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  • In the second episode, the five explorers eject from the stolen Drule ship and fall into the sand. After Pidge makes a perfect landing, he finds Hunk's legs sticking out (likely fell in headfirst), so Pidge helps him out. He sees Hunk with a mouth full of sand.
    Pidge: That Hunk - plows head-first at everything. Your face is disgusting! (Hunk spits sand on Pidge's face.) Egh!
    • Hunk scares away their attackers deep into the caves:
    Hunk: You can hide... *hehehe* But I'll find you!
  • The flashback scene of Allura being entertained by the Space mice dancing to cancan music.
  • In episode 8, Nanny started chasing the mice away from the dinner table. As she was chasing them, Lance trips her (doubled as payback for kicking him in the shin earlier).
    Nanny: You little thieves! I don't cook for mice!
  • In episode 13, "The Witch Gets a Face Lift":
    Hunk: Where's that cat?
    (Haggar's cat leaps at Hunk's face)
    Hunk: Okay. Now I know.
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  • Pidge and Lance's argument in "The Buried Castle".
    Lance: Finding buried treasure only happens in old fairytales.
    Pidge: Yeah? Well, I just might find it, and if I do, I'm gonna charge you double to stay at my castle!
    Lance: (in mock horror) Cancel my reservation!
  • Zarkon (mockingly) suggesting Lotor should take up stamp-collecting in "Raid of the Red Berets".
  • When Pidge and Prince Bandor first meet in "My Brother is A Robeast".
    Prince Bandor: I dunno who you are, better start talkin'!
    Pidge: I don't know what to talk about, how 'bout sports or the weather?
  • In "Give Me Your Princess" Keith had to fly the Blue Lion in order to fight Lotor. At first Lotor seemed more impressed than worried, awkward...
  • In "Short Run of the Centipede Express", watching Haggar and Zarkon stumble into each other when the Centipede Express loses control.
    Haggar: (scathingly) Is this what they call a very slight turbulence?
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  • From "The Treasure of Planet Tyrus", the Drule robot who meets the Voltron Force while their all disguised as Drule soldiers.
    Drule Robot: We're here with orders from Prince Lotor to retrieve the treasure from this ship. You're not considered treasure.
  • In "The Traitor", as Keith places the last bomb:
    (A robot soldier appears and points his rifle)
    Keith: Oh hi. Of all the robots, you caught me first.
    (Joran attacks the robot from behind)
    Keith: We caught you last!
  • Some of Lance's facial expressions and moments can be pretty goofy.
  • The whole bit with Princess Allura's bikini top in "It Takes Real Lions".
  • From "The Mighty Space Mouse" the Mouse Plane, a mouse-scaled Voltron-like mecha for the Space Mice. They fight Haggar's cat in one episode, and we even get a Split-Screen Reaction shot that mirrors the actual Voltron team.
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  • Some of the episode titles are just so weird they're hilarious. A few that really stand out are "The Witch Gets a Face Lift", "Doom Boycotts the Space Olympics," "Breaking Up is Hard to Doom," and the one simply called "Coconuts."
  • Episode 45 proves Sven has been working on his sense of humor.
    Romelle: It looks like those Robeasts are having some kind of contest.
    Sven: Yes, I think they're trying to decide which one is the ugliest.
  • Haggar's last words to Lotor in "Final Victory" come across as rather silly.
    Haggar: (as her cat yowls and hisses at Lotor) Even Pussycat hates you!
  • From episode 11 of season 2, Cossack referring to the Black Lion as a "jalopy".
  • Allura and Queen Merla bonding over how insufferable Lotor can be in "A Ghost of a Chance".
    Allura: He thinks he's so great just because he's got big muscles.
    Merla: They're not really that big. I'll tell you a secret. Underneath his uniform he wears foam rubber shoulder pads.
  • Cossack picking a fight with Voltron in "War and Peace... And Doom!".
    Cossack: I'm going to fight Voltron myself! (Voltron intercepts the attack launched by Cossack's flagship) Uh, on second thought. Maybe I'll get a little help.
  • While Lotor goes though with the arranged marriage with Merla in "To Soothe the Savage Robeast", Merla is disappointed in his lack of enthusiasm.
    Lotor: Father, I am ready to marry Queen Merla as you have ordered.
  • In episode 15 of season 2, Merla lampshading the fact that Haggar's Robeasts can be a bit gaudy.
    Merla: Ivory tusks, how (Beat) ...stylish.
  • During a flashback in "Fleet of Doom", Lance remembering the time when he and Wolo yanked Cliff into the academy swimming pool.


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