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Shout-Out examples in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.


  • To get the most obvious out of the way, the style of the art, tone, and episode structure resembles one of Cartoon Network's most popular shows, The Powerpuff Girls.
  • A pair of beautiful angels who wreck havoc wherever they go? One of which has bright, messy hair with a harsh attitude and the other long, darker hair with a (slightly) more controlled personality? They could almost be stand-ins for the girls from Dirty Pair Flash.
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  • Panty (while in Art Shift mode) has been compared to Miki Hoshii from The Idolmaster.
  • Stocking's appearance and theme may be based off of Marie, from Marie & Gali; in which Marie is also a goth girl who enjoys sugary foods, carries around a plushie, and wears gothic lolita styled clothing.
  • The chant Panty and Stocking say during their Transformation Sequence is very similar to Hell Girl's chant before she ferries people to hell.
  • Then there's the chant from the dub: "O evil spirit born of those drifting between heaven and earth, may the thunderous power from the garments of these holy, delicate maidens strike down upon you with great vengeance and furious anger..."
  • Scanty and Kneesocks could be one to Him of The Powerpuff Girls.
    • And their demon outfits resemble those of a well known female demon.
    • They were introduced in a full-length episode in the first season. Just like the Powerpuff’s rival counterparts, The Rowdyruff Boys.
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    • The design of Scanty and Kneesocks make them appear like Palette Swaps of Yoko and Nia.
  • Brief's outfit is a homage to Ghostbusters. He also bears more than a passing resemblance to one of the Kanker Sisters, Lee Kanker, from another popular and also long-running Cartoon Network series, Ed, Edd n Eddy.
  • Chuck bears a striking resemblance to GIR's dog disguise from Invader Zim.
  • Corset seems to bear a resemblance to Darkstalkers' Jedah, with a little Dimitri thrown in. He also resembles Triple-6 from Hiroyuki Imaishi's previous work, Dead Leaves.
  • Ghosts tend to die in classic Super Sentai fashion: horrible pun, explosion.
  • When the moon is a crescent shape, it looks all chewed-up.
  • The Demon Sisters' insignia looks like the Bat-Symbol.
  • The Demon Sisters, despite having horns and bright-red skin, often remain disguised until they reveal themselves by throwing off their costumes in one swoop - which directly mimics Team Rocket's antics in nearly every episode of Pokémon.
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  • In the English Dub, Christopher Sabat (Garterbelt's voice actor) seems to be doing his best Samuel L. Jackson impression, especially when he says "motherfucker" in some variant.

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt: The Original Soundtrack

01-A "Excretion Without Honor and Humanity"

The title is a reference to Battles Without Honor and Humanity.

01-B "Death Race 2010"

The title is a reference to Death Race 2000.

02-A "The Turmoil of the Beehive"

The title is a reference to The Spirit of the Beehive.

02-B "Sex and the Daten City"

The title is a reference to Sex and the City.

03-A "Catfight Club"

The title is a reference to Fight Club.

03-B "Pulp Addiction"

The title is a reference to Pulp Fiction.

04-A "The Diet Syndrome"

The title is a reference to The China Syndrome.

04-B "High School Nudical"

The title is a reference to High School Musical.

05-A "The Runny/Raiders of the Nasal Dark"

The Japanese title is a reference to The Mummy (1932), while the English title is one to Raiders of the Lost Ark.

05-B "Vomiting Point"

The title is a reference to Vanishing Point.
  • The episode could be a reference to the The Powerpuff Girls episode "Town and Out" (which had the girls moving to a much more realistic city).
    • Also, the Art Shift has been compared to the styles of both Satoshi Kon and Studio 4C. In reality, the episode was referencing something much more obscure - Shinya Ohira's episode of The Hakkenden, which angered many fans as a result of its realistic, "ugly" aesthetics and loose style. This reaction mirrored the one that fans had while watching Osamu Kobayashi's episode of Gurren Lagann, episode 4, and this episode could easily be seen as an attempt to create a similar reaction.
      • Little Tokyo bears a lot of resemblance with Treasure Town from 4C's Tekkonkinkreet in particular. The audience even visually enters Little Tokyo along with a black crow. The character designs are also exactly like the ones in Tekkonkinkreet.
  • The beginning of the episode features a Buddha-like Omi doll.
  • There is a fast-food restaurant called WcDonalds.

