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Ladies and Gentleman, meet our Butt-Monkey


  • Anytime Marie and Alka interact with one another, comedy gold ensues; usually at Marie's expense.
  • Whenever Lloyd gets attacked by a terrifying monster and then obliterates it with an Offhand Backhand like an ordinary pest.

Episode 1

  • Riho's first meeting with Lloyd is comedic perfection. The moment she encounters him, she's so terrified by his latent power that she expects to die at any moment. Then, when they start having normal introductions, Selen makes her sudden appearance by slamming Riho into a statue and then giving her a Yandere Death Glare.


Episode 2

  • The episode starts with Riho, Selen and Merthophan all baffled why Lloyd didn't make it into the class. Queue Merthophan worriedly shifting through all of the students' applications and search like an idiot, shouting "Raise your hand if you're not here!" and then getting smacked by Choline.
  • Chrome shifting into self-defense mode after meeting Lloyd and misinterpreting everything Lloyd says into something a hostile enemy would say, when all Lloyd wants to do is cook and clean for him.
  • Merthophan and Choline completely betraying their principles as military officers to force Allan to fight Lloyd, considering it okay if Allan gets beaten up because they can heal him as long as he doesn't get hit in the head...only to watch in horror as Allan offers his cheek to give Lloyd a free first shot.
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  • Part 1 of a Brick Joke in which Alka curses Marie, prompting an angry Marie to drop Alka's teleportation crystal into a well...

Episode 3

  • Selen and Riho travel to Marie's house for information on the missing princess, only for Selen to become hopelessly distracted by the fact that Lloyd and Marie live together. The moment Marie walks in, Selen looks ready for murder.
  • Selen interrogates Marie, and the latter assumes that it's because Selen figured out who she is. As she confesses that she is the missing princess, Selen accuses her of being Lloyd's wife. Cue a Verbal Backspace as Marie tries to hide what she just said.
  • Part 2 of a Brick Joke in which Alka appears soaking wet, questioning why her crystal ball was in a well. She then curses Marie to randomly add "nya"/"meow" at the end of her sentences...

Episode 4

  • Realizing that the true mastermind is a Demon Lord, Marie finds Lloyd and convinces him the demon king is a cosplaying drunkard with a foul odor who needs to be "cleaned" up.
  • After spending several episodes establishing their mutual insane love for Lloyd, Alka and Selen finally meet — and it's as hilarious as it sounds.
  • Part 3 of a Brick Joke in which Marie outwits the Demon Lord Abaddon and gives him a crushing "The Reason You Suck" Speech...which is ruined by the random "nya"/"meow" she uses at the end of it.

Episode 5

  • Marie changing back after being turned into a butterfly by Alka. She emerges naked after her clothes fell off in butterfly form; as she huddles on the floor, Lloyd walks in and sees her stark naked, his eyes wide. He then immediately turns and walks away without a word. Marie slides back into her clothes and just lays stiff as a board on the floor, too embarrassed to even move.
    Marie: (quietly, with tears spilling from her eyes) Let's sleep.
  • Allan's split-second belief that Selen was a giant cockroach is bolstered by her entering a restaurant by crawling in on it's outer wall just like a real insect.

Episode 6

  • Marie is reduced to begging after Alka's curse repeatedly forces her to make uncomfortable bowel movements.
  • After being defeated by Lloyd, Phyllo takes his hand and immediately proposes marriage, complete with the same monotone she always has.
  • Phyllo mistakenly steals Alka's crystal from Marie's house, and when Alka reappears, Rol is the first person she sees. Furious, Alka demands to know where Lloyd is, while Rol tries to dismiss her with her usual smug attitude. BIG mistake....

Episode 7

  • Selen's self-pity-party includes an out of place spotlight.
  • The episode kicks off with Marie and Alka fighting over who gets to spend time with Lloyd during his time off, only for him to say he has other plans and would like neither of them to come along. Both women are immediately crestfallen.
  • Before Kikyou can even finish explaining Lloyd's cleaning duties, he's already cleaned a massive bathhouse and made the windows so spotless that Coba is momentarily blinded.
  • Selen figures out that her father is setting her up for a marriage interview with Allan. Even though he tells her that she doesn't even have to agree to it, and merely needs to sit and listen, she sees this as "tainting" her destined love with Lloyd. Thus, she calmly formulates a concrete plan to stab Allan in the throat and heart with kitchen utensils and had already started acting on it right up until the person who walks into the interview is Lloyd and not Allan. Selen's mood makes a 180 and she immediately drags Lloyd off to "do what lovebirds do".

