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  • Several, including Macross and Ultraman. The character Kanuka Clancy is named after writer Tom Clancy, and the title Mobile Police Patlabor is a play on Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • Noa's Labor's arm was torn off during a fight. Noa's reaction? Picking the ripped limb and bashing the enemy labor with it, screaming ''"ROCKETTO PANCHIIII!". Noa knows her Super Robot and Mecha Show anime.
  • Another Gundam Shout Out occurs in episode 32 of the TV series, where some mercenary labor pilots attempt a Jet Stream Attack. It fails spectacularly. It hurts that the one pulling the surprise attack shouted out "Jet Stream Attack" before he hit—his target actually telling him to "Shut up!". Apparently, he's something of an Otaku.
    "But I practiced so hard!"
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  • Earlier, Gotoh chastises his crew:
    "You think this [Machine] is Great Mazinger? Dangaioh?"
  • The New York episode has SO MANY it's hard to track them all. The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Ultraman, Lassie, Mazinger Z, Tetsujin 28, Q Branch, Doronjo, UFO and even The Spanish Inquisition show up in some capacity. They were quite unexpected.
  • Kei and Yuri appear on a magazine cover near the beginning of said episode.
  • The full designation of the unmanned Patlabor that goes rogue in episode 5 is revealed in Eye Catch to be the HAL X-10.
  • The tenth episode opening of the second OVA is a shout out to Blade Runner, with Ota as Deckard.
  • When we see Kanuka's grandmother remembering her (American) pilot husband taking off on his last mission, the plane is clearly labeled "Lovely Angel" (Tsukasa Dokite was the designer of the classic Dirty Pair before Patlabor). Unfortunately, it's taking place during the Korean war winter of 1950-1 so the B17F he's flying is Just Plane Wrong.
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  • In episode 7 of the second OVA, the gang has to figure out which suspect looking thug in a bath house is a terrorist bomber, and one of them is Golgo 13!
  • The whole Griffon plotline, from Brocken fighting Ingram to collect its data to the Griffon itself, is HUGE shout out to Tetsujin No. 28. Simply replace Brocken and Griffon with Baccus and Black Ox and the whole thing should be clearer.
  • The Helldiver paratrooper Labor is essentially Yutaka Izubuchi's take on the Heavy Metal L-Gaim. Both are humanoid mechs with black visors that feature flaps on the sides of their lower leg armor that open when they're in the air (the L Gaim's to reveal concealed jump thrusters, the Helldiver's as part of an air-braking system to control its descent when parachuting) and a detachable Arm Cannon with an additional power cord that plugs into the power supply in the mech's torso.
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  • The upgraded Super Robot version of the Ingram that appears in one of Noah's dreams is named the O-Bart Mortars, a nod to the famously bombastic mechanical designer Masami Obari.

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