06 "Les Diaboliques"

The title is a reference to the film of the same name.
  • One of the people in the "loser class" in "Les Diaboliques" is wearing a Darth Vader helmet with cape, complete with lightsaber, but the helmet has cat ears.
  • Right after the Sisters send Panty and Stocking down the pipe, and the posters start flashing by, one of them is entitled The Punk and The Godfather.
  • Boota can be seen in a small handful of frames when the characters go underground through a toilet.
  • When Scanty and Kneesocks berate Panty and Stockings, the latter Art Shift to look like Muppets.
  • The Daemon Sisters' In the Name of the Moon speech sounds eerily similar to Team Rocket's, with Fastener even filling Meowth's role.
  • When Brief is running away from the cars in the dub, he asks "What would Indiana Jones do?"
  • From the dub, we have Brief screaming "HELENA BONHAM CARTER!", in a fit of sheer terror at the sight of a giant ghost.
  • Also in the dub, Stocking says "curiouser and curiouser" upon seeing the ghost plant.
  • Brief calls Scanty and Kneesock's robots an "army of artificial Dark-Knight ghosts".

07-A "Trans-homers"

The title is a reference to Transformers.
  • The whole episode is a huge shout out to Transformers, of all things. Mostly the live-action movies and the G1 Toon, but with little details here and there from the franchise's entire history.
  • One of the Transformers wears Starscream's crown from Transformers: The Movie.
  • The ghost that the Optimus and Megatron homages form into looks like the Fallen.
  • Unicron pops up at the end of the episode.
  • Panty and Stocking's transformed versions are each a mix of the original cartoon's and the original movie's faction leaders: Panty is a mix of Optimus Prime and Rodimus Prime, while Stocking is a mix of Megatron and Galvatron (with Animated Megatron's swords).
  • The dub completes the homage with soundalikes of Peter Cullen, Frank Welker and narrator Victor Caroli.
    • For what it's worth, the Japanese voice cast outdoes the dub in that regard; the voices for not-Optimus and not-Megatron are actually the same voice actors as from the Japanese dub of the G1 Transformers cartoon.
    • Also the Starscream expy sounds kind of like its G1 self.
    • And there's also iconic lines from the G1 movie like "one shall rise, one shall fall" and "why waste your life".
  • Brave Police J-Decker's transformation sequence was used by the suicide bomber

07-B "The Stripping"

The title is a reference to The Killing.

08-A "...of the Dead"

The title is a reference to George Romero's Living Dead Series. This title could also be referencing the Highschool of the Dead, the chapters/episodes of which are often titled as a main theme of the episode, plus "... of the Dead".

08-B "1 Angry Ghost"

The title is a reference to 12 Angry Men.
  • A monkey, of all things, decides to mimic a certain attorney. And after his transformation, he bears a strong resemblance to a famous thief.
  • When did Lieutenant Matilda become a monkey? Also there's a New Type Sound Effect when shocked & became attorney.
  • The two ghosts, Husband Petter and Wife Petter, also look like a very familiar cartoon comedy team if you looked close enough.
  • Tom Croose? Right out of Magnolia, even.
    • The English dub leans in to the reference even further, with Croose telling us what we should respect and tame.
  • A ghost rampaging in a courthouse after ripping itself out of an electric chair? Panicky judge begging for the heroes to do the very job which he had just frowned upon? I could swear I've seen a scene like this before...
  • At some point during his peroration, the backing music to Monkey lawyer is the Iron Chef "whose cuisine reigns supreme!" leitmotif.
  • Then she changes into something straight out of The Thing (1982), and when killed, her final line is, "Carpenter!"
  • Stocking made Panty drive her to the ice cream parlor to get the newest flavor.
    Dead Leaves and Pistachio. It was DELISH!~
  • Judgement Day.
  • The muscular person on the title card of Judgment Day looks an awful lot like Esidisi. With boobs, for some reason...

