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  • During the Beach Episode, Hibiki and friends are floating offshore on an inflatable raft, admiring the underwater view. Suddenly, Hibiki waves hello to... somebody. Cue her friends taking the raft back to the beach at speedboat-like velocity.
    • Ero-Neko's best-laid plans for ogling girls in bikinis are repeatedly, utterly dashed by a group of sea-dwelling ghosts. A character being dragged down into the depths by dozens of spectral hands would ordinarily be no laughing matter - but hey, it's Ero-Neko.
  • Hibiki's mother Yuuhi relaying a message from a dead pigeon in a flashback, in pigeon.
  • Yuuhi scolds Roll-call Samurai into eating more after noticing how thin he is. Then she Squees over Kogal Ghost's clothing, and pouts like a little girl at the memory of her mother forbidding her to wear them herself.
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  • Inoue trying to snap Hibiki out of her Despair Event Horizon after losing her sixth sense by stuffing tamagoyaki into her mouth.
  • During the visit to the amusement park's haunted house, it turns out that Hibiki, of all people, is easily scared by the fake ghosts.


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