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Dark and complex though Princess Principal may be, there is still room for the occasional joke.

  • Episode 1: When Ange greets Eric as he flees the Kingdom forces, she introduces herself as an alien from the "Black Lizard Planet."

  • Episode 2: When Dorothy meets with Ange, the later comments that she is impressed... that a twenty-year old woman is passing herself off as a high schooler. Her class must be very kind...
    • Moments later, a group of background students walks out onto the roof—to find Dorothy alone, smoking a cigarette. The moment they close the door, Dorothy begins hacking and coughing.
    • Also, the basic premise of the show, as revealed at the end of the episode. Control has assigned one of its agents to kill the Princess and replace her, as the ultimate high-ranking mole in the Kingdom. Except ten years ago, for completely unrelated reasons, the Princess and a pickpocket traded places on their own accord, and haven't switched back since. The Princess went on to become a spy to get back over the Wall, and somehow manipulated herself into being assigned to the operation — meaning that Control assigned the Princess to kill and replace herself!

  • Episode 3: The Princess points out that Ange and Dorothy will need an excuse to publicly appear as her friends. Dorothy suggests that the two of them know about the Princess's "secret crossdressing," and later a shared love of whiskey. Ange's suggestion? The Black Lizard Planet. Beatrice swiftly vetoes the suggestions.
    • While examining the club room's arsenal, Charlotte picks up a fountain pen. Sure enough, it's a gun, and one accidentally-pulled trigger later, the club is down one marble bust.

  • Episode 4: The episode opens with a training exercise for Chise and Beatrice in tracking. When Chise claims that she's already succeeded once, a flashback is shown of her panicking when a police officer walks up behind her, knocking him out with the flat of her blade, and getting dragged away by Ange during the commotion.
    • The running discussion of what they should call the team. During a desperate drive to complete the mission, Charlotte and Chise are STILL exchanging ideas in the back seat.
    • During the above drive, Ange directs Dorothy to take a rather... unconventional route, the better to intercept the ship on time.
    Ange: Right at the next stairway.
    Dorothy: You got it.
    Beatrice: Stairway?! But we're in an automobile!
    Dorothy: Don't bite your tongue.
    (Cue one very fast and bumpy turn.)
    • Beatrice's screams of alarm prompt Ange to just turn off the poor girl's voicebox, leaving her gaping like a fish.
    • During the infiltration, Beatrice takes on the voice of one of the facility guards. She forgets to change it back while continuing the team name discussion, using the Moe cadences and vocabulary of her real voice. The Vocal Dissonance has even Ange weirded out.
    • When the team lands on the ship, Ange suggests they split up: she and Charlotte will head in one direction while the others head in the opposite direction. When they actually split however, Beatrice is left behind beside the guard Chise knocked unconscious and runs in a small circle near him in her panic before running after the rest of her group.
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    • Immediately after the above, Ange and Charlotte discuss the latter's decision to join the infiltration. Charlotte points out the logic in her reasoning and Ange starts her response with the incredibly out of character retort "Meanie," followed by "you just like to see me suffer."

  • Episode 5: When Ange and Chise discuss their respective origins, Ange once again claims to be from the Black Lizard Planet. The difference here is that Chise BELIEVES her, throwing Ange for a bit of a loop.
    • The end of the episode gives us this exchange between Dorothy and Beatrice as the former explains how Chise came to join the team:
    Dorothy: I thought [Lord Horikawa] would consider allying with the Commonwealth.
    Beatrice: When did you s-s-seduce him?!
    Dorothy: You royals have such naughty language.

  • Episode 6: In the pre-opening segment, Dorothy is teaching Beatrice how to pick locks. When Beatrice thanks her, Dorothy replies that the other two (Ange and Chise) weren't much help. It flashes back to Ange trying to teach her.
    Ange: Watch closely.
    She pops the lock in less than a second
    Beatrice: Um, how did you do that?
    Ange: Watch closely. (repeats the process) See?
    • When Chise tries to teach her, she simply slashes the lock in half and tells Beatrice to copy her.

  • Episode 7: When Team White Pigeon introduce themselves to the laundry workers, they behave in the fashion that you would expect from them. Then Ange reveals that her cover identity is a Large Ham Former Delinquent. As it turns out, the other members of the team weren't told what to expect. Dorothy's face is especially gold.
    • When Dorothy helps secure a group of miners as new customers fro the laundry mill, the miners start happily stripping off their dirty working clothes. The laundry workers' reactions upon seeing this range from being frightened, flustered, and excited.

  • Episode 8: Chise hanging upside down from a tree while spying on their target for the episode. For several days in a row.
    Chise: It's chilly...
    • As Charlotte and Ange play piano together as the episode closes, we see Beatrice fiddling around with a strange gadget that activates and frightens her.

  • Episode 9: Chise's Funny Foreigner antics in the first half of the episode.
    • Chise lamenting in her letter that she doesn't have the same "woman's weapon" as Dorothy.
    • After the duel and before they reveal how it played into that day's mission Chise returns to her room to be greeted with... Sumo.

  • Episode 10: In the midst of a chase, Ange and Dorothy abandon the Cool Car, forcing Beatrice to take the wheel. Unable to drive, she quickly runs into a snowbank.
    • Chise shows Princess the makeshift Shishi-Odoshi. When Princess asks what it's supposed to do, Chise realizes that she doesn't know.

  • Episode 12: Dorothy's exasperation at Ange inadvertently messing up her operation.
    • Beatrice hopping in a little circle.
    • Ange's reaction when impersonating Charlotte to get into the chapel doesn't work?
    Ange (completely deadpan, and in her normal voice): Floor it.

  • Crown Handler, Part 1: Chise crashing a car into the river after shaking a pursuit is chuckle-worthy. The face she makes before it happens really sells the moment.


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