09-A "If the Angels Wore Swimsuits"

The title is a reference to If She Wore A Swimsuit.
  • There's an Art Shift to South Park's art style.
    • Not to mention Garterbelt's "Big Black Frankfurter" song bears more than a few similarities to Chef's "Chocolate Salty Balls".
  • The giant crab Ghost at the end ripping off people's swimsuits is reminiscent of the Beach Episode of Mahoromatic where the same thing happened (only there, it was a giant malfunctioning robot crab.)
    • The Octopus ghost that crawls out of the water first has demon wings that gives it an uncanny resemblence to Cthulhu.
  • One of the men ogling naked Panty covered in seafood Ghosts looks like Barney Rubble from The Flintstones.
  • The swimsuit Stocking is wearing looks sort of famliar
  • After P&S win the first volleyball match, Panty decides to taunt the demons offscreen in the dub.

09-B "Ghost: The Phantom of Daten City"

The title is a reference to Ghost (1990) (the Japanese dub is subtitled The Phantom of New York).

10-A "Inner Brief"

The title is a reference to Innerspace.
  • The way the Anarchy Sisters leave a shiny trail behind them as they jump reminds one of The Powerpuff Girls.
  • The priest gives the order "Go Chuck Go", which is the same that was given to Lassie. ("Go Lassie Go")
  • Although the last few letters are covered, Garterbelt is seen reading from "Heaven's Bibble".

10-B/C/D "Chuck to the Future"

The title is a reference to Back to the Future.
  • Chuck melts down and reforms much like the T-1000.
  • In Part 1 there is a can labeled "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!".
  • Part 1 as a whole feels like a homage to Tom and Jerry and similar old style cartoons.
  • In Part 2, after being microwaved, Chuck reforms itself pretty much like Watchmen's Dr Manhattan after being de-atomized.
  • The scene where Chuck punches a fly on the wall and gets hit with a constant stream of flies is a parody of a scene from Evil Dead 2, where Ash gets sprayed in the face with a stream of blood coming from a hole in the wall.
    • The way the flies reform into a giant hand is a homage to Master Hand from Super Smash Bros..
  • Part 3 as a whole is an homage to Eraserhead.
  • The female demon thing that comes out of Fastener looks like Kim Possible.

10-E "Help! We are Angels"

The title is a reference to Help! (the Japanese dub is subtitled We are Idols).

11-A "Once Upon a Time in Garterbelt"

The title is a reference to Once Upon a Time in America.
  • The Key is a Lie.
  • Panty is wearing a shirt with the logo of Slave Labor Graphics.
    • Stocking's attire in the beginning of the episode seems to loosely resemble Lenore Lynchfast, the protagonist of the comic series of the same name that’s also by Slave Labor Graphics.
    • Not to mention Honekoneko's (Stocking's cat) cosplay, loosely resembles another Lenore character, Ragamuffin.
  • When the monkeys touch Garterbelt, it's a reference to 2001 — and he's the monolith.
  • During a montage of Garterbelt traveling through history and around the world, you can spot a split-second image of him dressed as Afro Samurai.
    • I thought that was Jimi Hendrix, he even had a guitar.
    • You can also see Garterbelt dressed as Space Ghost in one of the pictures.
  • There are lots of art, Bible and history references: Moses parting the Red Sea (just like in The Ten Commandments), Jonah and the fish, Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man and The Last Supper, the Crusades, Eugène Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People, the Yalta Conference, Ku Klux Klan, Those Wacky Nazis and many more, all of them featuring Garterbelt in one way or another.
  • Young!Garterbelt is a Captain Ersatz to Tony Montana. Hell, he even sniffed coke from a big pile on his desk before dying from a hail of bullets just like the original!
  • Panty and Stocking fight a six-armed clockwork suit of armor that is reminiscent of Viral's mecha.

