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  • All the omakes in the series cut away from the action and focus on Mikami and Kyouka trying out different genres of games. They're all hilarious.
    • Omake 1 takes the form of an RPG as the unseen player pays an absurd amount of money to customise Kyouka and buy a weapon, only for said weapon to break after one battle.
    • Omake 2 is a parody of Super Mario Bros. where Kyouka continually eats Super Mushrooms, grows big and effortlessly breezes through the game while Mikami struggles to finish the game. Then, as a win reward, Kyouka asks for more Super Mushrooms.
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    • Omake 3 is a parody of 'Escape the Room' games where Kyouka continuously breaks the game by finding alternative ways to obtain clues, while Mikami tries to follow the actual clues to escape the room.
    • Omake 4 involves Kyouka struggling to stay awake, while an offscreen prompt pressures her to follow the schedule, only to fail as she falls asleep again.
    • Omake 5 takes the form of another RPG, where Mikami uses Kyouka to win the game for him by lying to her that the reward would allow her to increase her measurements. Later, when the reward is different, an upset Kyouka uses the reward, which is to be the Demon Lord for a day, to wreak havoc on the world.
    • Omake 6 is a parody of Mario Kart where Mikami, desperate to win against Kyouka, picks the hardest course and the fastest cart, but Kyouka's luck allows her to win. With the slowest cart.

  • When Mikami accidentally touches Kyouka's breast and tries to evade the fact, Kyouka takes offence when he accidentally mentions the word 'small'.
    • Later on, Kyouka looks at herself in the mirror, and the first thing she says is 'Milk...Everyday.'.

  • When deciding on a place to discuss, Kyouka takes one look at Mikami's club members in the club room playing a dating game, and immediately suggests a cafe.

  • As Itsuki talks with Mikami and Kyouka in the cafe, Kyouka notes that her behaviour is weird, and theorises that she is another player trying to get information out of Mikami. Then, Itsuki asks the two of them if they are going out. Cue dumbfounded response from Kyouka.

  • When Ichirou and Hiromi enter the Supervillain Lair, the pair of scissors Hiromi is spinning around falls onto the floor. When she bends down to pick it up, numerous pairs of scissors fall out of her bag, and Ichirou's first thought is 'Screw This, I'm Outta Here!'

  • As the villainous group exits the Supervillain Lair while Mikami and Kyouka are hidden in the vicinity doing reconnaissance, the Emperor Gentleman hears Mikami's voice coming out from Kyouka's communication device and asks the rest if they heard anything. Then, this exchange happens.
Mariko: No, no, no way...Did you hear the shout of love inside my heart? Please marry me.
Stratos: (In response) You make me sick!

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