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  • Lefiya's turn at this was when the flower shaped monsters were rampaging through town. After being impaled through her waist she refuses to leave Ais and the others behind as they didn't have their weapons. She then proceeds to use her magic and copy one of Riveria's spells, freezing the monsters solid and saving the day.
  • She may be a villain, but Revis stopped Lefiya's spell with her bare hands.
  • A huge monster suddenly appeared, but working as a group, Loki familia managed to take it down with the other adventurers at the 18th floor barely being able to help out at all. This moment among other things show everyone just why the Loki familia is considered one of the strongest.
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  • Chapter 14 (Episode 5 in the anime) of the Sword Oratoria manga has Finn show why he's a Level 6 and called the Braver by matching and surpassing the murderous Tamer. He only gets a broken finger from a punch he threw at her because of how durable her body was.
  • In the main series, it was mentioned that Aiz managed to beat a deep-floor floor boss by herself. Here, we get to see it happen, and it's INCREDIBLE! We see every moment, every time Aiz came close to dying only to rise back up with minimal support from Riveria, taking on hordes of mooks summoned by Udaeus and doing massive damage to the floor boss itself before finally achieving victory. She almost died several times, and was bloodied and barely conscious at the end of it, but we see first hand just why Aiz is one of the strongest adventurers in Orario.
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  • The thing that announced Bete, Lefiya and Filvis' entering the pantry at the 24th floor was Lefiya's wild range fire magic, the power behind that shot even scared one of the mage in Hermes Familia.
  • The battle with the Demi-Spirit in Chapter 39 of the Sword Oratoria manga starts with it unleashing not one, but two wide-scale magic attacks that ultimately decimate the Loki expedition. It broke their spirits, left Riveria and Gareth down for the count, and all seemed hopeless. Then Finn gives a rousing speech that not only gets them back on their feet, but pushes them to face the enemy.
  • The whole battle at the 59th floor definitely counts. From Lefiya protected them from the Demi-Spirit's lighting, to Gareth slashing through the vines, and with the last drop of her mind power, Lefiya fired a magic to save Ais. And don't forget Tsubaki, who wielded Gareth's axe and Tiona's Urga at the same time.

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