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Grand Blue features alcohol, idiots, and alcohol-fueled idiocy. Naturally it is the perfect environment for wacky hijinks and bad people being bad to each other, starting from the page image and only getting crazier from there.

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  • People being naked, especially when they really shouldn't be.
  • Iori and Kouhei being mean to each other.
    • The over-the-top hijinks that ensue whenever the mechanical engineering guys try to sabotage each other. With Friends Like These...
  • The "oolong tea"
    • Whenever anybody tries (and succeeds) to set "oolong tea" or "water" on fire
  • Every male characters' overreaction faces (usually when drinking) that resemble the eponymous entities from Attack on Titan, which gained the Fan Nickname "Titan Faces" from the fans.
  • Any time any characters express shock at the diving club ''actually doing things related diving''.
  • Chisa and Iori having to play as lovers.
  • The official site greets you with an image of the male cast joyfully jumping off a ship's deck. Click on the tagline (labelled with "Don't Click!"), and it swaps to an alternate version with the male cast naked with Titan Faces, and the female cast reacting accordingly.

    Chapters 1 & 2/Episode 1 
  • Ready to begin college, Iori Kitahara throws open the doors to the "Grand Blue" diving shop, and is greeted by naked men playing drinking games
  • Iori tries to escape, but is manhandled by Tokita and Kotobuki back to the shop
  • When pressured to engage with the drunken antics of the divers, Iori vehemently declines. One Gilligan Cut later, and Iori is also stripped down to his boxers and filled with booze, just in time to meet his cousin Chisa.
  • Iori tries to avoid the afterparty to make it to his university orientation on time, but Tokita and Kotobuki both assure him that he'll be on time with their help. He does make it, waking up outside the lecture hall in his boxers surrounded by onlookers
  • Iori realises he doesn't know the way home, and tries to get Chisa to lend him her clothes, earning him a trip with the nice men in blue. Later he tries to get Kouhei to do the same, ending in the same way.
  • For the sake of earning clothes from Kotobuki, Iori lure/trap Kouhei into joining the diving club by sweet talking him that in the university might exist a club full of high school girl that will fall head over heels on Kouhei and became his harem. (which is obviously did not exist.)
  • Tokita and Kotobuki "Welcoming" Kouhei into the Diving club.
  • The first appareance of "Oolong Tea" (90% Vodka + 10% Whiskey) in which will became the running gag of the series onward.
    • Iori complaining that the "Oolong Tea" is different from the one he knows of, His Seniors then replying that the drink have a same color and can be lit on fire. In which retorted by Iori that the fact it can be ignited means it is mostly alcohol.
    • proceeded by Tokita and Kotobuki offering Iori a "water", Iori does not fall for it anyway as he trying to put a fire on the "water" and it lights up.
  • Iori and Kouhei competing/sabotaging each other in order to be the one that will not joining the Diving club, ended up in a drinking contest.
    • In the contest, Kouhei win the 1st round by telling Iori that While he's not looking like one, he's actually an otaku.
    • While failed to make Iori laugh, Kouhei's attempt on making funny faces is actually hilarious.
    • The contest goes on until both Iori and Kouhei wasted from drinking too much. Kotobuki then offered both of them (what is seemingly) water as a refreshment, only for them to realized what Kotobuki just offered is Spirytus with 96% alcohol when they already chug the "water" down. Cue the hilarious reaction from both Iori and Kouhei while shouting "THIS ISN'T WATER!!"

    Chapters 3 & 4/Episode 2 
  • Iori goes home and greeted by his senpais and uncle in naked aprons.
  • Nanaka reveals that Iori has not been home for 3 days straight, and doesn't even know where his room is!
    • in manga, this statement is been used as a reason by Iori to decline Tokita and Kotobuki's invitation by saying that he haven't got a proper night's sleep, Kotobuki commented that he can get a proper sleep if he going to class properly and sleep throughout the lessons, in which retorted by Iori by telling Kotobuki to apologize to his parents that paying his tuition.
  • To help Iori convince Nanaka that he is responsible enough to go to a mixer, Tokita and Kotobuki help Iori decorate his room in a fashion befitting an "independent adult". Naturally, they don't get it right the first time.
    • Iteration 1: Adult videos, books and posters
      • When Iori (unaware of the decorations) shows his room to Nanaka, awkwardness ensues.
      • Tokita and Kotobuki offer an enraged Iori an AV as a welcoming gift. They view it together when Chisa arrives with a used shelf (a gift). Chisa drives the shelf into Iori's head when he invites her to join them in the viewing.
      • Iori is convinced to let his sempais continue helping after being offered another AV, requesting a freshman's room
    • Iteration 2: Anime merchandise (by Kouhei)
      • Iori beholds the decorations, and immediately destroys one of the wall posters, earning Kouhei's curses upon his descendants for ruining his "Otaku living-alone starter set"
      • Kouhei was baited into helping with a (nonexistent) AV of middle-school girls!
      • Iori (enraged again) declares that he wants the "opposite" of the current "otaku" room, which is rapidly misintepreted by Kouhei, leading to.....
    • Iteration 3: BL/yaoi books, posters and videos (again by Kouhei)
      • Kouhei gave Iori the opposite of his otaku merchandise (which displayed female characters), turning his room into a yaoi paradise.
      • Nanaka arrives to help with the decoration and Iori tries to convince her to leave. Audio from a yaoi AV (heard through the door) confuses Nanaka about Iori's orientation, prompting another awkward misunderstanding
      • Iori goes "super saiyan" with determination to appeal to Nanaka's siscon tendencies, resulting in.....
    • Iteration 4: Chisa's face plastered over everything

