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  • Crossdressing Voices: The 2008 series is the only one where Gan isn't voiced by a woman, being voiced by Yoshiko Ohta in the original series and Eri Kitamura in Tatsunko vs Capcom.
  • Dawson Casting: In the movie, Gan is played by 27-year-old Shou Sakurai. He is the same age as Kyoko Fukada, who plays Doronjo. In the actual series, Gan is 13 and Doronjo is most likely old enough to be his mother.
  • Missing Episode: In late 2015, when the 2008 series was finally exported in Italy, it came out that episodes 3, 5, 19, 21 and 23 will be never included in any foreign release for copyright issues involving various western celebrities and movies that were parodied in the aforemented episodes.
  • No Export for You: The 70's version. Not only that, only the first 3 episodes of the 2008 version are available as fansubs. The group working on the series dropped it because "their animator didn't have time anymore."
    • This has been averted with the live-action film, which has English and Italian subtitles.
    • Also averted in Italy, the only country where all 108 episodes of the original series have been dubbed. Italy also got the live action movie in February 2011, and in late 2015 the 2008 series was finally aired too (albeit only subbed, in both "faithful to the original" and "same kind of Woolseyism as the old version's dub" variants)
    • The Italian dub was also aired in early 90s in Poland, with Polish voice-over added.
    • And Philippines got the 2008 series locally dubbed while actually keeping some of the gag intact!
    • Now averted in the U.S. and Canada thanks to the crowdfunding streaming site Anime Sols, which has both the original show and remake.
      • And sadly now played straight again, thanks to not meeting it's goal, only the first 17 episodes of both series (and the first 2008 special, which officially counts as episode 12.5) are properly subbed, Anime Sols will not be subbing the rest of either.
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    • It should be noted there are complete fansubs of the series, however fans don't like them, as they are poorly translated wrecks done with Google Translate.
  • Role Reprise:
  • Tuckerization: Doronjo's real name, Hiroko Sasegawa, is derived from franchise director Hiroshi Sasagawa.
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  • What Could Have Been: Tatsunoko's English catalog lists Yatterman and other Time Bokan series with localized versions of character namesnote . These names go back to a deal in the '80s, where Tatsunoko tried to sell some of its properties through Harmony Gold. While some of the library did get pilots produced, other series like this had their sale fall through and nothing ever come of an English adaptation. At least two of Harmony Gold's English names did make it into the Italian dub, however, with Ai being renamed "Janet" and Omochama becoming "Robbie-Robbie".

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