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Leslie Samuel Phillips CBE (20 April 1924 - 7 November 2022) was an English actor, known for his appearances in the Doctor... Series, Carry On, Harry Potter and Gex.

He began his career in television and radio at the beginning of The '30s as a young man with mostly uncredited roles in the early years, and then became well-known in his recurring appearances as Tom Bridger in My Wife Jacqueline from 1952. Later in the decade, he appeared as minor characters in three of the early Carry On films: Carry On Nurse, Carry On Teacher and Carry On Constable. He then told producers that he wouldn't be returning for any future films after Constable (although he did appear later in the poorly received Carry On Columbus in 1992) and began appearing in the Doctor films as well as becoming a frequent radio personality in the 1960s and '70s in the long-running The Navy Lark on BBC Radio 2. He also starred in sitcoms such as Foreign Affairs (1966) and The Culture Vultures.

After his marriage to You Rang, M'Lord? actress Angela Scoular in 1982, Phillips turned away from comedic roles and appeared in Empire of the Sun and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and later received an OBE in 1998; he also provided the voice for the Gecko on the British release of Gex: Enter the Gecko in the same year. In the 2000s, he provided the voice of the Sorting Hat for the Harry Potter films, voice acting in Philosopher's Stone, Chamber of Secrets and Deathly Hallows (part 2), then he became nominated for a BAFTA for the film Venus and received a CBE on top of his OBE in 2008. When Scoular died in 2011, he remarried to Zara Carr two years later.

He passed away at the age of 98 in November 2022.

Works on TV Tropes he appeared in:


  • The Adventures of Robin Hood, 4 episodes:
    • "Friar Tuck" (1955) — Sir William
    • "Checkmate" (1955) — Count de Waldern
    • "A Village Wooing" (1956) — Wat Longfellow
    • "The Reluctant Rebel" (1960) — Herbert
  • Foreign Affairs, 6 episodesshow list  (1966) — Dennis Proudfoot
  • The Culture Vultures, 5 episodesshow list  (1970) — Dr. Michael Cunningham
  • Super Gran, episode "Supergran and the Birthday Dambuster" (1987) — POW
  • Rumpole of the Bailey, episode "Rumpole and Portia" (1988) — "Boxey" Horne
  • The Comic Strip Presents, 2 episodes:
    • GLC: The Carnage Continues... (1990) — Sir Horace Cutler
    • Oxford (1990) — Dean
  • Lovejoy, episode "The Galloping Major" (1993) — Major Eddie Turpin
  • Screen One, 2 episodes:
    • "Royal Celebration" (1993) — Johnny
    • "Two Golden Balls" (1994) — Viscount Osgood
  • Woof!, episode "Dog Latin" (1995) — Mr. Hawksmoor
  • The Bill, episode "Cheating" (1996) — Professor
  • Tales from the Crypt, episode "Fatal Caper" (1996) — Mycroft Amberson
  • Dennis the Menace, episode "Wanted!" (1996) — Mr. Greenfly
  • Dalziel and Pascoe, episode "Recalled to Life" (1999) — James Westropp
  • Monarch of the Glen, 1 episode (2002) — Louis Grimshaw
  • Holby City, episode "Sins of the Father" (2002) — Charles Campbell-Gore
  • Midsomer Murders, episode "Painted in Blood" (2003) — Godfrey Teal
  • Heartbeat, episode "Risky Business" (2006) — Denzil Witty
  • Marple, episode "By the Pricking of My Thumbs" (2006) — Sir Philip Starke
  • The Catherine Tate Show, 1 episode (2006) — Teddy Morris
  • The Last Detective, episode "The Dead Peasants Society" (2007) — Alistair Robertson
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