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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Shakugan no Shana fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

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Itadaki No Hecate by JohnPeacekeeper

  • Recommended by omegaman, nitewind, Kazeto
  • Status: Active ("Season 1" currently completed, "Season 2" is dormant)
  • Synopsis: What if Hecate had met Yuji first? The world flows down a similar pattern to one already known, but how different will this new path of possibilities be? Follow the story of a girl who learns that she is not just a Priestess.
  • Pairings: YujixHecate, one-sided KazumixYuji, one-sided Yukari HiraixYuji
  • Comments: Alongside Shakugan no Yuji?, which is below, this is probably the best Shakugan no Shana Fan Fic out there. The characterization and relationships are so spot on, that one can easily have seen the actual series unfolding in such a way. Hecate's motivations, her Heel–Face Turn, and her interactions with Yuji are incredibly believable, the Crimson Denizens are portrayed empathetically without whitewashing their conduct, Margery Daw sides with Bal Masqué for a very credible reason, and the Flame Haze, while antagonists, do not suffer from Ron the Death Eater. Please note that JohnPeacekeeper has several other Shakugan no Shana stories that are good and worth checking out, but this one is truly great. In this story, he has thoroughly mastered characterization, plot development, and pacing. Please note that I am most emphatically a ShanaxYuji shipper, so understand how good this must be for me to recommend it.
    • Has a tropes page that is in need of some love.

Shakugan no Yuji? by Markal

  • Recommended by omegaman, nitewind
  • Status: Dead (Last Updated November 27, 2009)
  • Synopsis: "The Writer of Questionable Stories accidentally commits a horrible mistake. The world is displaced. Chaos ensues." Namely, the characters of Shakugan no Shana have had their roles in the story switched, i.e., Sakai Yuji is the Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter and Shana is the Mystes of the Reiji Maigo. Tremble, ye mortals.
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  • Pairings: ShanaxYuji, one-sided HecatexYuji
  • Comments: Despite being a Dead Fic, this is a truly fantastic story, one of the best Shakugan no Shana fanfics out there (not that there are many of said fanfics out there, quality or otherwise). The essential conceit of this story is that it is an Alternate Universe Fic. Markal then brilliantly illustrates how the story differs from the canon and how it remains the same. The characterizations are fantastic: the core elements of the characters remain true to their canon counterparts, but Markal convincingly and organically demonstrates how the differing circumstances the characters are in would impact both the characters themselves and the plot. Just for example, take Shana and Yuji. Unlike her canon counterpart, her being a human/Mystes in this story means that while her essential Tsundere and hotheaded nature is retained, she is more well-versed in social norms and cognizant of her feelings than Flame Haze Shana. Also, "Mystes Shana" plays a more active combat role than "Mystes Yuji" (prior to his Took a Level in Badass). Flame Haze Yuji maintains the empathetic and compassionate nature of his canon self, but is a much more cunning Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter than canon Shana is. Finally, the writing and grammar are impeccable.

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