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The entire series, movie included, is a giant CMOF, but some moments stand above everything else:

     1977 Original series 

     Live Action Film 
  • Yatterking's Negated Moment of Awesome: Gan-chan has just revealed he had repaired and improved the wrecked Yatterwan, transforming it in the gigantic Yatterking, who starts moving toward our heroes... And bangs his head on the hangar's door. Three times. Gan-chan's deadpan admission he made Yatterking too big sells it.
    • As if it wasn't enough, the Yattermen followed with their 'yatta-dance'... And their guest Shoko wondering if they were crazy.
  • Shoko explains that her father had disappeared while searching for the Skull stone over which the Yattermen and the Doronjo Gang fight... And Gan-chan promptly asks what the Skull Stone is! Even Yatterwan doubles back in shock...
  • The Doronbo Gang reacts surprised and quite creeped out when they hear the voices of their voice actors in the original seriesnote  from some people they're scamming.
  • Reality Ensues with how the Yattermen travel on Yatterwan and with Yatterking's high-speed travel, with the former having several near accidents, and the latter having them suffering from terrible vertigo.

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