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Funny / Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

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  • Every time Bell gets subjected to Marshmallow Hell:
    • Eina does so to tease Bell after he mistakes her for being far older than she really is.
    • After Demeter and the other goddesses follow Hestia to see her date, they all fawn over Bell, cuddling and stroking him. When an exhausted Bell manages to stumble out from the crowd of goddesses, he collapses right into Demeter's bosom, and once he's there Demeter won't let him go, pressing his face ever closer, much to Hestia's jealousy.
      • Volume 9 of the spin-off proves this is pretty much standard operating procedure for Demeter as she even did it to Aiz when she was younger.
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    • Hestia herself after breaking up a fight between Mord by releasing her divine power, she runs to the Bell and tackle hugs him where she plants her boobs firmly on his face.

Main Series

  • Bell running up to Eina asking for information on Aiz....while soaked in blood. He gets labelled the "Tomato Kid" by Bete for this incident.
  • When Bell first meets Mama Mia, she says that Syr told her that he has the gluttony of a horse, prompting him to stare at Syr in shock. When he tries to protest, Syr just tries to guilt trip him into spending lots of money at their pub.
  • Loki came to the Banquet of the Gods just to laugh at Hestia, making fun of her height and how she's so poor. Hestia turns the tables by pointing out that it's really Loki who's the laughing stock since she has a flat chest. Hestia then proceeds to flaunt her own oversized assets and cackle at Loki. This eventually devolves into a fight between the two with Loki and Hestia, two literal Physical Goddesses, pulling on each others cheeks and calling each other names. Bonus points for the surrounding gods placing bets on who will win. How many times has this happened before?
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  • Hestia forces Bell to go a date with her, and tries to get an Indirect Kiss out of him by feeding him her crepe. But Bell can't bring himself to eat a goddess's food and instead offers up his own. Bell notices Hestia has some whipped cream on her face and as he points it out, his hand flushes red and steams with embarrassment, to which Hestia wants Bell to wipe it off for her. Bell does so and Hestia absolutely delighted.
  • Upon first seeing Bell with Lily, Hestia becomes so depressed that she becomes drunk in Miach's presence, and she becomes so drunk she yells loudly that she loves Bell and a lot of other embarrassing things. Keep in mind that there are other people present as well. Miach for his part considers it a blessing Bell wasn't there at least.
  • When the other goddesses interrupt Hestia's "date" with Bell, they immediately swarm him to get a close look at the boy who managed to earn the affections of one of the infamous virgin goddesses, subjecting him to Marshmallow Hell in the process. He manages to escape, but says he has no regrets left with a smile on his face.
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  • When Bell wakes up after overusing his magic and causing Mind Down, he sees Aiz Wallenstein, his crush, has saved him and given him a lap pillow while he was unconscious. Horrified and embarrassed, he starts to get up....and continues the motion into a continuous Unnecessary Combat Roll down the pathway while screaming like a little girl. Aiz is left frozen, wondering what the hell just happened.
  • Bell realises the book he read was a grimoire, an incredibly expensive item which is now just dead weight after he got magic from it and goes to Syr, who tries to deflect any responsibility for the loss of the valuable item by acting cute.
  • Bell goes to meet Eina at the Guild... and finds her speaking with Aiz. He promptly runs away - and crashes against a muscled guy. When he drops, he falls face first - against Aiz's rear. His screech is hilarious.
  • Bell gets to train with Aiz, the girl of his dreams. Naturally, he's ecstatic... until he realizes she's a bit of an airhead who decides the best way to train him is beat the everloving snot out of him.
  • Aiz decides that it's time for her and Bell to do sleep training, claiming that it's an important skill for adventurers. Bell realises she's just sleepy, but she refuses to admit it.
  • The Good Angel, Bad Angel-esque Ham-to-Ham Combat between Bell's dead Grandfather and Hestia over whether or not he should kiss the sleeping Aiz, which culminates in his Grandfather blasting Hestia (a goddess, remember) out of Bell's mind, apparently with nothing but sheer Hamminess.
    • This might be a bit of Fridge Brilliance considering Bell's grandfather is Zeus. He's much more powerful than Hestia, so that combined with the fact that he's been Bell's caretaker long before Hestia would mean he's a much larger influence on his actions than her.
  • In the novels, after levelling up, Bell finds himself in the presence of several gods and goddesses who were extremely eager to get him to join their familia. One of the gods accuse Bell of "stealing his heart" and call him 'Naughty rabbit' in an attempt to make him join his familia. They get curious about his "back" so one offers him lots of money to show them his back. However, they decide that forcefully stripping Bell is another "taste" leading him to run away at full speed.
  • After forming a contract with Bell, Welf immediately rubs it in the face of the other smiths who were also hoping to make a contract.
  • After Ryuu explains the lore behind the Crozzo family and how the swords they made burned down an elven forest with the result being elves hate the Crozzo family, Bell becomes dumbfounded when she explains that she herself doesn't share the hate.
  • When Hermes tricks Bell into peeking on the girls while they're bathing, Bell has a flashback to his grandfather.
    Bell's Grandpa: Bell, peeking is part of a man's romance.
    Bell: Grandpa!
  • Bete gets pissed upon learning that Bell got a glimpse at Aiz while she was naked, but it's obvious he's pissed off at the fact that he never got a opportunity himself. He's dragged off by Tione and Tiona, explaining Hermes tricked him into it and is getting his just desserts, which is him being tied upside down by his assistant. He's quite happy about it. Lefiya is also seen glaring daggers at Bell for the same reason.
  • When Hestia buys some perfume in Rivira, and Lily points out it is a needless expense. Hestia fires back by asking Bell if he likes a woman that smells of sweat. Aiz checks if she smells.
  • Now that they have the money and resources, Hestia and Lily wonders if they should hire maids to do their cleaning and cooking. That is until they saw a very happy Bell who is now daydreaming about a harem of maids serving him all day. Hestia and Lily both agree to reject the idea.
    • In Bell's dream, we do get to see a maid, behind Bell, that looks awfully like Aiz. Seriously, look at it.
  • After Haruhime innocently holds hands with Bell, Hestia declares that contact between men and women is forbidden. Lili points out that the rule means Hestia cannot touch Bell, not even to update his status, so she changes the rules to allow contact but not flirting - to which Lili fires back that she's the worst in that regard. Then Mikoto and Welf (who are smitten with Takemikazuchi and Hephaistos, respectively) ask about the possibility of being in a relationship with gods and Hestia agrees with the idea - only for Lili to point out the Double Standard behind that. Hestia drops the idea down and asks Bell what he would do if a goddess declared her love for him - only for poor Oblivious to Love Bell to indirectly shoot her down. Hestia runs out of their mansion crying.


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