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  • How about when Yoh who realizes that the only way to save Tokagero's soul, someone who has never been able to trust anyone due to his mother literally giving him her flesh so that he could survive the famine, is to place complete trust in him by giving him control of his own body. And it works! As Anna points out, it could have easily backfired and killed Yoh, but as it turns out that what Tokagero really wanted was not revenge on Amidamaru but inner peace and love like what he felt long ago in his mother's arms. In fact the whole Tokagero possesses Ryu arc is one giant Heartwarming Moment.
    • It's just as heartwarming in the anime (even without the entire backstory) when Yoh makes the proposition.
  • While it was a small moment, the Lily's Five standing up to the X-Laws in episode 36. All to protect Yoh and the gang from the murderous group of Shamans was very noble of the girls. Even though the ladies were way out of their weight class, it was nice to see that they actually care.
  • Seeing Faust and Eliza together (and I'm not talking about the creepy skeleton version).
    • And Faust declaring that he now devotes himself to protecting Yoh after it was revealed that Anna restored Eliza to her original form.
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    • Their declaration as they prepare to fight the team of ice Shaman in "The Ice Team Cometh" was just adorable.
    Faust: Are you ready my love?
    Eliza: My dear Faust, I will follow you anywhere.
    • Coupled with Tear Jerker, Faust's Famous Last Words: "Elisa, my love... finally... I can be with you."
    • Faust and Manta bonding over ice cream in episode 49 the anime, and Faust showing that he truly has performed a Heel–Face Turn by offering Team Spartacus' leader's wife treatment after the fight and urging them to live for the sake of their son.
  • From episode 51, "Spirit Busters".
    Yoh: Amidamaru is like my brother!
    • The same episode had Faust once again try defend Eliza's honor after Foduo called her evil. Then Yoh defends her as well once she and Faust were restrained.
  • The climax of the Mt. Osore arc gets me Tearjerking every damn time. Anna is teetering on the brink of despair, the Giant Ogre THAT SHE created is just about to rampage and destroy everything about him, and all hope seems lost. Then along comes Yoh, wielding the Demon Slayer that Masumune pulled a Heroic Sacrifice to make. Heartfelt speeches are made, and then this line hits me:
    Anna: "I love someone. And you, Giant Demon, will be snuffed out."
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  • The end of episode 45, where we find out that Yoh and the others all took a kind of Secret Test of Character. Each of them all saw the others in need of help, but were all told to leave them behind. Of course in the end, they all refused to leave the others behind, awww.
  • This brief scene in the anime in which Hao carries Opacho on his shoulders.
  • Pretty much any scene with Jeanne in it that doesn't involve killing or religious zealotry is enough to make the heart go "aww..." especially in her scenes with Tamao and how she treats Lyserg kindly no matter what. Despite her... tendencies... she really is just an 11 year old girl looking for friends her own age.
  • A subtle one in the anime, but in what is basically the midst of Yoh's training Anna tells him that she'll let him decide what they'll have for dinner. It's a small moment, but it definitely hints that Anna and Yoh's relationship has another side from what we've seen so far
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  • It take a little Fridge Brilliance, but your heart will definitely melt into a warm puddle when you realize that a large part of Yoh's motivation to be Shaman King is so that he can give Anna a peaceful relaxed life. Yoh also seems to openly acknowledge that he's lazy and both he and Anna know that she's needed to make him the strongest he can be. It strips away their masochist tango guise and makes you realize they are a sickeningly sweet couple.
  • Given that everyone else thinks his jokes are terrible, it's kind of sweet that Pirika and Tamao enjoy Chocolove's sense of humor. Particularly Tamao, given the circumstances and how she goes on to say that he's amazing. No, not that his jokes are amazing; he is amazing.
  • Remember the Oh-Oni? The demon Anna materialized in Mount osorezan and who called her "mommy" in a sick attempt to further destroy her fragile mind? When Yoh is sent to Hell by the Gandharas he encounters the Oh-Oni again, and what does it tell Yoh as parting words? "My mum... take care of her, please". And this is a being that's an actual personification of negative emotions. Even Yoh blushes.
  • The end of the anime series was really heartwarming compared to the manga's. The best part was the "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue and how much the lives of everyone had improved. Like how the Lily Five opened up their own flower shop.

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