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Awesome Music / Fate/Apocrypha

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  • The main theme of the series, which plays in the opening battle scene between the Red and Black Factions, does an excellent job of hyping up the viewer for the long-awaited Great Holy Grail War. It peppered all over the earliest trailer materials. It has been received well even into the final episodes—especially since it serves as a Theme Music Power-Up for nearly all the major fights of the storyline.
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  • "Knight of Rebellion", Mordred's personal theme, is an action-packed violin piece with a powerful beat that emphasizes Mordred's power and infamy as the infamous Knight of Treachery.
  • "Before Dawn", the song that plays during Chiron's and Achilles' final clash within Achilles' Duel Field. It's a powerful and climactic take on Fate/Apocrypha's main battle theme that perfectly fits the tone of the heated battle between master and pupil.
  • "Amakusa Shirou Tokisada", the Leitmotif of Shirou Kotomine and the piece the final battle between Sieg and Shirou is set to. It's a grand battle piece that emphasizes Shirou's grand dream and his antiquity when compared to his opponent.
  • The haunting and almost melancholic beginning that gradually climbs to a determined resolvement of "La Pucelle" as Jeanne activates her second Noble Phantasm, La Pucelle: The Crimson Saint, even if it means her death.