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The mysterious nature of Princess Principal invites some pretty crazy WMGs. BEWARE UNMARKED SPOILERS

The Charlotte/Ange Swap is a childhood plot between the two of them
  • They would have swapped in the middle of the Civil War at age 7 or so. Perhaps in hope of reconciling the Commonwealth with the Kingdom eventually.
    • Sort of confirmed in episode 2. Both Charlotte and Ange developed a plan 10 years ago to bring the wall down.
    • Jossed: They were separated in the chaos of the revolution, and the original Ange was mistaken for the princess in the confusion.

Ange and Charlotte, and with them the rest of Team Principal, will go rogue.
  • The two of them already have their own scheme going. When the time is ripe, they'll break ties with Control entirely.
    • They do have their own scheme going, confirmed in Episode 2.

Team Principal will get the order to assassinate the Queen.
  • Close enough: They were ordered to assassinate Princess.
    • Confirmed: The queen is a target of an assassination plot in Episode 12.

Ange will suffer from Cavorite poisoning at some point.
  • Given that her main gadget is a miniature Cavorite device, it's likely that overexposure or some sort of accident will cause her to be poisoned by it.
    • If Cavorite poisoning does indeed give its victim some measure of supernatural perception, as implied by Alice's outburst, Ange's poisoning will grant her several important insights. Her handlers' plan to control or eliminate her, for instance.

Ange's gravity device will overheat, with destructive consequences.
  • The device requires refrigeration after use. It's possible that things will go so badly during a mission that Ange won't have the opportunity to cool it down in time, with explosive and/or toxic results. Alternatively, she'll overheat it on purpose in order to create a makeshift bomb.
    • Seems to be Jossed, or at most made very unlikely by Episode 3. The device overheats and the cavorite core breaks, but that just means that it stops working. If it is capable of overloading destructively, it's going to take something a little more extreme.
      • Given how Ange constantly checked it, and generally been concerned about it, the implication seems to be that it certainly could make a bang, at least potentially. This not being the case because Ange consciously conserved it, using it only for softening the otherwise normal parachute landing in the finale, allowing the core to break more-or-less safely.

A mission will take place on board one of the Albian Royal Air Force's airships.
  • Confirmed: the target for Case 2 is on board the HMS Gloucester.

The Duke of Normandy will suffer a minor Villainous Breakdown when he discovers the truth about Princess Charlotte.
  • The Duke is the Kingdom's spymaster. It's his business to know about every significant secret in the realm, and to remain in control at all times. So when he finds out that a member of the royal family was replaced right underneath his nose, which he remained unaware of for ten years, he is not going to take it well.
    • The Duke discovering the switch (or at least the Charlotte is a spy for the Commonwealth) appears to be part of the plot of the first movie.

Charlotte - the original Ange - started out as the Princess's Body Double.
  • It's quite possible that the unrest that doubtlessly preceded the Albian Revolution already had the Royal Family concerned enough to start using decoys.
    • Jossed by Episode 8. Pickpocket Ange was just a poor lookalike, and no one knew about this but each other.

Charlotte and Ange will, at some point, have to go up against the rest of Team Principal.
  • At the end of the opening sequence, as Ange carries Charlotte and aims at the camera, the camera is rapidly zooming past the other members of Team Principal. In effect, Ange is shown turning her gun on her teammates.

Ange is male
  • She makes frequent references to the "Black Lizard Planet", which shares a name with a 1968 Japanese film about a man who disguises himself as a female criminal.

Dorothy is dead in the final episode
  • During Episode 11 When Dorothy and Angie arrive back at the school and Angie leaves to find Princess, Dorothy stays to tune the car when someone comes to the garage door we don't see who it is and then the scene changes, this could be someone from control here to remove the evidence of the spies and since Dorothy spoke out about not killing Princess they might need to remove her permanently.
    • Jossed, she's still with Control and worked to undermine the assassination.

Dorothy has been taken captive and will be used against the Princess in the Final Episode
  • The Person at the Garage door could have threatened/kidnapped Dorothy to use against the Princess in case she gets any ideas during the Takeover War.
    • Jossed, she's still with Control and worked to undermine the assassination.

Beatrice's voicebox isn't her only mechanical component
  • After all, given her father's obsession with machines, why would he stop at only one modification?
    • Episode 5 seems to lend this some additional credence. There are two very distinct metal-on-metal sounds when Beatrice is attacked. Once when taking taking a sword blow to the neck and another when her head hits the wall.
      • And where are Beatrice's artificial vocal cords located? Either way it's been jossed by Word of God.

The Prime Minister of the Commonwealth (or the equivalent thereof) will come to London on a state visit.
  • Few things could heat up a cold war conflict more effectively than a violent incident during a significant state visit. The stakes will never have been higher for Team White Dove.
    • Something close to this happens in Episode 5, when the Team prevents the assassination of the Japanese Ambassador.

Like Ange and Charlotte, Chise has an agenda independent of her employers'.

The various items and pieces of information retrieved by Team White Dove will be of great importance later.
  • Eric's research notes, the C-ball research team, the Commonwealth intelligence cipher... It would be quite in keeping with the series' penchant for hidden Chekov's Guns for all of these to be essential parts to one great scheme.

BOTH Ange and Charlotte are noble ...
  • "Without the Wall ..." If one of them were common or of little importance, crossing the Wall to be together should not be a problem.
    • Jossed as of episode 8. The original Ange was sadly impoverished.

Ange and Charlotte are half-sisters or cousins
  • The real Ange is a street orphan, but royal men sleep around with servants and prostitutes; the two girls could easily be close blood relatives, as close as half-sisters, explaining their similar appearance.

The C-ball can be applied to deflect bullets
  • Granted this is a series where Chise can flip cars with her katana, so realism is weak, but Ange charging machine guns (as in episode 3) is less over the top if the C-ball is messing with things around her. And she is glowing green, the sign of activation, for the entire fight.

Beatrice will die protecting Charlotte...
  • Probably at some point, Team White Dove will be cornered by the Duke's men leading Beatrice to take a shot meant for the princess.

Some of Team White Dove will survive the series' end
  • Beatrice(above) will die and Ange and Charlotte will die within the throne room. Only Dorothy and Chise will make it out and start new lives.

The Queen knows that "Princess" is not the real one.
  • Since the Grand Chamberlain, Winston, was able to figure it out, it's likely that the Queen is smart enough to realize that Princess isn't her real granddaughter.

A member of the royal family (i.e. one of Princess's "siblings") will be murdered.
  • Princess is presently fourth in line for the throne, and she's clearly stated she wants to do something about that. However, due to her demeanor, it is unlikely that she would go so far as killing one of her "siblings". That said, it's entirely possible that someone else will kill one of the heirs and Princess (and the rest of Team White Pigeon) will get caught up in the political disaster that follows.
    • The trailer for Chapter 2 of Crown Handler shows this appears to be the case.

Team White Pigeon will return to the laundromat from Episode 7 to lay low.
  • The episode was otherwise filler, but it would make a load of sense that the team would return to the place if they needed to hide. However, it is likely that if they do this, they'll still be discovered and the laundry girls will get caught in a crossfire. Princess will then tell the laundry girls the truth, and the girls will offer to help her because of all the team did for them.

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