Episode 8

  • Selen races around the hotel on a "fake" date with Lloyd, doing everything in her power to convince him to marry her, to the dismay of Riho, who is trying to keep up with their secret mission.
  • It turns out Selen had been serious about firebombing the hotel, to Riho's frustration when a delivery of them arrives.
  • Kikyou giving a "massage" to Lloyd.
    • Believing that Lloyd is possessed by a demon lord seed, she tricks him into letting her massage him to figure out where the seed might be on his body. She thus inspects every part of his body...except his crotch, and is ready to even check that when...
    • Selen appears in full yandere mode and does everything she can to murder Kikyou. Kikyou nimbly avoids Selen's attacks and tries to finish her with a suplex, only for that to be nullified by Selen's belt.
    • Lloyd watches the fight with awe, believing that this is simply part of getting a massage. Meanwhile, Selen is too distracted by the sight of a shirtless, oiled-up Lloyd to continue fighting.
  • The Hot Springs scene.
    • Alka and Phyllo enter the hot spring completely nude. The show censors this by having Selen's belt fly around and cover all the naughty bits. (It also lately partially covers Lloyd.)
    • All of the girls (save Kikyou) walk into the same hot spring as Lloyd. Lloyd accidentally stands out of the water and exposes his junk. Alka (the closest to him) goes wide-eyed as she stares directly at his crotch, and gets a roaring nosebleed. Riho is horrified. Mene smirks. Marie stares with a slightly-embarrassed smile. Selen is nearly catatonic. And Phyllo stares with intense and sparkling interest.
    • Phyllo notices someone watching from a distance and throws Alka at them. Both Marie and Selen are pleased by this.
  • Alka complains of being tired and sore, and Lloyd offers to give her a massage. An absolutely delighted Alka accepts and is promptly suplexed by Lloyd.

Episode 9

  • The king of Azami comes into the throne room wearing a pair of Cool Shades, holding a guitar, and trying to speak in hip slang, in a misguided attempt to rehabilitate his image after being possessed earlier in the series.
  • Selen and Phyllo take a detour during an official mission in order to grill Riho on her exact feelings for Lloyd, to Riho's dismay. Riho, again, acting as the Only Sane Woman, is flabbergasted by their Skewed Priorities.
  • In order to find the dungeon where her quarry has gone, Alka just scoops an unprepared Marie into the sky, leaving Marie screaming.
  • Micona takes Marie hostage to draw out Lloyd, and decides that the best way to do so is for Marie to allow her to grope her with tentacles. When Lloyd shows up, Micona is actually disappointed, and even tells him that he doesn't have to save Marie if he doesn't want to, demonstrating that Micona just wanted to grope Marie and just used Lloyd as an excuse.
  • The giant serpent the group came to slay turns out to be Vritra, one of the sacred beasts of Kunlun whose skin was used to make Selen's belt. And it turns out that he's very sore about that experience, and it's just one of many examples of how Alka has mistreated him.
  • Allan overcomes his fear of monsters by shouting and challenging what he thinks is the giant snake. His fellow soldiers see him do this just as the dungeon starts collapsing (due to Alka's actions earlier) and credit him with not only causing the cave-in, but destroying the monster in the dungeon as well. No matter how much Allan tries to protest, even to the King, everyone only sees this as him showing modesty and exalt him as the ideal soldier to live up to, much to his dismay.

Episode 10

  • Riho, Chrome, and Phyllo almost go into shock after sensing so many incredibly strong fighters just after stepping into the village.
  • Kunlun citizens do ridiculous things like jump in and out of high windows without issue, shoot themselves out of magically-powered cannons when they want to travel, and communicate by throwing messages miles away.
  • Selen tries to give Lloyd's kin marriage registration contracts, only for them to not understand what they are and instead use the paper to make paper airplanes to defeat a dragon with. Later, she is further dismayed that they are more fond of Riho and Phyllo being possible marriage partners than her.
  • Riho constantly offers to "help" out, trying to profit from everything Kunlun has, only to realize that everything is way too difficult (carrying Pyrid's incredibly heavy catch) or dangerous (the aforementioned dragon) for her to be much help with.
  • When Riho realizes she was given a dress made of Earth Spider silk by the village, she takes off everything, including underwear, to sell them. Lloyd comes in and accidentally sees Riho stark naked, prompting Phyllo to round-house kick him out the window and into the target mountain. Selen and Phyllo then tie Riho up with her bedsheet and complain that she still doesn't have underwear on.
  • Phyllo suffers repeated breakdowns when her beloved martial arts are revealed to actually be health exercises, and when the training she gets from Pyrid which she herself was barely able to survive turns out to be only "the basics".
  • Merthophan has completely Gone Native, and appears pretty accustomed to life in Kunlun, including taking a massive level in badass.
  • Amongst the other insanity Kunlun citizens get up to, their food is all cooked from monsters, including broth made from kraken and peppers made from cursed plants, which are still "fresh" enough to have faces and scream when eaten.


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