating to their natural size.
  • Kurami tries to deny that she's ever cried, when the viewers have already seen two instances of her breaking down in tears in Episodes 4 and 9, the former of which is shown to the viewer as Kurami continues screaming objections.
  • Sora and Kurami teasing each other with lines taken from the other's memory. Kurami wins.
  • At the end of the episode, as they prepare to enter the virtual world that the warbeasts are setting their game in, Sora seems extremely confident and even cocky, due to being Crazy-Prepared and having as much help as possible to catch their opponents in case they cheat. Then the game world they're in turns out to be outside in the city of Tokyo. Being extreme shut-ins, everything Sora and Shiro planned immediately goes down the drain as they start to panic at being outdoors. Sora even hilariously apologizes that they're going to lose, undermining everything he just set up.
  • Feel has an immediate dislike of Jibril because of another incident that happened in the Great War. It turns out Jibril fell from the sky because of Elvengard's anti-flight magic, got a bump on the head, and decided to nuke that area of Elvengard to kingdom come because of it.
    Jibril: I don't see how you can blame me if I accidentally let you all die.
    Sora: Judge! The defendant, Jibril, is guilty!
    Jibril: Why?!

Episode 11

  • The entire "Love or Loved 2" opening sequence is chock full of clichés, topped by Inu's hammy narration and Izuna's cute singing.
  • After Inu mentioned that "the one who is shot will temporarily become the love slave of the one firing that shot", Shiro immediately shoots Sora. Not long after, Jibril shoots Shiro because she wanted to know what a Love Triangle and NTR felt like. She's turned on by it.
    Jibril: So this is the "love triangle" and "NTR" I saw in my master's books! I don't even possess the emotion of love, but somehow it excites me!
    • On cue everyone in front of the screens gets the Sweat Drop.
  • Sora uses Steph to test the bouncing properties of the bullets by tricking Steph into shooting herself. She falls in love with her own reflection and is abandoned as the others move out. She later tries to get revenge, only for Sora to effortlessly shoot off everything but her undergarments and for Jibril to shoot her directly.
  • Sora attempts to exploit Clothing Damage to shoot off an NPC's panties. He succeeds, but the NPC ends up disappearing before anything R-rated can be shown, much to the ire of Sora and the audience. He latter succeeds in shooting off another NPC's bra.
    Kurami: I give up on this race. It's full of morons.

Episode 12

  • After being forced into a tie during the coin toss game, Miko still wonders why Sora decided to make both races winners. Cue him going on an epic rant about how he wants to preserve his animal girl paradise.
    Sora: Why would I destroy my animal girl paradise? It's a race filled with ultimate pretty animals like Izuna! Why the hell would I want to destroy a treasure like that? [The kanji for "Cute Makes Absolute Right" then appears, followed by a heart in which is written "Kemomimi Love"]
    Shiro: Nii, you're too passionate.
    • Also, right after the coin lands on its side, Ino quietly utters, "You've gotta be shitting me."


  • One of the specials has Kurami try to clean and dry her clothes, but struggles to due to how the area is damp, so Feel comes along and suggests that she wears something else for a change. What follows is a long string of trolling by Feel as she plays dress-up with Kurami, stuffing her in various sexy-cute outfits while claiming those are totally not just for Fanservice (though it does involve one lolita outfit with boots that genuinely suits her). Then, once she's had her fun, she just uses her magic to dry Kurami's regular clothes like it's nothing. Kurami understandably becomes very angry about it


Volume 4

  • After learning that Dhampyrs make their targets sick after sucking their blood plus a suggestion that they can live on body fluids of the others, Sora, along with 2 months of pent up manly desires, instantly thinks of Semen as an alternative.
  • During their games with Miko, the gamer siblings always make two demands. The first is relevant to the process of integrating Elchea and the Eastern Union into a multi-racial federation. The second is petting Miko, which she enjoys immensely but tries her hardest not to show.
  • Sora and Shiro decline Plum's initial request to help out the Dhampyrs. So, in retaliation, Plum tells every Warbeast in the area about the duo's petting skills. It takes an order from Miko (which they had to request for after a game) in order to get them to go away.
  • In the dating sim, Ino gets down on his hands and knees to try to win over the Queen, and remains in a Pose of Supplication for forty days, with the narration frequently reminding us that he's still at the gate, on his knees, eventually shortening it to "Ino was still- you know."