11-B "Nothing To Room"

The title is a reference to Nothing To Lose.

12-A "D.C. Confidential"

The title is a reference to L.A. Confidential.
  • The report the Demon Sisters give is possibly a shout out to Neon Genesis Evangelion, which had a meeting in a later episode where the Angels were all given names during a report.

12-B "Panty + Brief"

The title is a reference to Romeo + Juliet.
  • Panty's plan to have sex with 1000 men before returning to heaven exceeds the goal of another anime heroine by exactly one order of magnitude.
  • The scene where Panty and Brief look at each other through an aquarium is an homage to Romeo + Juliet. It even features a Suspiciously Similar Song of the song used in the equivalent Romeo + Juliet scene.
  • The group of men Panty has sex with in the beginning look an awful lot like Gary Oak.
    • In that very same image, the Ghosts pursuing Brief look like a bunch of demonic Totoro!
  • Panty's hairstyle at the party lends her a rather astonishing resemblance to Winry Rockbell.
    • Her entire outfit is actually a homage to an outfit Taiga wears in Toradora!
    • The angel wings she has on also makes her more like Juliet in Romeo + Juliet.
  • Brief says "I'm not your doll anymore" to his father. Rei Ayanami says that to her "father" Gendo Ikari in Episode 26 of Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • The "ALART" that appears on Garterbelt's scanner thing is most likely a shout-out to Neon Genesis Evangelion, and not just a typo like most people assume it to be. It's changed back to "ALERT" in Episode 13.
  • After he's cleaned up and given his outfit, he bares more than a passing resemblance to Battler Ushiromiya, especially when he's Calling the Old Man Out.
  • Garterbelt says "Until you prove yourself YOU SHALL NOT PASS" to Panty after she isn't accepted back to heaven due to her actions.

13 "Bitch Girls"/"Bitch Girls 2: Bitch"

The title is a reference to Bad Boys (1995).
  • Panty being kicked out and sickened by the very sight of sex bears resemblance to A Clockwork Orange.
  • Panty recovers from her Heroic BSoD as Panty, Girl of the Alps.
  • Chuck's face as a One-Winged Angel strongly resembles the mask worn by the strongest form of Hollow Ichigo.
  • Corset's plan is to arrange a marriage between Brief and Scanty, then use Brief's penis atop a symbolically-shaped tower as the key to release an Eldritch Abomination. Sounds awful familiar, and considering the Ghostbusters shout-out with Brief mentioned above, probably not coincidental.
  • The emergence of the ghost resembles the opening of the gate in Fullmetal Alchemist.
    • Even more so when you remember that Corset is opening the gate and freeing the ghost to invade heaven, and in FMA, Father opened the planet's Gate to drag God down to Earth.
  • Corset's "death" from being squashed by a very large foot from the sky reminds one of something completely different.
  • When battling the Daemon sisters and trying to defeat the Ultimate Ghost, the girls start flying around in a way similar to The Powerpuff Girls, again.
  • The words Keikaku doori are said by several characters, too many times to be a coincidence.
  • Garterbelt pulls a machine gun out of his afro and starts firing wildly, much like Nabeshin in some episodes of Excel♡Saga.
  • All the panties, stocking, and garterbelts Stocking orders combine to form a CG Giga Drill that literally pierces the heavens, though that was unintentional since their target was below them.
  • Panty and Stocking's Mom could possibly be a throwback to End Of Evangelion.
  • At the end, Brief's reaction (Multiplied Big eyes) resembles a lot of cartoons such as Droopy the Dog.
  • "This will be your last party!"

Sanitarybox shorts

  • Zombie!Panty has Alien's mouthed tongue.
  • The winning baseball team in "Heroine Interview" is based on the Tokyo Giants. There's even a very...endowed cameo of their mascot, Giabbit.
  • "Chuck To The Future Part 4" is an over-sexualised parody of Super Mario Bros..

Geekboy Homecoming