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  • In the pre-opening segment of Episode 3, we see Ange drop her cold, indifferent attitude to display her joy at being reunited with Princess.
    • Later in the episode, when Ange (who Beatrice has mistrusted the entire episode) tells Beatrice to go on—not out of any patriotism, but because if Beatrice is caught in the act of espionage, Charlotte will come under suspicion. Beatrice realizes that they have a Commonality Connection and uses her Voice Changeling abilities to bluff the guards and help Ange escape.
  • Dorothy and Beatrice genuinely bonding with each other in episode 6 due to their shared parental traumas. This is especially Heartwarming in Hindsight considering how in episode 1, Dorothy agreed with Chise that a true friendship couldn't be maintained by being honest with each other.
  • Princess Charlotte's purchase of the nigh-bankrupt laundry mill in episode 7. Though it helped keep White Pigeon's mission going long enough to catch their target, she and the rest of the team put in considerable effort into improving conditions at the mill, to the point where it is not only profitable, but much safer for its workers as well.
    • As the episode goes on, Chise bonds with Marilla, the oldest and most skilled worker at the mill. This seemingly falls apart when Marilla sees her subdue the Serial Killer that the team was sent to track down. At the end of the episode, when Princess shows up to hand the laundry mill over to Marilla, the latter asks that she tell Chise "good luck" for her.
  • After bonding with a young pickpocket named Julie, Ange steps in to rescue her from the abusive Fagin who she works for and helps her and her friends go to an orphanage.
    • Ange and Charlotte playing piano together at the end of the episode.
  • For a decade, the real Ange suffered through a lot in order to maintain her masquerade of being Princess Charlotte, all in the belief that she was an "empty" impostor. The real Charlotte however validates all of her hard work with a few simple words:
  • Chise's Day in the Limelight is framed as a letter to her sister.
  • Dorothy and Prefect's last conversation, wherein Prefect admits to Dorothy that the woman she wanted to be like was her. It only adds to the tragedy of what comes next.
  • Episode 12: Ange escapes from the airship Princess left her on at the end of the previous episode, gets back together with Dorothy and Beatrice who are still working at the behest of the intelligence branch of Control, and team up to rescue Princess. When they arrive, Chise detects that something is going on and begs her superior to let her join them. In the end, they save Princess, stop an assassination plot that would have cost many lives if it had been carried out, and manage to escape to enjoy a well-deserved vacation in Casa Blanca. Meanwhile in Control, the radical militant wing is ousted, allowing the team to return to work without being hunted down for disobeying orders.
    • Also in Episode 12, Princess' harsh words to Ange were revealed as an attempt to keep her safe by a single short message left on a parachute on the way out:
    Run and live free as Ange.
    • While interrogating a young soldier on the location of The Princess, Ange is confronted by Dorothy, whom like Betty and Chise, has been transferred to a new branch and therefore no longer a part of her team. Left with no allies to protect Charlotte, she pleads with Dorothy for help:
    Dorothy: A pity that we are spies; nothing outside the mission is our concern, and protecting The Princess is not my mission.... but (Smiles)... I'd gladly help you do so as a friend, if you'll let me. (Holds her hand out in friendship)
    Ange: (On the verge of tears, takes Dorothy's hand) Oh, Thank you!

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