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  • From the OP: Boyacky's broken, toothy grin as he gets the last laugh fighting the Yattermen.
    • Voltkatze manages to completely fuck up his landing during his Big Damn Heroes moment with Elephantus.
  • The fact that Boyacky's love of high school girls is downright genetic at this point.
    Voltkatze: I don't know why, but the words "high school girls" appear in my mind every now and then.
  • More of a Blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but Elephantus pulling down Voltkatze's pants when he's trying to drag him into Dorothy's quarters. Voltkatze's expressions are priceless.
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  • When the trio finally decide to become the new Doronbo, they start giving out roll call and pose as a team in their new villain outfits... only for the camera to pan out, showing that they're posing in ill-fitting rags.
  • The official Twitter has a rough animation of Leopard yelling into a camera. She ends up yelling so hard she hits the camera, causing Voltkatze to run in from off screen. Mixes with Heartwarming Moments, as it shows just how concerned of a surrogate parent/brother figure he is.
  • Despite the horrific aftermath, Dokurobei's entering line was pure comedy gold.
  • During the Cold Open for Episode 2, Dorothy is shown taking care of baby Leopard while Voltkatze and Elephantus are outside fixing a hole on the door. Cut to what they're actually doing: listening in to the conversation while Voltkatze hammers Elephantus' hand in absentmindedly. While making the most ridiculous faces possible, to boot.
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  • The trio practicing to be the new Doronbo in its entirety. Their first attempts at an Evil Laugh sound as fake as humanly possible, and they spend their first time crafting an evil plan eating leaf water and maple leaves.
  • The Doronbo's first real battle with the Yattermen. Their plan of attack amounted to "make a big enough hand to flick the enemy". And for a while, it worked.
    • The gang announced their presence to the Yattermen with an introduction speech, punctuated with non-stop Sentai posing.
  • Upon first meeting Allouette, Voltkatze is at first stunned to see her, but then turns on the Bishie Sparkle when she compliments him.
    "I am Doronjo's sexy assistant, Boyacky."
  • The Mood Whiplash at the end of Episode 3. The trio, along with their new companions, fly off to Yatter Metropolis laughing all the while, when all of a sudden the flying bike breaks midair. Elephantus and Voltkatze scream all the way down, while Leopard continues to laugh.
  • Even the Yattermen get in on this once in a while. Two Yattermen have a discussion on what to do with the trio's new mech:
    Yatterbot: I-is it okay to fire at it? What should we do?
    Bicolored Yatterbot: You try shooting it.
    Yatterbot: (Shrinking back) Me?
  • When the group is on the run from the Yattermen in episode 4, Boyacky leads the Doronbo to a secluded area with a Humongous Mecha waiting for them that Boyacky apparently built at some point. Not even Doronjo can believe it.
    Leopard: (Dumbstruck) I have a lot of questions to ask you, but we need to get in the mecha!
    • Even better when he explains that he built it out of his desire to be a monkey.
  • In the Monkey mech, one of the buttons activates a coolheaded monkey figurine that spouts off an Incredibly Lame Pun. Cut back to the gang staring in bewilderment, while only Voltkatze is rolling with laughter.
  • Galina's semifinals match with Takeshi. After he charges, it looks like he got locked into a standstill with the boy... until the camera turns, showing Galina was flattened from the impact. The match immediately goes to Takeshi, and Galina spends the rest of the episode disappointed and still flat.
  • Episode 5's mecha is a Waddling Head taking most of its strength from Mongolian barbecue.
  • Doronjo "running away" in episode 6. Stopping every few feet to tell the others not to chase after her. After about 3 times, she starts wondering why they aren't following her yet.
  • In Episode 7, Galina come up with a plan to get a man out of the Yatterman Army's undersea base. When everything starts going awry, Leopard tells him to switch to Plan B... until Galina realizes that he never made a Plan B in case anything went wrong. The gang then proceeds to freak out.
  • Another moment coming from Episode 7 is the Yatter Soldiers' ridiculous ploy to capture the Doronbo Gang. After Goro finds out that the Gang is starving and delusional while rambling on and on about visiting an undersea palace. With this in mind, he has the soldiers (dressed as humans with paper where their faces should be)beat on one of their Yatter-Turtles until the Doronbo save them. Afterwards, the turtle, talking in what sounds like the most unconvincing voice ever, thanks the Gang and takes them to the "undersea palace"- their underwater prison.
  • After the Gang's failed multi-execution in Episode 10, everyone is taken to see Lord Yatterman. All of their gags have been taken off... and the first thing they do is talk over each other for answers. Points go to Voltkatze's contribution, though:
    "I don't even know what a 'highschool girl' is!"
  • In episode 11 a Yatterman accidentally puts on a VHS that shows high school girls being interviewed instead of a explaination of how the Yatter Kingdom came to be. Because of the tape, Voltkatze FINALLY realizes what a "High School Girl" is, Elephantus congratulates Voltkatze on solving that mystery and let's just say Voltkatze likes what he sees.
    "I wanna be friends with high school girls from around the country!"
    • Just the very idea of Volkatze inheriting his ancestor Boyacky's love of high school girls and the series takes place in a dystopian future where high school girls are unheard of is worth some chuckles.
  • Crosses into Black Comedy just a little bit, but we now know the reason why the Great Offscreen War and most of the plot of the series happened! Dokurobei got what he wanted- to leave Earth and go home... but he was just so obsessed with beating Gan and Ai that he had to keep coming back again, and again, and again just to one-up them at least once. He couldn't, thanks to his clumsy subordinates. So he just went up and did it himself.


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