    Chapters 5 & 6/Episode 3 
  • Iori and Kouhei are being forced to enter the male beauty pageant unless they can get Chisa to enter the female beauty pageant. So commences their quest to persuade her, with only one problem in their way: Azusa.
    • Iori's reaction when realized the "Friend" that Nanaka consulted about his orientation in previous episode is actually Azusa. Moreover, Iori can't straighten out the misunderstanding to her as Azusa confessed to him that she also interested in both sexes, making Iori feel awkward to explain to her as Azusa just told Iori her secret.
    • Eventually Azusa does persuade Chisa to participate, but she does so on one condition: both Iori and Kouhei participate too!

    Chapters 7 & 8/Episode 4 

    Episode 5 
  • The mixer is a colossal trainwreck of sabotage, starting from Aina and her friends all showing up in "Cakey"-style heavy makeup, and ending with all of the boys being too busy backstabbing each other to accomplish anything.

    Episode 6 
  • The boys all make plans to cheat on their German test, and each one starts to go awry.
    • Their German teacher takes pity on them and hands out a few "freebie questions"... that involve translating very complex or nonsensical phrases.
  • Aina introduces herself to the Peek-a-Boo members, but each time it cuts back to the male members they get increasingly naked. She then gets increasingly flustered as she gets exposed to the eccentricities of the female members of the club, before weeping over the fact that there's nobody else in the club that's normal.
    • Her reactions to the club's naked Rock-Paper-Scissors is a near-perfect recreation of Iori's own first reactions.
  • Iori and Kouhei have an argument over whether mushroom snacks or bamboo snacks are better, and as usual, are forced to settle it with a game. The game of choice is... a Pocky game, naturally suggested by Azusa. However, without any Pocky, they settle with the next best thing — a log of hard candy. Cue the suggestive silhouette.
    Ryuujirou: This looks worse than I imagined.
    Azusa: We can't let Chii-chan and Aina see this.
  • Ryuujirou and Shinji test Iori's and Kouhei's knowledge of hand signals used in diving. As expected, they terribly misinterpret it.

    Episode 7 
  • The engineering boys visit Iori's room, and mistake the various items left strewn about by the other club members as his own, creating the misconception that he's into crossdressing.
  • During the tennis match, Iori and Kouhei discover the rest of the Peek-a-Boo members were sabotaged as Tinkerbell gave them some very strong drinks, leaving them too drunk to play. They counter-sabotage Tinkerbell by switching their drinks.
  • The whole diving club tries to cheer Chisa on... with "Nice buddy!" after she displays exceptional teamwork. All traces of subtlety vanish when she delivers a good bodyshot, which elicits cheers of "Nice body!"
  • After Kouhei's displays of mediocrity, Iori salvages his match... by knocking Kouhei out with his serve, allowing them to swap out with team powerhouses Ryuujirou and Shinji.

    Episode 8 
  • Kouhei and Iori, while trying out at Ryuujirou's bartending part-time job, watch him prepare a couple gin limes for Azusa and Chisa. Aina orders a screwdriver, and they get very Literal-Minded about it. She tells them off, and they apologize and serve her another screwdriver... a flathead screwdriver.
  • The bar owner misinterprets Iori's sexual orientation. After he gets instantly intoxicated on Peek-a-Boo-style "oolong tea", Iori leans into his ear, whispering "If you fall asleep here, I don't know what's going to happen to you." The bar owner sobers up immediately.
  • An unintentional one through translation: The mechanical engineering guys attempt to sabotage Yuu's night with his childhood friend, first by posing as a postman delivering adult videos (abbreviated "AV" in Japanese) to his door. Yuu clumsily covers this up by explaining "AV" as short for "animal videos". The subs, however, translate "adult video" to "porn video" and omit the abbreviation, which makes Yuu's explanation sound a lot worse even in context.

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