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examples from The Mobile Police

  • From episode 9: "Red Labor Landing"
    • Noa and Asuma end up having to share a hotel room while on assignment. This clearly doesn't sit well with her, and frets over it in the furo. So she waits until she thinks Asuma's asleep before entering the room to turn in. When he "awakes" and creeps toward her futon, she's clearly expecting to be groped and braces herself for the inevitable... except he completely ignores her and goes for her snack bag, causing Noa to become outraged and clock him!
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    • What makes this funnier is the ambiguity of whether she was upset over Asuma raiding her bag, or indignant that he'd choose snack food over copping a feel!
    • The end of the episode is even funnier: That snack was actually something Gotoh had asked the two for, as it's apparently a local delicacy. When he finally asks them about it... he's very dismayed to find out that the technicians had already gotten a hold of what's left of it.
  • The second half of episode 38: "Mystery Tour". Specifically:
    • Kumagami's reaction to the rat swarm and to Shinshi's wail when he and Ota catch up to them.
    • Noa swooning three times, while being chased through the sewers by a giant albino alligator!
    • The final chase sequence, period; particularly when Tadayama goes from outrunning Asuma and the others, to being left in the dust, until he sees what's behind them! It quickly becomes a mad dash for the exit, all while Kumagami's blissfully unaware, thanks to being passed out on Hiromi's back while he and the others are running for their lives!
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  • The episode where everyone gets plastered. Choose between: Asuma and Ohta's verbal fight that culminates in them going for the fitsticuffs, Shinshi's drunken rambling, and the drinking competition between Noa and Kanuka.
  • Episode 43, "The Working Girl" has reporter Momoko Sakurayama filming Noa's life for a few days. At one point, the crew films Noa asleep and mistake her murmuring Alphonse for a lover's name. Momoko tries to wake her up, but Noa started polishing her face. And the whole segment, hostage crisis and all, is preempted by a baseball game.

examples from The New Files

  • From episode 4: "Game Over"

  • From episode 12: "Two in Karuizawa"
    Shinobu: (command tone) "EYES FRONT!!"
    Gotoh: (busted) "Haaaaiiii."

    Gotoh: (dull surprise) "Are you into this sorta thing, Shinobu-san?"
    Shinobu: (defensively) "No, but you said it didn't matter so..."
    Shinobu: (changing subject) "So... um, would you like some tea?"

    • Gotoh's attempt to peek on Shinobu in while she's in the shower. After waiting a few minutes, he crawls over to the door and gently slides it open... and finds her standing there with her arms folded, clearly having expected it. His response?
    Gotoh: (deadpan) "Hey, that was sneaky."

  • Shinobu's attempt to cover the mirror over the bed! After tugging on the curtain, she crawls over to the control panel, but doesn't know which of the buttons to press. So she picks one at random causing the bed to rise off the floor and begin to spin like a merry-go-round! In her attempt to shut it off, her hand passes over all of the buttons, making the bed spin faster, and causes the lights in the room to blink on and off!
    • Gotoh, meanwhile, has no clue what's going on. By the time he steps out of the bath, she's got it under control, though clearly mortified by the experience!

  • The entirety of episode 13: "The Dungeon Again", which is a follow up to "Mystery Tour", the 38th episode of the previous series. And, like its predecessor, it's the second half that contains the funniest scenes; perhaps in the entire series! The highlights include:
    • Tadayama's message to trepassers:
    Welcome to the proving grounds of
    Children under the age of 90
    must be accompanied by parent, guardian, priest or demon
    • Kumagami faints again!
    • The various traps hidden throughout the sewers, each triggered by trip wires: including a foot snare, followed by the ceiling collapsing, a Zelda-style "locked door" room (defeat all the enemies inside!), plus, arrows hidden in the walls.
    • Special mention goes to Asuma opening a box containing a ticking time-bomb and a simple two word message: "wrong answer", then...BOOM!
    • The rescue party's reaction to finding Unoyama and the other missing mechanics alive and well... eating ramen with Tadayama. Followed by Otah's reaction!
    • The group's excitement over finding the pearls they were after... until they realize they're not pearls... they're crocodile eggs Oh sh-!
    • The return of Noa's "running gag", which Otah joins in on!
    • Asuma telling the group to split up in order to shake the crocs! Now there's three of 'em!
    Otah: (accusative) "Shinohara, you-!"
    Asuma: (running) "Bitch later! Split up and lose 'em!"
    • Which gets averted when he sees everybody's still behind him since they all ran the same way!
    • Asuma's epic faceplant at the end of the downhill segment, which ends with everyone hanging onto his legs for dear life, with the crocs waiting directly below with their gaping jaws open! ...then the pipe gives way, leading to....
    • The montage at the end which features Noa's swoon routine, while swimming frantically!
    • The conclusion: they're all still trapped in the sewers, their backs pressed against the door, with the crocs right outside, trying to get in!!

examples from the Manga


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