Volume 5:

  • In order to get a swarm of Flugels off their tail and collect their katakana, Sora strips off their clothing. However, since Flugels have no sense of shame, it doesn't slow them down in the slightest. So Sora is forced to use another word to force another group of Flugels to fondle their breasts. Shiro is not pleased.
    • His excuse for doing so? "The will of the cosmos". Shiro wastes no time in calling his outrageous lie.
  • Plum provides several funny moments during the game of tag:
    • Shifting rapidly from hysterical panic to happy determination whenever Sora offers his sweat as fuel.
    • Classifying the siblings method of communication and avoiding the Flugels "bullshitology".
    • The fact that, for the entirety of the high-speed game that involves much cunning and epic action, Plum is a scarf that's licking Sora's neck and back.
  • The entire resolution to the Seirens' game. Words would ruin the hilarity of it.

Volume 6 / The Big Damn Movie:

  • Tet got bored and ended up taking the form of an Imanity to see the outside world. However, he forgot that he needs to eat. He ends up collapsing on the ground and being discovered by Izuna, poking him with a stick.
  • Tet starts telling Izuna about Riku's first meeting with Shuvi. Shuvi attacks him and strips off all his clothing and items...and then asks for him to have sex with her. The way Tet troll Izuna with the story is a hilarious on its own.
    Tet: Then, Riku-dono who fell down——
    Izuna: NYAHHHHHHHH~~~~~~AHHHH!!
    Tet: Kiss, then she said "Nii, I can't resist it anymore, turn me into a woman"~☆
    Izuna: No, wasn't he chopped up? Des.
    Tet: Oh, I said his items and clothing were chopped up, Riku-dono was un☆harmed~
    Izuna, for the first time since she was born.....wanted to beat up a man.
  • At their first chess game, Schwi declares that the stakes: if she wins then Riku will "take this unit home and procreation shall occur", and if he wins then he will "take this unit home and procreation shall occur".
  • Schwi's lack of knowledge about human society and Exact Words leads to several Innocent Innuendo moments. For instance, it takes but half a day for Couronne to think that they're lovers. Very kinky lovers:
    Couronne: Riku? You awake? I know you're tired, but if you don't mind... [opens door, sees Riku and Schwi together in bed] Oh! Sorry! [closes door]
    Riku: Do you mind if I ask you why you're sitting there straddling me?
    Schwi: Riku, you instructed me to stay where you could see me.
    Riku: I only meant for you to stay nearby.
    Schwi: Question: if I am not in your line of sight, can you see me?
    Couronne: [opens door for a bit] Is this some sort of role-play?
    Riku: It's not role-play!
    Couronne: It's okay, Onee-chan understands! Whenever you're done, let me know if Schwi can take a bath...
    Riku: [concerned] A bath?
    Schwi: Riku said I could show my body only to him. In that case...
    Couronne: You have her trained?!
    Riku: [Face Palm] Couronne, please just leave us alone.
  • In the movie it takes Schwi perhaps a minute to give the entire settlement the wrong idea about her and Riku.
    Couronne: [hugs Schwi] She's so cute! Who is she?
    Riku: I found her on the way back from a colony that got wiped out, she was in a...
    Couronne: So is she... [raises her pinkie] your wife?
    Schwi: [copies gesture] His wife?
    Riku: Uh...
    Couronne: [playfully elbows Riku in the ribs] Oh, come on! Don't be shy! [blushes] Your first priority should be having kids, five or six of them preferably!
    Riku: Could you cut that out? [to Schwi] That goes for you too!
    Schwi: What does she mean?
    Riku: She doesn't mean anything.
    Couronne: What's your name?
    Schwi: I'm Schwi.
    Couronne: [hugs Schwi again] That's a lovely name. So how did you meet Riku here, anyway?
    Schwi: He kissed Schwi... and demanded that the two of us partake in procreation.
    [Beat Panel showing a bunch of people around them just frozen in their spots, staring at them, including a mother covering her son ears]
    Riku: Wait, it's not-!
    Couronne: [angry] Riku. You couldn't wait, could you? You couldn't have waited until later?! [the sound of Couronne hitting Riku can be heard from the distance]
  • Riku breaking down after Shuvi rejects his marriage proposal. Shuvi only makes it worse when she points out that he'll remain a virgin if he marries her. Then the mood does a 180 when Shuvi reveals why she rejected him.
    • The delivery in the movie is a hilarious moment on its own:
      Schwi: Why? I'm by your side right now.
      Riku: That's not what I mean, okay? I'm talking as a life partner!
      Schwi: Ex-machina cannot reproduce.
      Riku: [unhesitantly] That doesn't matter!
      Schwi: We cannot copulate either. Riku, you would always be a virgin.
      Riku: [long pause] That doesn't matter!
      Schwi: A momentary... delay...
      Riku: Ahh, come ooon… I don't caaaare… Detaiiils!
    • If Sora is indeed Riku's reincarnation, then it gets even funnier. He's been a virgin for a lot longer than eighteen years.


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