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  • Every time someone from Loki familia expresses jealousy towards Bell for how much Aiz pays attention to him. Much more common in Sword Oratoria since they're the viewpoint characters there.
  • Sword Oratoria in general makes much of Bell's interactions with Aiz in the main series retroactively hilarious. While Bell tends to view her as a Lady of War and The Stoic, her own narration reveals that she's internally agonizing about everything she does and terrified she's being too rough or harsh with him.
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  • Everytime Aiz of all people displays Clingy Jealous Girl tendencies towards Bell, especially when she thinks Bete is his idol.


  • How the whole Minotaur incident started in the manga adaptation. There were a large group of Minotaurs, but instead of being scared, Bete, Tione, and Tiona all adopt Slasher Smiles. As the three beat down the Minotaurs, they become so terrified they flee from the three, forcing Loki familia to clean up the mess. As a bonus, there were Raul's expressions in the background as it all played out in front of him.
  • Loki's introduction in the spin-off is... about as hilarious as her introduction in the main-series actually. She rushes out of the Loki Familia mansion to grope one of her members, but Aiz, Tione and Tiona all dodge her, leaving Lefiya in the line of fire, causing her to get groped by her goddess. Loki comments Lefiya's boobs became bigger.
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  • When Tiona is upset about her small breasts, Loki comes out of nowhere, saying she'll help rub them bigger, but once more, she is dodged and once more, Lefiya is the one that ends up getting groped.
  • While getting a status update, Loki says she's drunk and her hand "might" slip. Aiz then stabs a knife mere centimeters from Loki's fingers and she's Suddenly Sober.
  • The entire exchange between Tione and Amid as they negotiate a price for Tione selling the Cadmus skin to Amid's familia. It starts with Tione demanding more than double Amid's initial offer, shocking even Tione's companions. As it continues, Tione even shamelessly lies about putting their lives on the line to defeat the Cadmus dragon when she just picked it up.
  • When the Goibniu familia see Tiona, they're shocked that the Destroyer is back, and one of them outright faints to learn her weapon, which was custom-made using rare materials and several sleepless nights, was destroyed.
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  • While Aiz, Lefiya and the twins go shopping for clothes, the twins pick out a number of girly outfits for Aiz to try on. One of which is Hestia's standard outfit, boob-ribbon included!
  • At the same time as when Hestia tries to do an Indirect Kiss with Bell, Aiz and Loki are going through the same thing with Loki trying to get an Indirect Kiss by feeding Aiz her food, to which Aiz continuously rejects her, before Loki promises to stop if she gets fed Aiz's food. Aiz hears Bell and Hestia going through the same thing in the above scene and remarks how she's not the only one experiencing these problems.
  • Lefiya tries inviting Aiz into a study session with her and Riveria. Unfortunately, Aiz Flashbacks to how much of a Stern Teacher Riveria is and leaves Lefiya to her fate.
  • Tione tries to seduce Finn Through His Stomach. Unfortunately, what she cooked is horrible and Raul can be seen offering Finn stomachache medicines for which Finn is grateful.
    • It turns out to be unnecessary as Finn manages to trick Tione into eating it all, under the guise of them splitting the food.
    • Upon being told she could hang out with Finn if she finishes it quickly, Tione promptly finishes the massive meal in mere moments.
  • Aiz is shocked to learn the loan sword from the Goibniu familia cost 40 million valis, forcing her to work overtime in the Dungeon to pay it off.
  • The Loki Familia needs to get past a crowd. Finn's idea is to just crawl under them using his small size. Tione however doesn't want him to be in danger alone and instead threatens the crowd. It works, and they give her a wide berth.
  • A murder happened in Rivira, and because of the circumstances, every high-levelled female adventurer is a suspect, even the females of the Loki familia that just arrived. However, because they know the female has large breasts, they immediately cross off Tiona as a suspect, making her angry at yet another reminder that she's flat. They also rule out Tione because the female was good at seducing, while Tione... isn't.
  • As part of the murder investigation, it is decided that every female adventurer will be searched, so Bors enthusiastically gives the order for every woman to strip, causing every guy to cheer and every woman to roar in anger. In spite of all that, the women were perfectly happy to let Finn search them since they're big fans of him.
  • After Riveria tells Aiz to give Bell the lap pillow in the main series, she waits expectantly for good news at the guild. Then Aiz walks in, crouched over like a zombie, and softly moaning that he ran away again. Riveria tries valiantly, but ends up bursting into a fit of giggles, much to Aiz's annoyance, who throws a tantrum. This is especially hilarious considering Riveria advised Aiz to give him a lap pillow as a well to "compensate him" and to result in her growing as a person, thinking to herself that it wasn't like he would run away or anything.
  • Hermes familia, who are more powerful than they have reported, are shocked to see how powerful Aiz is in action, and they ask themselves if they were even needed for the quest they're doing together.
  • Lefiya catches Aiz with Bell, shocking her speechless and leaving her in a state where the other members of the Loki familia can't approach her.
  • When Aiz comes back from her training session with Bell, Lefiya asks who the boy she was with is, shocking Aiz who thought no one saw her and making her worried she'll be in trouble with the other higher-ups.
  • Aiz lies to Bell about her reasons for giving him a lap pillow, claiming it's because he'd recover faster. Bell doesn't believe it and Aiz admits it's because she wanted to give him one. Bell also admits he likes it but finds it embarassing unless he's unconscious, which causes Aiz to get a glint in her eyes.
  • While Dionysus is talking to Lefiya, Filvis just sits there drinking with all the air of a refined elf. And then Dionysus tells Lefiya that Filvis has been talking about her a lot, making Filvis Spit Take and the air of refinement she was giving is destroyed just like that as Filvis gets embarrassed.
  • Aiz horrifies herself when she comes to the conclusion that Bell's idol and the person he wants to catch up to is Bete.
  • In an omake, Loki manages to convince her familia to wear sailor clothes uniforms:
    • Loki only got uniforms for girls, forcing the guys to wear skirts.
    • Gareth comes to the conclusion that these clothes are what the actual sailors wear instead of the school uniforms they actually are.
    • Riveria is too embarrassed by the uniform to come out of the changing room.
    • Finn, despite being a male, pulls off wearing the girl's uniform quite well, causing Loki and Tione to show their approval.
      Loki: It's a legal trap!
      Tione: It's a really cute schoolgirl cosplay!
      Narration: At that moment, Tione stepped into the realm of the gods.
  • At the Denatus, the sheer Mood Whiplash when Ganesha reveals that he's specifically mourning the fact that Hashana died while having sex.
  • When Bell is at the Loki familia camp and Bete is looking for him, Aiz gets an Imagine Spot of Bell happily reporting his level up to Bete, which makes her younger dream self begin throwing a tantrum. She then lies to Bete's face about where Bell is.
  • At one point when Bell is being his usual self, Aiz wonders if he is uncomfortable with her touching him so much, resulting in her coming to the horrified conclusion that she might be becoming like Loki.
  • Despite Aiz's usual stoic attitude, after Bell accidentally gets a good look at her at the hot spring, the two can't even look at each other without blushing out of mutual embarrassment. She even acts flustered in a way not too different from how Bell would react when she is later questioned about the incident.
  • Loki manages to get most of her female members to wear swimsuits. The one exception is Riveria, whom she's given a sling bikini. Riveria for her part could only be paralysed in fear staring at how lewd it is.


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