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  • Shakespeare. He quotes himself, makes ridiculous hand gestures, speaks Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe, pretends to be embarrassed when Shiroumine points out he is a trickstering bastard for sending Spartacus on a Self-Destructive Charge to Trifas and generally just reeks Crazy Is Cool and Awesome Ego.
  • Shakespeare going out of his way to buy a collection of his works from a local store.
  • Mordred yells to Shishigou about them having to sleep in a crypt, making a face "like a bellicose snapping turtle". Shishigou responds that she can have the more expensive sleeping bag.
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  • About 50% of anything Astolfo says:
    Astolfo, to the Homunculus: "Now, then... first, we have to put our heads together and think of a way to help you. Oh, I would definitely suggest against leaving it entirely for me to decide. For no man can show as much a lack of restraint as I, Astolfo!"
  • Mordred flipping the middle finger after defeating Adam. This is sadly bowdlerised in the anime, however, where she turns a thumbs up into a thumbs down instead.
  • When Sieg and Jeanne are staying at Serge's house near the beginning of the story, Serge thinks they're an eloping young couple. That night they sleep on the same bed...and both fall off. Unfortunately Adapted Out in the anime.


  • Episode 1:
    • Flat calling Shisigou "Go Lion".
      • Ironically funny given that Shisigou's Servant is Mordred, whose father (Saber Artoria) has a thing for lions.
  • Episode 2:
    • Astolfo's interacting with the other Servants of Black, suggesting that they all introduce each other since they will be allies from that point forward. His interaction with Frankenstein in particular is hilarious, due to her finding him annoying. When he attempts to give her the affectionate nickname "Fran-chan", she growls in protest.
    • Shakespeare's first scene is him demanding a horse from Shirou and Semiramis as Berserker of Red has charged the Yggdmillennia's castle. When asked why Berserker did this, Shakespeare just gives a smug smile.
      • The kicker is he was actually quoting himself (or more specifically, Richard III) in asking for a horse, an apparent display of his own ego and self-importance.
  • Episode 3:
    • Astolfo carries the unconscious Homunculus over his shoulder like a sack for a minute or two before being confronted by homunculi servants searching for him under Caster's orders. When they ask Astolfo if they've seen the escaped Homunculus he plainly says no despite the fact they can clearly see their unconscious target. Even better, they simply accept this and move on after a Beat.
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    • Shisigou calls Mordred "my king". Her face is one of sheer "senpai-noticed-me" embarrassed happiness.
    • After Mordred whines about being stuck staying in a crypt, Shisigou states that if she wants she can just go out herself. She states whining that going alone is boring as she rolls on the ground. Shisigou asks if she's a kid which is doubly funny if the viewer knows that Mordred is actually mentally a child.
    • After Caules confirms Frankenstein's wish for a partner like herself, he suggests taking a homunculus in the castle as a possible partner, as they have more similarities to her. Fran's response is to throw flowers in his face.
    Caules: I guess not...
    • After surviving an attack from Karna, Jeanne sees that her luggage was torn to shreds. Leaving the beautiful, fair and dignified Servant to slump her shoulder in depression that she has to reorganize it again.
  • Episode 4:
    • Astolfo attempts to introduce himself to Berserker of Red, but the gladiator ignores it and attacks him. Astolfo complains about it, claiming he hasn't been able to do this for a long time.
  • Episode 5:
    • Astolfo is bawling over the fact that Homunculus is alive thanks to Siegfried's Heroic Sacrifice and hugging him like he's afraid he'll suddenly vanish into thin air. Jeanne eventually politely asks Astolfo to stop fawning over him so she can actually talk to him, but when Astolfo ignores her question she eventually just grabs Astolfo's face and pushes him off, causing the Rider to flip over before falling to the ground, his cape falling over his face in the process.
  • Episode 6
    • Mordred playing with a cat while Shisigou talks with El-Melloi The Second on the phone. Complete with chasing it on all fours, sticking her butt in the air, and hissing.
    • Fran unplugging Caules' computer after he leaves the room, complete with a satisfied little smile. She doesn't like to waste electricity, after all.
    • When Shisigou's magical weapons prove to have little effect on Fiore and her Bronze-Link Manipulators, what does he do? He just runs her over with a car. Running over a wheelchair bound girl is one thing, but at least she can't feel it.
  • Episode 7
    • The shocked expressions of Atlanta, Achilles and Karna as they ride in Semiramis's Hanging Gardens of Babylon are nothing short of hilarious, particularly of the former two, whose faces can only be described as "Is this really happening?"note 
    • When Astolfo notices Vlad rides a horse into battle, he complains that he's the Rider and mounted combat is supposed to be his gimmick.
