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Original Show

  • Many of the one-shot characters get these, such as:
    • The Yametai Queen (episode 16), a very sweet but lonely little girl who's forced to live inside the palace and cannot talk to other kids. Every moment with her is just precious, and she even gets to join Yatterman 1 and 2 in their victory dance!
    • The young kid who got mugged by the 40 thieves in episode 22 and the thief who wanted to return his bracelet to him (it was a memento of his dead mother). In the end, the reason for this was the thief was actually the kid's father. Their reunion and the ending of the story are simply beautiful.
  • In Episode 6, in order to get inside the Sun Palace, the Doronbo gang fake being fatally wounded by their battle against Yatterman and ask to be buried inside the palace as their "last wish". Their plan works, and both Tonzura and Doronjo celebrate...until they see Boyacky doesn't come out of his coffin. When Doronjo goes to awaken him, she ends up thinking he really has died, and this causes her to cry rivers in sorrow and sadness. Crosses with Funny Moments because he was actually sleeping, and Doronjo's quick to smack him for scaring her, but it's real nice to see her caring that much for her sidekicks like that.
    • As an extra, neither Yatterman 1 nor 2 seem particularly happy when they think their sworn enemies have died.

2008 Show

  • Episode 14 features a high point for heartwarming that also ventures on tear jerker territory. Doronjo essentially (and very emotionally) saves an adorable baby mammoth that has lost its mother and mistaken the Doronbo mammoth-mecha for one of its kind. Although she tries to ignore it at first and focus on her mission, her own maternal feels get the better of her ... then the angry mother mammoth shows up and assumes Doronjo has stolen the baby, Yatterman turn up and assume the same thing, and tragicomic (and on this occasion, highly undeserved) slapstick punishment ensues as per usual. As Doronjo herself laments, "Of all the evil villains, why do I deserve this?"

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