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  • Yuji quickly gets over being intimidated by Shana, as can be seen in this exchange that quickly descends into childishness following a long day hunting for Friagne:
    Yuji: (noticing Shana opening a bag of candy) I'll take one of those.
    Shana: No, these are mine.
    Yuji: Come on, you have more than enough. Just give me one. I need the energy boost.
    Shana: I don't care.
    Yuji: Hey! Wasn't I useful today figuring out that Devourer of the City stuff?
    Shana: Forget it. Don't think you can can boss me around just because you scored some points by chance.
    Alastor: (exasperated sigh)
    Yuji: Just one tiny piece.
    Shana: No.
    Yuji: Come on!
    Shana: No!
    Yuji: Gimme one!
    Shana: NO.
    Yuji: Stingy!
    Shana: (actually shocked) What did you say? I couldn't quite hear you.
    Yuji: Mega-stingy!
    Shana: (legitimately insulted) What was that? Mega-what?
    Yuji: You heard me. Hand over the candy, stingy!
    Shana: Absolutely NOT!
    (the two are now glaring at each other lividly)
    Yuji: Did you say 'absolutely'?
    Shana: Yeah, so what?
    Yuji: You just proved you're mega-stingy.
    Shana: You said it again?!
    Yuji: Yeah, I said it. So what?
    Chigusa: (who Yuji and Shana are supposed to be hiding from) Yu-chan, what are you doing down there?
    Shana: You've been found out, huh, Yu-chan? Ha, ha! (bursts out laughing)
    Yuji: Alastor.
    • The manga adaptation really goes to town on their expressions, making it even funnier.
  • Shana detects Lamies on the school's roof in the middle of class. She immediately announces she has a stomach ache and that Yuji needs to take her home. The problem is, she doesn't do anything to make her excuse convincing and instead looks like this.
  • Yuji apologizes to Shana for his inconsiderate behavior, but does not tell her that during their estrangement he went on an outing with Kazumi, expecting Alastor to break it to her. Then he finds out while talking with Lamies that Alastor didn't want to tell her either.
    Lamies: I checked on how that sleeping beautynote  was doing too. She's a good girl. Don't make her cry.
    Shana: What are you talking about?
    Yuji: (avoiding Shana's eyes) Al...Alastor, didn't you tell her about it?
    Alastor: What did you want me to tell her?
    Shana: (irritated) So what are you talking about? Why are you two being so secretive?
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  • During episode 5 of season 2, Shana comes home to find smoke running along the ceiling. Understandably she thinks they are under attack, only to find that its the result of Wilhelimina's cooking attempt. Not particularly funny on its own, but what really sells it is the battle music that starts playing just as Shana walks through the door, only to abruptly cut off as she discovers what's happening.
  • Season 2, Episode 22: The writers have some fun when Shana discovers that Yuji is getting a younger sibling. She promptly asks where babies come from. From Yuji, Yuji's parents, and then of Yoshida. Yoshida glances at Alastor:
    Alastor: Please don't make me do it!
    • Fridge Brilliance: Shana's been training as a Flame Haze since she was a young child. Human Reproduction would have never come up in her training.
  • Season 3, Episode 8 ("The War Begins"): Two low-level Denizens are patrolling the hallways of the Star of Darkness. One of them complains about how all of their compatriots are out fighting in a war, then remarks that their enemies aren't going to just show up in the middle of the hallway… only for Khamsin and Rebecca to make their presence known by the latter's voicing of the exact same lamentation of boredom.

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