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  • Actor Allusion: In episode eight of the second OVA, when Shige is attacked by some of the Division 2 staff in a bathhouse, he briefly distracts them by saying, “Look, a UFO!” This is a reference to one of Oshii’s other works, The Red Spectacles, where the main protagonist, Koichi Todome says the same thing at one point in the movie to get away from the villain, Bunmei. The joke here? Koichi was played by Shigeru Chiba (Shige‘s VA).
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  • Bad Export for You: The original Sentai DVDs and Blu-rays for the TV series contained a few small cuts for the dub on the first volume due to materials issues. Apparently the complete reissue will correct this.
  • Creator's Pest: In the commentary track for the original OVAs, director Mamoru Oshii spends most of the second episodes' track talking about his hatred of Kanuka Clancy's character, saying she added nothing to the narrative or Team SV2's group dynamics. He even ends it with a statement to the effect "It pains me to even look at her". Despite this, he still gave Kanuka major roles in some of the episodes he wrote for the TV series.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • Both the official French and English translations of the manga can still be widely purchased, even though both editions are incomplete in both ends.
    • The original fan-favorite dubs for the movies from Manga UK. The out-of-print DVDs from Manga Entertainment from the late 90s are the best legal way to obtain them.
  • Name's the Same:
  • No Dub for You: After 7 OVA episodes and 47 TV episodes, CPM canceled the dub 4 episodes into The New Files sequel series, with only 12 episodes remaining.
  • No Export for You:
    • The various gaiden games were never exported overseas.
    • The manga only saw overseas releases in French-speaking territories (with only 18 volumes out of 22), and in the U.S. (licensed by Viz Media in the mid 90s). The American release, in particular, was discontinued due to low sales and only the first two volumes were released (in both flip-comic format and compilations).
  • The Other Darrin: The TV series and OVAs were dubbed in New York City by Central Park Media, the first two movies were dubbed in the UK by Manga Entertainment, and the first two movies were redubbed and third dubbed in California respectively by Bandai Visual USA and Geneon (albeit with different casts).
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  • The Wiki Rule: It's here. But it's underdeveloped that there is no one active in editing/making Patlabor-related articles.
  • What Could Have Been: In an interview with Headgear in the book "Stray Dog of Anime", the reason why an anime adaptation of the manga was not done is because they were afraid of getting into legal altercations with Shogakukan, which at the time serialized it in their magazine. The group was concerned that the company could make changes that may clash with the manga.

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