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Fridge Brilliance

  • Yoh and Hao's coffee scene can be really deep despite the context. Through this we learn that Yoh does not hate Hao or he is afraid of him unlike his friends. Yoh instead wishes to befriend Hao but he cannot feel love from Hao since his interest lies more on people that act like him. As a result, Yoh does not call Hao "Brother" but is waiting for the right moment. Yoh himself considers Hao more mature than him even though Anna refers to Hao as a strong baby which makes him try more coffee since Hao called him a kid. Once Hao unconsciously opens up and talks with his mother Yoh finally calls Hao "Big brother" since he is now sure Hao can love.
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  • Yoh and company complain that Dracula shouldn't be able to walk around out in the sunlight, to which Dracula replies by telling them not to confuse him with what human fiction says about him. In the original story, Dracula was also able to walk around in sunlight (though he wasn't able to use any of his powers.)
  • Regarding Anna's pregnancy:
    • When Redseb comments that he imagines his mother would have been like Anna if she was alive, Anna gets a little flustered: Of course, she is already pregnant.
    • When Anna faces Hao he tried to goad her into unleashing her whole power, remarking that she was uncharacteristically weak. This makes sense after realizing she's several months into her pregnancy- three months at the very least. So either the baby was already taking its toll or she was purposely holding back so as not to strain her body too much and harm the baby. Also, Hao cannot read her mind, so he'd be unaware of that fact.

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