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  • The scene where Yoh tries to help Manta confront the Dead Enders from the first episode.
    Manta: "Why'd you have to tie me up?"
    Yoh: "I was tired."
    Manta: "Tired of what!?"
    Yoh: "Sitting on you."
  • The look on Amidamaru's face at the beginning of episode 2, "Guardian Ghost" was priceless.
  • Anytime Ren gets called out is usually funny.
    Horohoro: "What?"
    Ren: "You heard me. I said a bar of soap will have gotten it by now. And in case you haven't known, I'm implying you are a complete imbecile."
    (Horohoro then proceeds to attack him)
  • Anytime Ryu tries hitting on a girl is totally hilarious. And Lyserg.
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  • There's this one blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene in Episode 18. When Mikihisa tried waking Ryu after he'd been knocked out by Tammy.
    Ryu: (still in a stupor) "BE MY LADY!"
    Mikihisa: (totally deadpan) "Ryo... release my leg."
  • All the gags involving Billy, Ryu's truck driving friend.
  • Manta and Opacho: "Stop following us!" "No." "Stop following us!" "No!"
  • The English dub had Chocolove in one part of Episode 41. When Anna got Ren pissed off after she mocked him about hiding his emotions about Jun.
    Anna: "I hope you're not in the market, Ren, because the whole I don't show my emotions thing, it has no appeal to a girl."
    Ren: (pissed off) "NO APPEAL?"
    Chocolove: (while holding up a banana peel) "NO A PEEL!!!" (Cue everyone turning white and Ren repeatedly attacking Chocolove with Rapid Tempos).
  • Chocolove using his comedy routine to put an end to Nyorai and "Team Dairedo" by having Mic use his Giant Over Soul and... dance. It's so funny in fact that it actually gets the revenge obsessed Nichrom to laugh (if only for a while).
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  • By the end of the episode "Spirit Busters" every ghost that Fudo imprisoned has been freed, and Manta has become a shaman, but nobody knows where Mosuke ran off too. So they all assume that he crossed over safe and sound. Mosuke however would disagree.
    Amidamaru: "I'm sure he's happily floating in the great spirit stream."
    Mosuke: "I'm in the laptop! Guys! Will somebody please, hit the escape key!"
  • After Ren gets better and saves Lyserg, he actually thanks everyone for their help!
    Faust: "Maybe I put him back together wrong!"
  • After driving to Mesa Verdede in search of the Patch Tribe, only to find that it's full of tourists, Yoh and company promptly Face Fault an entire van.
  • Ryu's ever-changing hairdo.
  • When Yoh and company face off against Boris, they complain about having to fight a fictional character, and that one guy in his group (a black-haired man with a long mustache and hair horns) looks way more like Dracula than he does. Boris suffers a brief Villainous BSOD from this, before killing said teammate and drinking his blood.
  • Hao threatens to reveal the name of the girl Horohoro loves has to count as this, after reaffirming that he can read minds.
    • Made even funnier when Hao reveals later on that his mind-reading powers don't work that way.
  • Chocolove gets one on the international level and that's epic considering how jokes are lost in translation. In one scene from the anime:
    Ren: "Anna!"
    Chocolove: "Banana!!"
  • Every time that Ryu reacts to something cute you can't help but to laugh considering it's amazing how many sexual orientations he has.
  • In the second half of the series, Ren's spiky grows every time he is mad to the point it surpasses Faust and Ryu's height. Even Bason and Hana are surprised due to how long it becomes.
  • After Ren's first appearance, the dub actually worked Never Say "Die" into a pretty funny joke.
    Manta: "Shouldn't you be training or something? I think this guy wants to take you out!"
    Yoh (half asleep): "Take me where?"


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