  • Episode 8
  • Episode 9
  • Episode 10
    • The fearsome Jack the Ripper, amidst the remains of her most recent slaughter and with blood on her body, trying to figure out to work the cellphone her Master gave her when she gets a call.
  • Episode 13
    • While Celenike is having a mental breakdown in front of him, Astolfo just has an expression that screams This Is Gonna Suck and tells Sieg to run away now.
    • There is something darkly hilarious about Mordred passing by and decapitating Celenike and just apologizing for the disturbance, like "Yeah, sorry for the mess." In addition, her reasoning being "Dammit, you're noisy. Shut the hell up."
    • While Astolfo reels from the aftereffects of the Command Seal, and Sieg comments they were about to make a new record for the shortest interval from contract to Master murder.
    • When Mordred returns to Shishigou, he at first chided her for exposing herself too much. But when Mordred excuses herself because Celenike's existence and incompetence as a Master just pisses the hell of her off, Shishigou then quickly switches into approving her action.
  • Episode 14
    • While repairing Yggdmillennia's castle, Ruler suddenly drags Sieg away to lecture him. Caules stares at them and wonders what just happened.
    • Mordred is summoned to help the heroes fight off "Adam"...and then starts haggling with Ruler over getting Command Seals to replenish the ones Kairi used on her during the previous battles as "payment". Even more hilarious is how casual she's being while Ruler's reactions can only be described You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me!...especially since she's in the middle of straining against the golem's BFS and avoiding getting crushed to death.
  • Episode 15
    • Though it was in a serious moment, Mordred and Astolfo getting up in each other's faces after Jeanne replenishes two of Sieg's Command Spells, which Mordred deems unfair.
    Mordred: Out of my way, trash!
    Astolfo: Show some manners!
    Mordred: What'd you say?!
    • Gordes acting like a Tsundere to the Homunculi. Likewise, the Homunculus girl teasing Gordes.
  • Episode 17
    • Sieg tells Jeanne he wants to use his body to thank her for everything she's done for him. She gets embarrassed and tells him to choose his words carefully or else people will get the wrong idea, while he doesn't understand what he did wrong.
      • In the original novel, this exchange was slightly different but just as funny: Sieg wonders if Servants can get pregnant,prompting Jeanne to assume that Sieg wants to have sex with her.
  • Episode 18
    • After Jeanne encourages Sieg not to give up on humanity, Chiron interrupts the quiet moment between them. Jeanne is seen blushing, while Sieg is once again confused.
    • At the end of the episode, Shakespeare narrates the episode's end, full Lemony Narrator style, and tells the viewers to wait for the next episode. No Fourth Wall for him, indeed.
      • While this is happening, Sieg and Jeanne meet up with Astoflo, who gives the former a hug around the neck. While poor Sieg is confused, an annoyed Jeanne looks away.
      • Not to mention she wasn't aware that Astolfo was a man which meant she thought that Astolfo was a rival for Sieg's affection.
  • Episode 19
    • Jeanne freaks out after she sees Astolfo coming out of the shower and wearing absolutely nothing, even around his no-no bits. What's funnier is that she didn't know that Astolfo was a guy to begin with. She reacts exactly as you expect. Seen here.
      • Sieg and Astolfo later comment it's strange Jeanne couldn't tell he was a boy.
    • Later, Jeanne actually asks Astolfo if he has a crush on Sieg. He says if she wants Sieg, he won't stand in her way, then playfully flicks her in the forehead.
  • Episode 20
    • Shakespeare's suffering; First, Shirou uses a command spell to prevent him from turning his story to a tragedy. Later, Semiramis binds him in chains to ask him some questions, and then when he decides to make mention of her affection for Shirou she almost kills him by strangling him with said chains.
      • Why did Shirou decide to use the command seal in the first place? Because Shakespeare made him read his works, and he realized that Caster has a fondness for tragedy, so he decided to make sure he wouldn't try anything of the sort even by mistake. Caster is annoyed at the fact that having Shirou read his works blew up in his face like that.
  • Episode 21
    • After Astolfo crash landed into the Hanging Gardens after screwing its defense devices, Semiramis was prepared to finish him off, but she monologued that she couldn't believe a little girl could wreck her Garden. Poor Semiramis had no idea about Astolfo's actual gender...
  • Episode 23


  • Faye Mata noticing that Astolfo was trending... but then discovered the hard way on the actual reason of the trending (very NSFW reason), that she was left so speechless, to the point it got an entry in Know Your Meme page.
    (single tear) Both #Astolfo and #ThreeHouses are trending, and despite an OK week, I'm reminded that I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to be a voice actor for both.
    WHY IS EVERYONE SAYING OH NO (tons of dreaded sweatdrops)
    g... guys?
    oh no
    ... so... anyway... thank you for watching Fate/Apocrypha on Netflix...