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Tear Jerker / Princess Principal

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  • On the surface, Chise is at peace with the death of the father she just killed, Todo Jubei. Once she's left alone however, she tries to recite the pain removal "spell" her father taught her on herself, only to comment that it's not working.
    Chise: How strange. Your spell isn't working, father. It won't take away the pain in my heart.
  • The death of Dorothy's father in episode 6. What's even more tragic is that he genuinely does love and care for Dorothy, but now she'll never know the true extent of his feelings for her.
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  • The montage accompanying the current Ange's explanation of how difficult the real Ange's life is living as Princess Charlotte. Far from being a fairy tale rags-to-riches story, the real Ange was forced to painfully learn how to look and act as a Princess despite knowing nothing of how to act as royalty in order to survive, lest her deception be discovered. And she did this for over 10 years.
  • Dorothy's last conversation with Eleanor; the girl she called "Prefect," where she admits that she doesn't want to shoot her old friend. It gets worse seconds later, when Prefect commits suicide to take it out of her hands.
    • What makes this even worse is that Prefect, Ange and Dorothy were, according to Dorothy, the only three remaining members of their class from The Farm, implying that all the others may be dead.
  • Episode 11 has a couple of doozies:
    • When Ange and Charlotte first met, it was when the real Charlotte was about to commit suicide by jumping into the old well. Keep in mind that she was six or seven years old at the time.
    • After Ange tells Princess that plans have changed and Control has been taken over by military figures who want her dead, she offers to run away with her to Casablanca again. Princess still refuses, but much more angrily than last time, declaring that she never wants to see Ange again as she locks Ange in the storage room of a departing airship.
  • Episode 12 would brings tears to your eyes:
    • Ange learned that the Princess didn't hate her and that she said those harsh words to protect her.
    • After getting caught by Zelda, the Princess begs the soldiers present in the room not to start a coup, even revealing herself to them that she is an impostor by accident. It's quite likely she didn't care if her secret is discovered because she has spent years in grief believing Ange had died during the revolution and now she has lost her again.
  • Crown Handler, Part 1, has a rather tragic ending.
    • After Ange secures an escape for Winston, the latter is gunned down by an unknown assailant. His dying words to Ange are that if she keeps living a life of lies, she'll end up like him. Her facial expression shows his death hit her really hard, and not just from losing someone she's known since childhood (even if she hadn't seen him in years).
      • What's worse is that Ange may have been partially responsible for Winston's death. Since she tricked him into sending a panicked message to his associates, they probably decided to get rid of him as a result. Then again, the Duke of Normandy was already suspicious of him, so he may have been executed either way.


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