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Episode 1: April showers bring May flowers

  • The scene where Elias forces Chise into a bath immediately after welcoming her to her new home. Naturally, the 15-year-old girl is a little reluctant to have Elias undress her. Afterwards, she's sitting in the bathtub with her hands over her face, expressing with horror that "he saw everything."
    Elias: Come now, stop mewling like a skittish kitten.
    • It's worth to note this exact scene, along with slave auction a minute before it, is the main reason for Audience-Alienating Premise and what throws most people far and away from the series, so it's a very much of an YMMV type of humour.

Episode 10: We Live and Learn

  • Ruth's reaction when Chise falls out of a tree:
    Ruth: Will. You. Be. Careful!
    Chise: (nervous laugh)
    Ruth: (Starts stretching her face) What kind of idiot plummets out of a tree and has no reaction?!

Episode 11: Lovers Ever Run Before the Clock

  • When Lindel first finds Elias and brings him to Rahab, Rahab asks Elias if he could become more human-sized. He turns into a kid version of himself.
  • At one point during Elias' apprenticeship, Lindel takes him skiing. Somehow, Elias faceplants into the snow during the downhill run.
  • After finding out Elias probably ate people Lindel's reaction?
    Lindel: I'd probably be tasty but please don't eat me.
    • It's a good thing Silver Lady cooks, because Elias is a terrible cook

Episode 13: East, West, Home's Best

  • The woolly bugs:
    • The darn things just float around, bumping into things. When one bumps into Chise, it whines when she pushes it away.
    • After finishing shaving one, Elias casually tosses it over his shoulder.
    • Chise finds out to shave only their torsos...after she's already completely shaved one. It sneezes in her lap.
    • After getting chilled by the snow bug, Chise falls asleep and wakes up to Elias having piled woolly bugs around her to warm her up. It worked a little too well for her comfort.
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  • Simon comes by for some cough medicine, and fondly recalls the first time Elias gave him the same medicine Chise offers him: Simon was hiding behind a bush, doing a poor job of stifling his cough, when Elias bonked him on the head with his staff and shoved a glass at him.
    Elias: Shut up.

Episode 17: Look Before You Leap

  • Selkie sends a Christmas gift of his own for Chise alongside Lindel's—a couple of fish.
  • Elias temporarily possesses Chise's body to negotiate payment for helping Stella find her brother. It would be much more of a Nightmare Fuel scenario if he didn't immediately cave at the promise of sweets.
  • When Elias and Ethan are trapped together, Ethan swings almost instantaneously from fright at Elias's appearance to giddy glee at his skull head. Ethan gets a more up-close look than Elias is comfortable with and in a panic changes his appearance to a white-haired Chise, retaining his baritone voice.
    Chise: Why do you look like me?
    Elias: A child's curiosity is terrifyingly powerful.

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